Shrub cinquefoil and other species of the cinquefoil genus

Shrub cinquefoil and other species of the cinquefoil genus

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Cinquefoil is a genus of plants with about five hundred species. Cinquefoil are herbaceous, woody, annual and perennial.

In nature, this plant grows like a weed. But she has many decorative types that decorate flower beds.

Among them, a perennial plant, shrub cinquefoil, occupies a special place.

Shrub cinquefoil

This plant is also called the five-leafed plant due to the special shape of the leaf. In Siberia, Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands, tea is brewed from dried flowers and leaves, so cinquefoil has another name - Kuril tea. The leaves of the shrub are covered with silky hairs and appear slightly silvered.

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The flowers are lemon-colored, single or in small racemose inflorescences. Their size is about 3 cm. Flowering takes place from late June to early September. Numerous fruits look like dry nuts.

Having planted several different varieties with a variety of colors, flowering times and bushes sizes, you can get interesting compositions.

Kuril tea is propagated by seeds and vegetatively - by dividing the bush or by cuttings. Seeds are sown without preliminary preparation in greenhouses. But it is possible to plant them in the ground only in the 3-4th year of development. An easier and faster way is grafting.

The five-leaf plant is an unpretentious plant and caring for it during cultivation is not difficult. An open and sufficiently sunny place is chosen for planting.

Cinquefoil tolerates winter well, only in severe frosts, the tips of the shoots freeze underneath it. They are pruned in the spring. This does not affect the number of flowers, since they bloom on new shoots.

Most five-leaf varieties do not require regular pruning. The natural form of the shrub is compact and neat. Only for rejuvenation, gnarled and old branches are cut out every few years.

If desired, various geometric shapes can be formed from Shrub Potentilla, and also used as a hedge. Although such a decorative element is not very high, it will have dense growth and a beautiful appearance all summer long.

The leaves and flowers of Kuril tea contain a large amount of ascorbic acid, carotene, organic acids and other useful substances.

Flowering one-year tops of shoots are used as medicinal raw materials. A decoction of crushed shoots is used in the treatment of intestinal infections, metabolic disorders, dysbiosis in children and other diseases.

For medicinal purposes, herbaceous species of the genus Cinquefoil are also used - cinquefoil and cinquefoil goose.

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Goose cinquefoil

This herb has popular names: road, spruce branches, goose feet, soft grass. Potentilla goose grows along river banks, in forest meadows and near dwellings and roads. Its leaves are pinnate, serrate. They are green at the top and white at the bottom. The goose foot blooms from mid-May to September. The flowers are yellow, with a calyx and subdivision.

The plant is rich in tannins, iron, potassium, vitamin C. Contains essential oil, organic acids and other physiologically active components.

In folk medicine it is used as a wound healing, diuretic, hemostatic agent.

Infusion of Potentilla Goose is used to regulate metabolic processes in diabetes mellitus, obesity and goiter.

Healing ointments are prepared from the herb for the treatment of wounds, cracks, and some skin diseases. Cinquefoil goose is also used for the preparation of medicinal baths for obesity.

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The use of white cinquefoil

In the wild, the plant is quite rare. If planted in sunny, open areas of a flower garden, many white flowers appear after the snow has melted and fade only at the end of autumn. Tea made from the leaves of the plant is very beneficial as it contains a large amount of organic selenium.

Phytotherapists have long been studying the healing qualities of Potentilla white. The medicinal properties of this species have not been fully studied, but its positive effect has been proven in the treatment of diseases such as diffuse goiter, autoimmune thyroiditis, hypo- and hyperthyroidism.

On the basis of a dry extract of the roots of this plant, an effective drug "Endonorm" has been created in Russia for the prevention and treatment of thyroid diseases.

The rhizome of the plant contains a large amount of trace elements: iron, silver, copper, iodine, etc. When using Potentilla, hormonal balance is normalized, metabolic processes in the body are optimized.

Potentilla infusion improves intestinal tone, has a beneficial effect on liver function. Leaves, flowers, and roots are also used for medicinal purposes. For best results, this plant is used in combination with other herbs.

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