How to get rid of slugs in the basement: chemical and folk remedies

How to get rid of slugs in the basement: chemical and folk remedies

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The slug, sadly familiar to all gardeners, is a real disaster for the suburban area. This the representative of gastropods is absolutely unpretentious in the choice of food, and therefore he eats everything: tubers of plants, shoots, vegetables and fruits.

On top of that, slugs often settle in cellars and basements, where they spoil the supply of vegetables and fruits. Consider how to get slugs out in the basement.

General information

For successful reproduction, slugs need moisture and dampness. Therefore, with the onset of dusk, many species of slugs are looking for favorable places, and the cellar is an ideal place not only for breeding, but also for life, see the photo on the right.

Pests crawl into the cellar through the stranglehold or cracks. Humid air and optimal (usually about 5 ° C) temperature allow slugs to lead an active lifestyle here all year round.

Slugs can also get into the cellar on vegetables, for example, hide in cabbage leaves or go unnoticed in a potato tuber. The question arises: "How to get rid of slugs in the cellar?"

Therefore, before sending vegetables for storage, they should be carefully examined.

Slugs, how to deal with them in the cellar, we will consider further.

How to fight?

Fighting slugs in the cellar can include both chemical and mechanical methods. Slug-repelling chemicals can be purchased at garden stores. Such preparations are usually scattered on the shelves and on the floor of the cellar.

Anti-slug agents based on metaldehyde or copper sulfate, it is forbidden to use in basements (cellars) and in living quarters.

Mechanical control methods imply construction of pest traps and barriers. In addition, there are very effective folk remedies for fighting slugs. How to deal with it, read on.

Details on the methods of dealing with slugs are described here.

Basement traps

Many gardeners and summer residents are wondering: “How to get rid of with a shelter trap?”, “How to destroy a beer trap?”, “Slugs, how to deal with them in the basement?”. More on this later.

Hideout traps

Vegetable crates are lifted up on the shelves and on the floor, pieces of linoleum, plywood sheets or any flat material are laid out.

Gradually, the bottoms of the boxes will begin to dry out, and the slugs will begin to move looking for a wetter hiding place on the floor. Here they are collected.

For greater efficiency, you can put pieces of chopped vegetables and fruits under the traps. Read also the material on how to get rid of slugs on berries and vegetables.

Beer trap

Place a glass half full of beer in the cellar. Slugs will crawl into the glass but they won't be able to get out. The trap should be changed every 3 days.

In the early morning, slugs are still crawling along the walls, and during this time they can be collected by hand.

How to process?

Dusting with lime helps against slugs in the basement, as well as a mixture of wood ash and chalk.

All vegetables and equipment are removed from the basement, the cracks are closed. Then the room is thoroughly powdered. From such treatment, slugs instantly die, they are collected and thrown away.

After dusting, the entire basement is whitewashed with lime. The basement is dried, ventilated and only after that the vegetables are brought back. The dusting method is most effective at the initial stage of settling the basement with slugs.

Preventive actions

Ventilate the cellar regularly and provide good supply and exhaust ventilation in it. Timely seal up all cracks and manholes.

In autumn and early spring, sprinkle salt or mineral fertilizer around the cellar opening and inside along the walls. Slugs will not overcome such an obstacle.

Vegetables to be lowered into the cellar should be carefully checked for slugs.

Applying all of the above recommendations and tips, you can get rid of the invasion of slugs in your cellar.

But it should be remembered that it is easier to prevent pests from entering your basement, than get rid of them.

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