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Cherry that does not bear fruit

Cherry that does not bear fruit

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Question: cherry does not bear fruit

I have a three-year-old cherry tree and every year it flowers, the fruits are just formed but immediately after they dry and fall. Precise that it is the only fruit plant. The other plants are garden ornamental. I would like to know about causes and remedies. Thanks

Cherry that does not bear fruit: Answer: cherry does not bear fruit

Dear Michele,
fruit trees need to have a certain age before they can effectively bear fruit; as for peaches, apricots, plums, often very young saplings, which are only two or three years old, already produce some fruits (often only two or three); in the case of the cherry tree, however, it is a real tree, which at maturity can also become medium-sized, or higher than 4-5 meters in height. These beautiful trees need to be at home for at least 5-10 years before they can bear fruit, depending on the species. In addition to this, while other fruit plants are self-fertile, the cherry blossoms, although hermaphrodites, tend not to be able to pollinate, unless there is another cherry nearby, which pollinates them. There are also self-fertile varieties, but this detail is usually reported at the time of purchase. Therefore, it is normal for your young sapling not to ripen any fruit; however, it could also be that it is a variety that needs a pollinator, and therefore in the next few years you may find yourself with decidedly very low yields. In addition to needing another cherry tree near the first (in fact, two neighboring cherry trees have the function of pollinating each other, favoring larger harvests on both trees), it is clear that the correct cultivation treatments are certainly a factor that improves the quantity and quality of the fruits. The fact that your young tree has already produced many flowers is a clear sign that it is in good health, and your care is the best it can be.


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