Items for florists

General introduction

Florist shops always need updated and assorted items, keeping up with new trends. In general, the three major categories that must never be lacking concern the objects, the wide range of favors and artificial flowers with the related materials for the compositions. In addition to all this, a store of this type should offer a choice of items for the decoration of ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, recurrences of various kinds and for sacred holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Women's Day and so on. For the care and preparation of the garden, the necessary items include the various types of soil, both natural and artificial, sandbags, peat bags and fertilizer, essential tools such as spades, rakes and shovels and, if the store is rather large , of outdoor furnishing accessories. In addition, items for window dressing, packaging and accessories for such events must also be included in the list. It is good to make different styles available for decorations and also articles in multiple chromatic varieties, to allow a wide choice to the customer and satisfy every personal need. In this article we will examine some of the essential elements for a florist, and specifically the artificial flowers, the various vases and containers that can be exploited for compositions and favors, and finally the very wide choice of floral and decorative accessories from use for various uses. It is advisable to also sell practical guides for all those who want to learn the art of decoration and floral arrangement. Regarding the purchase of the material, you can turn to wholesale centers specializing in the sector, or order the items that you need comfortably online. The important thing is to choose stores with long experience, which can guarantee an optimal quality of the products, in order to satisfy both the seller and his customers.

Flowers and composition items

In addition to the most disparate varieties of plant species, artificial flowers must also be purchased. Among them are precisely those in silk, very elegant and refined, ideal for compositions and decorations, even for important ceremonies; those of rubber or latex, more versatile and economical, used for the home environment and for craft jobs, and finally the classic ones, which are perfectly suited to all purposes. In addition to flowers, tools useful for their processing will also be needed. Among the cutting tools we find both straight and curved scissors, to adapt to the different shapes of the stems, cutters, shears and cutters. For the classical composition and for the decoration of objects and favors, you will need hot guns, iron and copper wire of different diameters, staples, latex or floral foam to fill the bottom of the containers and then insert the stems and stems. synthetic moss to give volume to the bottom. Naturally all the accessories and additional elements of embellishment and filling will be needed, including stems, strands of grass, ears of various shapes, berries, fake fruit, ribbons of various materials and textures and small jewels or gadgets for favors.

Range of vases and containers

To collect and arrange floral arrangements and bouquets, an assortment of vases and containers will be served. The simplest are the classic flower pots, in terracotta, clay and plastic, up to the more modern ones made of glass, plexigas, recycled material of different types, wood and fabric. Other very useful containers are planters, both for natural and artificial flowers, saucers of different diameters and vases to hang from the ceiling for climbing plants and downhill shrubs such as holly and ivy. For bouquets of flowers and compositions with a modern and original taste, very beautiful are the wicker, straw and woven woven baskets, which fit well both indoors and in open-air gardens. Everything can be implemented with vases with a more innovative and design style and with various objects, such as reproductions of antique milk, watering cans, irons, and everything that can be used as a vase or container. To fill baskets and centerpieces and create volume will serve synthetic straw or foam rubber.

Articles for florists: articles for decorations and favors

A well-stocked shop must make available to the customer the whole range of accessories that are used for the realization of the most varied decorations and for the creation of favors. Specifically, for the favors, the most suitable items are confetti, small flowers to be placed on them, gaskets, organza bags, fabric and tulle, well-matched bows and ribbons. For the packaging of bouquets, bouquets and objects, the indispensable items are transparent paper, organza, tissue paper and crepe, rosettes and greeting cards, both generic and specific for recurrence and holiday differences. In order to be able to create beautiful decorations, you will need basic objects such as frames, paper or wooden boxes, ornaments and furnishings of different shapes and materials, as well as acrylic colors, brushes, products for spray painting and the curing of dried flowers. , stencil and everything needed for decoupage, which is very often found to be made in combination with purely floral decorative elements, to create always innovative and personalized effects.