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Question: potentilla

in the aosta valley at 1550 meters high we have a potentilla hedge that in 15 years has become a meter and a half high. unfortunately, following work, two plants are dried. with which other plant could we replace them? thanks. antonia

Answer: potentilla

Dear Antonia,
since the hedge was of potentilla, you could replace the plants with other potentillas, since the plants died for external causes, and they didn't get sick. Or you could choose other flowering hedges, like the amelanchier, which makes beautiful white flowers, followed by small round fruits. If you love "messy" hedges like those of potentilla, you can think of wrinkled roses, which even if they are emptied out a lot in winter, will give you lots of flowers during the summer. Even St. John's wort is suitable: it bears the cold well, there are varieties of all sizes (from the creeping one, which does not exceed 20-30 cm in height, up to the shrubby one, which forms large bushes), and produces a lot of gold and sun colored flowers. Or you can plant the typical hedge plants, such as fotinia, lonicera nitida (there are varieties with variegated leaves, decidedly pretty), viburnum, privet. Or even the berberis, perhaps a species with dark red leaves, which give a nice accent of color. All the plants that I named you should resist even in Val d'Aosta, as they tolerate winter frosts and even snow. If you wish to have healthy and luxuriant plants, you can stay home in autumn, before the cold arrives, so that they have time to form a good root system before the arrival of winter; in this way, already the first flowering, next year, will be abundant and decorative.