Floral wedding decorations

Floral wedding decorations

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How can you give up floral decorations on the day of the so-called "Orange Blossoms"? Flowers have always helped make the wedding unforgettable and fantastic, leaving the bride and groom with a special memory. In fact, the scent of roses, peonies, daisies, sunflowers or tulips brings to mind, even after many years of marriage, the emotions of that important moment. The choice of floral decorations, witnesses and silent protagonists of an extraordinary day like that of marriage, however, is for many brides a cause of indecision and nervousness. Colors and types of flowers will have to adapt to new fashions in terms of flower designers, but above all they will have to bring out both the character and style of future spouses. The decorations will give the church and the location the right atmosphere, be it sentimental, modern, non-conformist, classic, refined or extravagant. The most important thing is that the various components of the floral arrangement are in harmony with each other, without creating strident and therefore unpleasant combinations; surely a trusted florist or floral designer can help you make the best and least obvious choice. It is preferable to use seasonal flowers; moreover, it is advisable not to use plants and flowers with an excessively intense and excessive perfume that could not only intoxicate the guests but also intoxicating. Flowers with a sweet and delicate odor will adorn the dress of the bride, a must-have accessory, in fact, will be the bouquet, and the dress of the groom, whose flowers will adorn the button panel. The floral decorations will also cover the car that will accompany the new couple as well as the church and the place where the party will take place, determining the success of the ceremony and the wedding reception.


Among the flowers used on the wedding day, those of the bride's bouquet will have the most important function because they will accompany her throughout the day, until the fateful moment of the launch, awaited with trepidation by her still single friends. The bouquet should be suitable for the color and type of dress and reflect the tastes of the bride. It will therefore be balanced and refined for a classic bride, eccentric for an extravagant, round and cascading bride for a sentimental bride, simple and with natural elements, such as berries and herbs, for a casual bride. However, beyond the tastes, it is essential that the bouquet is light enough and that the flowers that compose it do not wilt or stain the dress.
As for the groom's button panel, instead, a note of color and class will be represented by a small flower in the buttonhole of the dress. It is necessary to combine this floral touch with the bride's bouquet.
An elegant but not too opulent floral arrangement, in order not to make driving the driver of the car difficult, will be placed only on the bonnet, on the rear window and on the mirrors of the car. On the latter may be placed small clusters of flowers embellished with organza. These will enrich the decorations made with the ribbons and with the irreplaceable cans.


The flowers that will adorn the church must be in harmony with the architecture and the brightness of the church. Surely it is necessary to avoid an excessive decoration in small churches, which would risk making the environment even more narrow, while on the contrary it is preferable a classical decoration and with great compositions in the cathedrals. Bright and sparkling flowers will give brightness to both small and large churches, dark and poorly lit. The floral decorations will embellish the space in front of the church, its access door, the nave, the benches, the parapet that separates the nave from the altar, the altar itself and the surrounding space. If the basilica is covered with frescoes, it is preferable not to cover them with the decorations.
The floral decoration of the location represents a relevant aspect. The entrance to the location will be decorated, the table of the spouses and of the guests, with scattered centerpieces or petals, and the space intended for dancing. The centerpieces can be made up of flowers and fruits. It is important that they are proportionate, so as to avoid giving the impression of a restricted space, and that they are not so high as to prevent the view of the diner in front. Finally, it is advised that this decoration should recall the previous ones, giving continuity to the whole marriage.
Making use of the florist's or wedding planner's advice is certainly fundamental, but it is also necessary to follow one's instinct and taste. Precisely this will give the floral decorations that extra touch that will strike attention and amaze the guests, making the wedding an immemorial event.


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