Irrigation system maintenance

Irrigation system maintenance

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Irrigation system maintenance:

With the arrival of cold, the irrigation systems are switched off, to prevent them from watering a soil that does not need water, and also to prevent the intense frost from ruining the various parts of the plant. The first action to be carried out consists in the simple emptying of the system: we close the tap that brings the water to the plant itself, and we activate the solenoid valves, one at a time, until they have run out of water in the pipes; this will avoid that the little repaired or very superficial tubes can freeze during the winter. At this point we can turn off the system, and it would be better to disconnect the power completely from the system, and also remove any batteries placed in the control unit, to prevent it from accidentally starting, ruining the pump, since the system cannot in any way stock up on water. So we can go and clean every sprinkler, first externally, removing the weeds that can be developed nearby, and then removing each individual sprinkler, and cleaning the inside; we will notice that all the parts come off inside, so we can remove the limestone or gravel that was deposited during the summer. If necessary we also pass an anti-scale product, then thoroughly rinsing the sprinklers. Let's put them back in place.


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