Camelia with few flowers

Camelia with few flowers

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Question: why does my camellia make few flowers?

Good evening, I have a camellia japonica that the first year has made a beautiful bloom and, after, only 2 3 flowers in all, even if normal in shape and color. The plant is luxuriant. For the other camellias everything is ok even if they are close. What can I do? thanks

Camellia with few flowers: Answer: camellia crop problems

Dear Elena,
given that next to your camellia other shrubs are very floriferous, and that your plant is decidedly luxuriant, I believe that the lack of flowers is not due to your green thumb, which indeed helps to keep your camellias healthy and well developed . So with great probability we are not dealing with problems due to watering, or excessive cold (otherwise not even the other shrubs would have bloomed). However, it may happen that, even if growing more shrubs in the same garden, the exposure of the same is slightly different: the camellias, to produce many flowers, like to receive at least some hours of direct sunlight; plants placed in total shade tend to grow luxuriantly, but to produce very few buds, which also tend to decrease in number over the years.
Another problem, which can cause the scarcity of flowers, can be due to an excessive vegetative vigor, which leads the plant to produce many leaves, and therefore few flowers; this type of vigor may depend on an excessive amount of nitrogen fertilizer, or manure: sometimes, due to carelessness, a shrub is fertilized more than that placed beside it.
Even an excessive pruning can be the cause of the scarcity of flowers, especially as regards pruning at the end of winter: the camellias prepare their buds already the previous year; if for some reason you have been forced to remove some branch (because it is ruined by the weather, for example) it is likely that you have detached a good portion of the future buds from the bush.


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