Carnation of poets

Carnation of poets

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Carnation of poets:

The carnations of the poets belong to the genus dianthus, to the species barbatus; they are small perennial herbaceous plants, which over time tend to ruin easily, are therefore often grown as annuals or biennials, leaving the old plants to die over the seasons, and being replaced by new small plants.
They are planted in the ground or in pots, in a bright place, with a few hours of sunshine a day, in a good well-worked soil, rich and very well drained, asphyxiated soils and always soaked with water favor the spread of mold and rots, harmful to carnations. We can sow the dianthus directly in their homes, in March-April, or buy seedlings already developed.
Flowering occurs throughout the warm season, and is longer and more abundant if you periodically proceed to remove the withered flower heads.
We water from March to September, whenever the soil is dry, avoiding excesses.


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