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Savory is an aromatic and medicinal plant originating from Asia, widespread for thousands of years in the wild state also in Italy; it is a plant that is often found in the uncultivated. Annual plant, or biennial, produces erect stems, poorly branched, thin, at most 25-35 cm high, which bear long leaves, almost linear, thin and delicate, very aromatic.
In summer it produces small lilac flowers, very decorative.
Savory leaves are harvested before flowering, retain their aroma even if dried, so they can be harvested in large quantities.
In the kitchen they are used to flavor meats, fish and salads; they can also be used with thyme, in roasts and in tomato sauces.
In herbal medicine, savory is used as a digestive, and as a tonic; it is added to mouthwashes or toothpastes due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Savory: Cultivate the savory

This plant also develops in the wild in our peninsula, although it is not always advisable to collect medicinal plants from uncultivated areas, especially if one does not have a precise knowledge of the appearance that these plants have.
It is cultivated in a sunny area of ​​the garden, in well-tilled land; it is sown directly home, by spreading, thinning out the small plants, so as to leave more space for the development of each single plant. Sowing takes place in spring, or even in autumn, in areas where the winter climate is mild. Spent the plants tend to self sow, so it often happens that small plants germinate continuously, from year to year, in the same plot.
They are plants that tolerate the hot and dry climate well; therefore it is generally watered at the time of sowing, and subsequently only in the event of prolonged drought.
To use the leaves the plants must be harvested before flowering, in late spring.


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