The whole truth about the drug Commander from the Colorado potato beetle

The whole truth about the drug Commander from the Colorado potato beetle

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Most of the population prefers specialized biological and chemical agents in pest control, which should certainly help save the crop.

Although they have a certain measure of danger, but if you follow the necessary recommendations, then the processing of crops will go well, and you will forget what the Colorado potato beetle and aphids are.

But here another question arises regarding the choice of the most reliable drug, since the choice of poisons is huge, but most of them have shown in practice that they are powerless in the fight against the pest.

Commander is a new universal drug to combat garden pests. It is a highly effective systemic insecticide with a contact-intestinal effect and is able to destroy any type of pest quickly and for a long time.

Release form and composition

The poison from the Colorado potato beetle Commander is produced directly in ampoules with a volume of one milliliter and vials of ten milliliters. The chemical composition contains a water-soluble concentrate based on imidacloprid 200 g / l.

Drug action

The remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Komandor is a contact-systemic insecticide that the manufacturer has made in such a way that it copes well with miners, thrips, aphids, wireworms, the Colorado potato beetle and other soil pests.

Its main advantage is that it has systemic activity., due to which this drug easily penetrates the leaves, stems, and also the roots of the plant.

It is made in such a way that when it gets into the nervous system of the pest, it blocks the work of the central nervous system. This leads to the fact that the pest exposed to the poison first loses its ability to move, after which its digestive activity is blocked, and since he simply cannot eat, he quickly dies.

Within a day of using the drug, you will get rid of beetles and other parasites. Also, this drug has a contact-intestinal activity, which contributes to high efficiency in the fight against beetles.

He copes well with both adults and larvae of various pestsat any stage of development.

The process of action of the Komandor drug is significantly different from such groups as: organophosphorus compounds, pyrethroids, carbamates, which is the reason that the possibility of resistance is minimized.

This product can withstand high ambient temperatures. It can be used in all weather conditions, unlike pyrethroids.


The Komandor preparation perfectly tolerates mixing with other kinds of preparations responsible for plant growth and possessing insecticides and fungicides (you can find out about the best insecticides from the Colorado potato beetle here, and here we talked about no less effective means aimed at combating this malicious pest).

Just do not mix it with alkaline preparations.

Before mixing drugs, it is necessary to check their direct compatibility in order to avoid unforeseen and unpleasant situations.


Before starting to work with the drug, you must protect yourself from getting the substance on the body. To do this, wear clothes that will protect your body from contact with poison, put on goggles, respirator and gloves.

When working with the drug, you must not eat, drink, smoke anything, as microparticles of the poison can enter your body and cause intoxication.

Treatment with the Komandor preparation must be carried out carefully, since the solution must fall not only on the leaves, but also on the plant stems, evenly covering their surface.

This becomes the guarantor of 100% of the result of the performed manipulations.... The drug is toxic to bees, therefore, it is impossible to spray during the period when the plant is in bloom.

After you have finished processing, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, rinse your mouth several times, and change your clothes.

If the poison has entered your body, then the first thing you should do is drink as much warm water as possibleand then induce vomiting. Then just drink the activated charcoal solution.

Preparation of the solution

In order to properly dilute the remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Commander, you will need a ten-liter container, which must be filled with water and add the drug (2 ml or 5 ml).

Before preparing the solution, carefully read the table located directly on the package.

The optimal dosage is not available. By adhering to the specified data, you will get rid of the pest and protect your culture.

The Komandor drug is effective and practical. Using it, you disarm pests quickly, efficiently and for a long time!

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