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Terrace furniture

The terrace, like a garden, needs furniture that is appropriate to the environment in which it is placed. Who does not have a garden, but has a nice terrace, can still be happy because he can furnish it in various ways, depending on the type of exploitation to which he will be subjected. A terrace can in fact be used for various functions. Having a space outside the house is an added value because, especially on sunny days, you can live outdoors and be happy. Depending on the size of the terrace, it is possible to choose different types of furniture. You can choose to furnish the terrace with chairs and tables. The size of the table may vary depending on the space, clearly the more space is large, the more chairs will go. You can think of an extendable or folding table, with wooden or simply plastic chairs. Those who want to take advantage of the terrace only in moments of relaxation, can consider creating a small lounge with armchairs, cushions and tables. The fundamental thing to keep a terrace perfect is its maintenance and coverage. In fact it is advisable to buy special covers to protect the terrace from the rain and to protect it from the sun. An excellent cover is the pergola which can be in wood and iron. The pergolas are widespread and there are different materials as we will see shortly. Another good shelter for the terrace is the gazebo. Unfortunately not all terraces can take advantage of this tool due to its size. The gazebo can in fact only be present on the huge terraces because it is particularly bulky.


Pergolas and umbrellas are excellent elements to cover the terrace. The difference between them is the size. The pergola adapts to any type of terrace because it is not too large. One of the advantages of the pergola is to lean on the side of your own house on one side and the wall of the terrace on the other. Thus the pergola will repair every little space in the house. It consists of beams, crossbars and joists and is supported by pillars. Besides being a decorative element to embellish terraces, it is also functional. In general the pergola has a round or flat roof that is almost always closed. There are wood, metal or masonry pergolas. As for the wooden ones, it is advisable for people who have a classic terrace, while in metal it may be suitable for the most modern environments, they have a fabric covering which, thanks to a button, can be opened or closed. Wood is also more economical than the other two, but difficult to clean. Instead, the metal and masonry structures do not require particular maintenance, they are economically very expensive. Even sun umbrellas are very useful, available with both side and central legs. They are of neutral-colored fabrics, very thick and excellent for protecting themselves from the sun. In case of heavy rain and wind, a good tip is to close it to prevent it from breaking.


Those lucky enough to have a large terrace can enrich it with chairs and tables. These are useful elements not only for preparing dinners and lunches, but also for other activities such as reading a book, studying, drinking a drink or being in company. You can think of a table in resin, a very resistant but not particularly elegant material. For those who want an elegant terrace, the best solution is a table in wood or wrought iron. Very elegant and of great quality, the tables in these materials embellish the environment. While if you want to furnish the terrace with modern furniture, the metal ones are ideal. These can be made with different, even futuristic, geometric shapes. Whatever table you want to buy, it's good to know that there are both foldable and fixed versions. The fixed ones are obviously more practical and allow to be stored when they are not used, so an optimal solution for those with limited space. There are also chairs in a folding and fixed version, even in this case, the folding ones are appreciated because they safeguard the spaces. Especially the plastic ones are sold on the market, cheaper and easier to clean. But it is advisable for those who want to create an elegant terrace, wooden chairs because they are more refined and elegant.

Terrace furniture: TERRACE FURNITURE

In addition to tables and chairs, a terrace can be embellished with deckchairs or chaise lounges. These two elements must match well with the style of furniture and the other furniture on the terrace so as to create a homogeneous and linear environment. Deckchairs and chaise lounges can be manufactured with different materials and are indispensable for reproducing outside as well as inside a lounge area. You can also think of adding outdoor furniture to these elements. People who have little space at home can opt to place a piece of furniture outside on the terrace. Practical and comfortable, these pieces of furniture act as real closets. A wooden piece of furniture gives the wardrobe a pleasant appearance. Of square shape and with various shelves, it is excellent for storing work tools, folding chairs and plant accessories. There are metal cabinets, formed by a single door able to withstand all weather conditions or those in plastic resistant to shocks and scratches.