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Apartment plants

Save my ficus benjamin

Question: save my ficus benjamin I write to you because I have a problem with my Ficus Benjamina, it is a plant of about 7 months and it is placed in the house, in the dining room with direct light every day from 8:00 am to 4: 00 pm At first the plant seemed in excellent health, it grew very well and was full of green leaves.
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Leptospermum scoparium bonsai

Question: Hello bonsai I wanted to know if I can create a bonsai with an Australian shrub leptospermum thanks 30pcs / bag rare Leptospermum scoparium seeds Amazing flower garden bonsai plant Flower gift seeds for home garden Price
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How to create a rock garden

Why choose a rock garden The rock garden is a viable alternative for those who have an uneven or uncultivable terrain, in fact, besides being decorative and ornamental, it performs a containment function for sloping lands. Furthermore it is a type of garden that can be easily realized, does not require excessive labor and the materials are easy to find and do not cost too much, in fact it is characterized by the presence of extremely simple stones and plants.
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TOP 5 varieties of cherry tomatoes for growing in the new season

Cherry tomatoes have recently become in great demand, because they are not only outwardly unusual, similar to cherries, but also boast a delicate tomato flavor. Sweet million The variety is small-fruited, the tomatoes are small, round, weighing only 15-20 grams. Top covered with a thin skin of a bright red color.
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