Butea superba

The superb butea

Butea superba is a plant native to Thailand and is not cultivated outside of Thai territory. Its name in the local language is Red Kwao Krua and belongs to the Papilionaceae family. The Thai people know the properties well and this is why they find a wide use in Thai folk medicine, in which it is used as a tonic, as a refreshing and as an ally for the war against the signs of age. The Butea superba plant can reach rather large dimensions, up to a height of about two meters, and has bright red / orange flowers; due to the color of its flowers, the plant is also known as the "flame of the forest".
It is therefore evident that the environment the plant needs to grow is typical of a forest, so much so that the deciduous forest present in Thailand is the ideal place for its growth. The flowers, which in shape and color are reminiscent of a real flame, bloom normally between the end of winter and the beginning of spring while the leaves fall in the winter period.
The plant also has fruits, very small pods. All parts of the plant, from the leaves to the stem, including the tuberous part and the seeds, can be used to prepare infusions and creams with not only healing power in medicinal terms but also useful for beauty care. From the seeds of the butea superba an essential oil is obtained from the numerous properties linked in particular to the high concentration of flavonoids, of the nutrient and antioxidant metabolites. Therefore, among the beneficial effects of the plant are the purifying and antioxidant ones. More than any other beneficial property of butea superba the one related to the sexual sphere is known.

The butea superba: a natural viagra

The connection between the plant and sexual activity is well known, not only by the Thai people but by all those who are looking for solutions to their sexual difficulties. The first effect of the butea superba concerns the erectile function of man. The plant, in fact, is able to improve male performance, ensuring a greater and more lasting erection. Moreover, those who take capsules or infusions of butea superba enjoy a huge aphrodisiac effect: not only does it promote sexual excitement but makes every part of the body more sensitive, including the genital organs. In addition, it allows you to withstand a greater degree of physical fatigue and ensures an increase in sexual intercourse in terms of both duration and intensity.

Other effects of butea superba

Alongside the positive effects on the sexual performance of men and women, butea superba also extends its properties to other areas of bodily well-being. First of all, it is considered a vasodilator and is therefore useful for improving blood circulation. Precisely for this reason, it can be a good help in cases of heart problems. Obviously, although the beneficial properties of the plant are recognized and have been demonstrated on numerous occasions by numerous scientific researches, it cannot be considered as a substitute for medicines, especially in cases of serious diseases. Alongside the circulatory and cardiac system, the gastrointestinal tract can also benefit from the benefits of the plant, especially in the case of dysentery and diarrhea.
The seeds of the plant, dissolved in honey, can then be used in case of tapeworms to the stomach or intestine. The leaves are particularly useful in case of flu and cold; sore throat and other mild respiratory diseases, such as cough, can be treated using a decoction of leaves, obtained by boiling them in water, and using it as a mouthwash. Furthermore, every single cell in the human body has the possibility to take advantage of the benefits of the plant; this is because the properties of butea superba have an energizing effect and speed up cellular activities.
In particular, the cells that use these properties are the cells of the nervous system. One consequence is that individuals suffering from fatigue can find new strength and energy by taking energizing capsules or supplements of butea superba. At the same time, this plant is capable of reduce nervousness and anxiety levels. It is, therefore, a good ally in the daily struggle against stress, problems, difficulties and the time-consuming races often at work. Furthermore, in the cosmetic field, Butea superba restores freshness to the face and counteracts the signs of tiredness and aging, particularly reducing the signs of dark circles and the swelling of the bags under the eyes. Different dermatological conditions, in terms of both inflammation and imperfections, can be combated by preparing compresses based on seeds of butea superba and lemon or honey.

The hidden properties of the Butea Superba

Some of the healing properties of this plant and its beneficial effects are partially known today, but around this plant there is still a good gray area of ​​mystery and we explain below what we refer to. The plant, as previously mentioned, grows optimally in Thailand, in broad-leaved woods below the larger plants. Its cultivation in other environments is rather difficult and the Thai government is doing everything to limit the spread of the seeds of this plant but not only. Also the diffusion of knowledge on the properties of Butea superba has always been opposed to try to not let the rest of the world know the properties of this plant and keep a small big secret.
Not being a widely studied plant, its properties are only partially known and therefore also its side effects. It is therefore recommended to approach with care products made with active ingredients and portions of this plant.