Green onions, onions, leeks: how to dry the big three for the winter in an electric dryer and oven?

Green onions, onions, leeks: how to dry the big three for the winter in an electric dryer and oven?

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With the onset of autumn begins hot season for gardeners... At this time of the year, it is important not so much to harvest as to be able to preserve it correctly in order to get all the vitamins the body needs from fruits and vegetables prepared in advance in winter.

One of the healthiest vegetables is considered a bow. Onions help prevent colds and protect against harmful microorganisms.

There are such methods of harvesting onions as pickling, drying and freezing. According to experts drying is considered the most beneficial, because onion, when dried, retains its original appearance and taste, and the preparation does not require large costs.

You will learn how to properly prepare onions for the winter and at the same time preserve all of its useful properties by reading our article.

Which one is best stored?

Different types of onions are stored differently - some varieties can be stored throughout the winter and not lose their properties at all, while others last only a short time. Before you start harvesting onions, you need to find out how this variety is located for long-term storage.

You should know that, for example, sweet varieties will be stored for a short time, while bitter ones, on the contrary, can lie all winter.

Among the varieties of onions that suitable for harvesting for the winter, there are such as:

  1. Rostov onion.
  2. Albion.
  3. Golden.
  4. Mayachkovsky local.
  5. Strigunovsky local.
  6. Spassky local improved.
  7. Carmen.
  8. Brunswick.
  9. Timiryazevsky and many others.

Read more about suitable varieties for long-term storage in the article "Storing onions for the winter."

However, it should be remembered that although these varieties can be stored for a long time, they need special training and suitable conditions.

In the event that you do not know which variety grows in your garden, try different harvesting methods on it, some of them will definitely suit you.

Basic Rules

So, you have chosen the right type of onion and the method of harvesting - drying. Next, we will tell you about the main steps that will help you properly prepare onions for the winter.

How to prepare onions for drying? Onions should be prepared for drying and storage even in the garden.... You can start the drying process right there, if you have the opportunity.

When should the onion be harvested? On average, depending on the variety, onions can be harvested 90-120 days after planting... On ripe onions, the leaves turn yellow and stick to the ground, while the bulbs increase in size and become poured. In this case, you should start harvesting the onions.

When the onions are ripe and the feathers are dry, the bulbs must be very carefully pulled out of the soil and spread out on the ground. Digging up the onion you should not hammer the ground from the roots and hit the bulbs at the same time... The roots and feathers must not be damaged, as this will soon spoil the vegetable.

It is best to pull out the bulbs after rain or from pre-moistened soil, as the onions will have to be dug out of dry soil, and this can damage the roots of the plant.

After the onion has been dug up, it must be left in the sun for a short time in order for it to dry out a little.

Then you need to sort out the crop and select for drying and storage only strong and whole bulbs.

In the event that the bulb is even slightly damaged, it must be set aside for consumption.

Where and how to dry onions? After you have selected the onions for drying, they must be transferred to a special room, since it is better to store the onions not under the sun, but in the shade. The onion drying room should well ventilated and protected from excessive moisture.

For drying, onions can be laid out on shelves, connected in bundles in several pieces and hung from the ceiling or laid out on a grid stretched parallel to the floor. You can also fold the bow into a stocking or netting and also hang it from the ceiling.

If you want to dry onions in one of these ways, then the dried stems must first be cut off from the onion, leaving a stem 4-6 cm long.

There is one more way - drying onions in braids... For this method, the stems do not need to be cut - they will be useful for weaving. It is interesting that experts recognize this method as the most effective.

In this form, the onion will be dried even more. 2 weeks... During this time, it is necessary to periodically stir it, turn it over, monitor, fruits that have begun to deteriorate are immediately taken away.

Tips on how and where to dry onions after harvest from an experienced gardener in this video:

Read about storing onion sets in winter before planting here.

How to preserve onions after drying?

Already dried onions must be carefully sorted out again, and then folded into baskets or boxes with openings for air passage... If possible, it is better to put the onions in several small containers than in one common box - this way the onions will be better preserved.

Dried onions should be stored in a basement or cellar. If you don't have a cellar, it's better to opt for storage dark and cool places... Read about how to store onions at home on our website.

During storage, onions must be sorted out several times, check for spoiled bulbs.

This will help keep the leftover onion from rotting.

how reduce humidity in the basement?

If there is high humidity in your basement, you can reduce it as follows: for this you need to pour ash, lime or shavings into jars and place them indoors.

They will absorb moisture from the air, and the onion will not suffer from it.

The ways

The onion harvesting method described above is not suitable for everyone. If you do not have a special drying room for onions, or if it seems laborious to you, you have a way out. There are several alternative ways to dry onions at home for the winter, we will tell you about them in more detail.

How to dry onions in the oven? Agree, this method is within the power of everyone, because for this you only need an onion and an oven, which everyone has.

For drying, onions, previously dried a little in the sun, are necessary peel, wash and cut... Then put the chopped onion on a baking sheet and put in the oven.

The temperature should be chosen low - 40-50 ° C... Onions will dry like this 2-3 hours.

After the dried onions need let cool, and then collect it in a bag and enjoy your health all winter. And in order for the onion to survive longer, it needs to be looked at from time to time for an example of spoilage.

How to dry onions in the electric dryer? Of course, not everyone has an electric dryer, but it is a very useful device for preparing vegetables and fruits for the winter. If you are constantly engaged in procurement, you should think about purchasing it.

Drying onions with an electric dryer is quite simple. Here you can dry as green onions and leeks... If you are drying green onions, then you just need to cut them into small pieces, place them in an electric dryer and dry until tender.

In the case of leeks, the bleached portion should be washed and cut into small pieces.

Then the chopped onion should be briefly dipped in boiling water to blanching.

Before you start drying onions, you need to cool them in cold water. Next, put the onion in a colander and let the water drain. Only after drying can the onion be put into an electric dryer with temperature 65-70 ° С.

How to cook dried onions? Instructions for drying onions in an electric dryer in this video:

How to dry onions in the microwave? Onions can also be dried in the microwave. To do this, you need to chop it, put a small amount of chopped onion on a napkin and place in the microwave. Cover with a second napkin on top. Turn on the microwave for 3 minutes at maximum power.

Onion readiness it is necessary to periodically check and increase the time as necessary. It is better to dry onions in small portions.

You can find out how to dry other vegetables for the winter using these methods, for example: garlic, hot chili, bell peppers, carrots and beets, from our articles.

Features of the

In addition to onions, the drying method of which we described above, there are types of onions such as leeks and green onions. We will show you how to dry and store these types of onions.

Leeks: Drying Secrets

How to dry leeks for the winter in an electric dryer and oven? Leeks can be prepared for the winter using drying, freezing and keeping fresh in the fridge. Read more in the article "Storing leeks for the winter."

The drying process is not much different from drying onions. Leeks must be chopped into small pieces and then dried in an oven or electric dryer.

With special preparation, leeks can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 months... However, it has a fresh taste and can be eaten or added to salads as a decoration.

For frosts the leeks must be cut into small pieces, spread in a thin layer into bags and put in the freezer. Such an onion will retain all its useful properties.

Green onions: secrets of drying

Can green onions be dried for the winter? Tips for drying green onions in the oven and for its further storage in this video:

When dried, green onions retain all their taste and vitamins contained in it.

If possible, green onions are best dried. on open air.

First, the onion must be sorted out, the spoiled and thick stems must be selected. The stems that suit us must be washed, cut into small pieces and laid out on a board or on a sieve.

The board should not be placed directly in direct sunlight - this can damage the bow. Better to dry green onions in the shade, in a not stuffy place.

Onions can also be dried using an electric dryer. Such drying will take a little time - only half an hour at a temperature of 70 ° С.

Video instruction for drying green onions in an electric dryer. We look:

Read about this and other ways of storing green onions on our website.

As you can see, drying and harvesting onions for the winter is not a big deal. Bow can stored for a long timeif you periodically monitor its condition.

Such advance preparation will help you to receive all the vitamins your body needs and not get sick. And green onions as a decoration on your New Year's table will surprise all your friends.

Watch the video: Part 1 - How to Dry Green Bunching Onions - Preservation. by Catherine Bellaire (June 2022).


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