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Yellowed Cycas

Question: why is my cyca yellowed? Hi, I have a cycas bought last January, small in a pot of 15 cm circumference, I immediately transplanted it into a large vase + about 32 cm ... watering 1/2 times a week, I put universal earth + a little of manure on the bottom, drainage with expanded clay, after a few days I saw some needles discolour and turn yellow, I thought I had watered too much so I reduced to 1 once a week, the exposure is from 7 full sun until About 13, to date the leaves are all yellow with some very light green needles, 10 days ago I put 2 cm of iron sulfate under the ground, and I cut 3 leaves, among other things I tied them with the wire green special because if I leave them free they tend to widen almost at a table, I don't know if it's dying ... I live in Ardea prov.
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Horsetail The horsetail is an herb, belonging to the family of the equisetacee, which is commonly called "tail horse", taking the name from the shape of its sterile stems that constitute the main part of the plant. Horsetail grows spontaneously and is very common in northern Italy and on the islands where it is easily found along the edges of waterways, even in Europe and Asia it is very developed.
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Question: alocasia I have an alocasia in the apartment the leaves, they took some rugggine spots.from what does it depend? Indoor trees from Botanicly - 2 × Alocasia Stingray - Height: 45 cm - Alocasia Stingray Price
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