Bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet

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"width =" 375 "height =" 375 "longdesc =" / flowers / flower-composition / bouquet-of-bride.asp ">The use of the bouquet on the wedding day has remote origins that even come to be found in the history of the customs and traditions of the ancient Egyptians. This people adorned the bride with beautiful and fragrant flowers together with the use of spices, everything was done to fight evil spirits. The current use of the bridal bouquet takes its origins from the Arab tradition which gave it the symbol of the closing of the engagement between the man and the woman to pass to the crowning of their love, that is the union of the two souls. The bouquet was given by the man to his bride and was a symbol of good luck for future children and for a prosperous marriage. Today the bouquet is chosen by the bride to match it in the most appropriate way with the dress she will wear on the day of the fateful yes. In many regions, the bouquet is donated by the mother of the future husband, or by the mother-in-law. This happens although the setting of the flower arrangement, the colors and the type of flower is chosen by the bride. Finally, tradition has it that after the function of the sacrament and following the reception, the bride throws the bouquet to the unmarried girls present at the celebration and that the first to take it will be the next bride in the future year.Choice of bouquet and various types

Certainly the most difficult choice after the dress to wear is that of the type of flowers and the color of the latter. The floral composers offer various types of bouquets, the most widespread and known are four and they lend themselves each to a different type of dress and physique. The first is the large and open bouquet, with a round shape, and is the most voluminous of the various models. This type of bouquet is suitable for tall and slender brides, since it must be kept below the waist. Moreover, it is suitable for brides who have chosen a long dress that remains at ankle height. The universal choice that adapts to all types of stature and build is the small bouquet, suitable for fairly short dresses without a train. Another type of bouquet is the bundle one, ideal if you choose to bring long-stemmed flowers. This type of bouquet is very demanding and is suitable for people with elegant posture, so that it does not become a burden or a burden. The type of dress that fits perfectly to this type of bouquet is a suit. Finally, the bouquet with the falling flowers, or cascade, is ideal for those who wear a dress with a short skirt and back train. This type of bouquet has the advantage of shifting the viewer's attention downwards, so it has a visual slimming effect on the wearer. In recent years other types of truly original bouquets are spreading: the bracelet, sphere or handbag bouquet. The bracelet bouquet is practical and original, it is a floral composition that should be worn right on the wrist like a jewel. The bouquets in sphere and handbag look alike and both can be carried by hand like a real bag. At the request of the bouquet, the bride can also opt for the addition of elements that embellish the entire composition such as beads, glitter, glitter, hearts or pearls pins, and much more. Usually you choose items in common with the worn dress.

The type of flowers in the bouquet

What will make the bouquet truly unique is the choice of the flowers that will make it up. Obviously the flowers must be chosen based on the color and type of dress that will be worn. This rule must be respected to ensure an excellent harmony in the appearance of the bride that will be at the center of all eyes for the duration of the whole day. The flowers must have excellent quality and be able to last for the whole day as if they were always fresh. The bouquets according to the type of flowers are divided into: white, multi-colored, multi-floral, spring, roses and original bouquets. The candid bouquets are composed of white flowers or pale pink flowers; the flowers used for its realization are the white rose and the white orchids. This type of color and flower is suitable for a white dress with a very traditional model. Then there are the colorful or multicolored bouquets; these fit perfectly with original choices in terms of dress. They can be made using different flower qualities. As for the spring bouquets, the flowers used for their creations are essentially those that have four types of color: lavender, fuchsia, red and light blue. For the red, the classic choice is the red rose, while for the lavender, from the delicate violet color, the choice falls precisely on the lavender flowers.