Fake flower floral arrangements

Fake flower floral arrangements

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Necessary material

A floral composition, even if artificial, is able to decorate an environment in an excellent way, especially if the flowers chosen are of good quality, as well as their containers. First of all it is essential to know how to design in advance the style of the composition and the arrangement of the elements on graph paper. As for the type of flowers, the best is that of silk, which becomes even more realistic if the flowers are wrapped in a floral ribbon. You can find excellent varieties and types in large gardening centers or hobby and DIY stores. We must then procure sponges or foam blocks that are used to hold the stems in place, especially if installed in a not long vessel. You will also need hot glue to fix this support to the bottom of the container, which will be cut by adjusting it according to its size. For rather tall vases or vertical baskets, the sponge will be inserted by hand into the bottom without the aid of glue. The upper surface of the sponge will then be covered with a thin layer of synthetic moss. A cutter should be available to cut the stems sideways and adjust the size of the composition as well as eliminate its excess parts. Like any composition, the most striking and tall elements must be highlighted, in the center or in the back of the vase, so as to give a pleasant perspective effect. To complete the composition, it will be possible to add blades of grass, ferns and bamboo canes of thin dimensions.

The main steps to create a flower arrangement

Although natural flowers give an effect and a unique fragrance, artificial ones are equally advantageous, especially due to the fact that they offer easy maintenance, last for a long time and do not need to be refreshed. Moreover, they can be placed anywhere and in any type of furniture. There are three main types of artificial flowers on the market, including dry ones, silk and latex. The dry floral elements are suitable for an environment and antique furniture, and should be chosen in the most subtle and delicate shades. They can be effectively cleaned with the simple jet of air from a hair dryer, while they should never be wet with water or detergents of any kind. Silk flowers are elegant but also quite expensive, and are available in many vibrant colors. Instead, they are more suitable for embellishing a modern and design environment. The composition can be designed in various forms, including those with a vertical, horizontal or ellipse orientation, depending on your needs and your personal tastes. It is good to choose sponges and soft foams so that the flower stems can penetrate better. After these have been fixed to the bottom, they will stop with metal U-clips and after having inserted the various elements, the empty spaces will be filled with artificial moss. For each composition you should not use too many flowers, to avoid a heavy effect. The final part of each flower must then be shaped with the hands, bending it in a natural way.

How to make a composition with silk flowers

The ideal container for this type of flowers is glass and the composition can also be a good idea for decorations and wedding decorations. The material that will be needed will consist of a tall vase and twelve tulips, to be chosen with a very long stem. The tulips will be placed in the vase, making them project two thirds of their height. Subsequently, the leaves must be shaped by bending them downwards so as to give them a very natural shape.
The composition must be completed with other flowers of your choice but with smaller dimensions and with colors that are pleasantly similar to those of tulips. Since the vase is transparent, the bottom of the sponge will be covered with colored stones or decorative pebbles. Care should be taken to give the composition a harmonic and cupoid shape. If desired, it can be further enriched with ears of wheat, grass stems or glossy berries.

Flower arrangements fake flowers: How to make a floral arrangement in wicker baskets

Wicker or straw baskets are very suitable for colorful and lively compositions, which perfectly adapt to any type of furnishing, in particular rustic and country. Start by cutting a piece of sponge and fixing it with hot glue on the bottom of the basket. The basic shape is then created with long-stemmed grass arranged according to its size, as explained above, so as to obtain a prominent central focal effect. The various silk or latex flowers will then be arranged, starting from the outer circumference of the basket and proceeding in a symmetrical and regular manner. It is good to choose flower colors based on the seasons of the year. A very beautiful flower, the lily, can be used as the only compositional element to decorate a sober and elegant environment. As with any other type of floral arrangement, even those made from wicker baskets and containers should be enriched with additional elements such as berries, pine cones, fake fruit and silk ribbons, to give that extra personal touch that makes the difference.


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