Selling trees online

Selling trees online

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Selling trees online

The world of the Internet has long offered the possibility of online shopping. Among the various purchase options there is also that of plants, flowers and trees.

The world of online tree sales

The web offers disparate solutions to buy trees online, whether you need them for a company, a vegetable garden or simply to decorate the garden. The offer is really wide and you can lose yourself among all the nursery sites and specialized companies. There are services dedicated to the single type of tree, or rather there are sites dedicated to the exclusive sale of a single type of plant. Some of these companies boast years of experience and have subsequently decided to implement a sales modernization process by creating sites that can be accessed freely. The online sales portals of trees and plants often have sections to refer to for advice and tips on proper tree treatment. Often many companies also have sales available for a wide range of trees from abroad and from tropical countries.

Trees and ornamental plants online

For the online purchase of these plants one of the most popular sites is The site deals with the direct sale of plants, terrace, apartment or garden trees; all the plants come from a Pistoia nursery and are an example of care and love for plants. Among the items for sale the most popular categories are: maples, flowering bushes, palms, conifers and creepers. As for the maples, the section dedicated to them contains thirteen varieties of Japanese trees, among which we find some small and others large that need more space, sometimes large lawns. The prices at which they are sold vary according to the size and quality of the chosen plant, starting from a minimum of 10 euros to a maximum of 38 euros. The section of tropical plants and palm trees is decidedly less supplied, in fact only three types of palm are on sale. The three species on sale are the blue palm, the common palm and the volcano palm, whose name identifies the Sicilian island of the same name. In reality, the latter is suitable for true collectors and connoisseurs of trees given the prized appearance of the plant, its cost is relatively high and is around 55 euros. The website allows you to register a personal account for any purchases made in the future, while shipments take place at the beginning of the week so that the arrival of the plants to the consumers' address occurs within a maximum of two working days. The cost of shipping varies according to the mode of transport chosen and the weight of the plant. The company also undertakes to return purchases in the event of damage during transport.

Purchase of fruit trees online

If you want to buy fruit trees by booking them through an online portal, the best site to consult for more choice regarding this type of plants is that of the Vivai Gabianelli. The nursery is located in Castelleone di Suasa, near Senigallia, and is an authentic example of naturalistic engineering. In the sections of the website it is possible to choose among the most common fruit trees such as apple, pear, citrus, peach, vine and various fruits. For each type of tree, ten to twenty varieties of plants are offered. The trees for sale are all around three years old and have a specific description. The prices for fruit trees are very competitive, in fact they do not depend on the type of plant chosen and sometimes include discounts on some specimens. Those interested in plants with berries or tropical fruits will find a special section dedicated to satisfying all needs. There are many varieties of fruits for sale including red currants, tamarind, raisins and many species originating in Asian or exotic countries such as Japanese cherry. The shipping costs, as often happens, are the only flaw: the minimum cost for the cost of transporting shipments related to gardening products or small bulbs is around 12 euros, up to a maximum of 40 euros for a pallet. The price obviously also includes the packaging and the boxes used.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying online

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing a fruit tree through an online sales service is certainly the wide selection capacity offered by the web. In fact, in the various portals it is easy to find types and specimens of trees that are not always sold in nurseries near cities, especially if you live in industrial or very busy areas. Buying online can have the disadvantage of running into problems related to health and the state of the plant. Moreover, often what has a really high cost is transport and shipping unlike the tree itself.