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Good morning,
I have a potted lemon tree.
With the first cold I took it to the living room in front of the window but it started to lose all the leaves but it keeps numerous fruits.
Is it normal for me to lose the leaves or the place where I put it is wrong?


Dear Daniela,
the lemon trees do not fear frost, but they cannot be considered houseplants: in the home the air is too dry, and it is too hot for the season in which we are. Consider that in Sicily they are grown in open fields; therefore in this season a lemon plant can look good in a cold greenhouse, or on the terrace, in a sunny and sheltered corner, in case it is covered with woven fabric; at home, on the other hand, it is destined to suffer, unless it is placed in an unheated room, or in the stairwell, where it can however receive so much light and where you will have to vaporize it every day, to imitate the amount of humidity present in the open air in this season.
If you have brought it home for a few days, move it to the terrace and cover it with non-woven fabric; if you stay for many days at home (with an average temperature of about 18 ° C) move it outdoors gradually, then first put it in the stairwell, then on the terrace, covered with non-woven fabric and in a sunny corner but sheltered from frost.