Nice tie and protects! Flea collars for cats

Nice tie and protects! Flea collars for cats

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The flea and tick collar for cats is simple and safe.

It is enough to put on a cat and you can forget about parasites.

Although this is not entirely true.

Let's look at this issue thoroughly.

How does he work

The collar is a plastic tape with a fastener from 30 to 40 centimeters long, soaked in antiparasitic drugs.

Gradually emerging from the tape drug spreads through subcutaneous fat, through the sebaceous glands is transferred to the scalp and has an insect-acaricidal and repellent effect on fleas, lice, lice, ticks.

According to the principle of action, collars differ little from liquid products... They destroy and scare away parasites with the same poisons that are included in drops, shampoos or sprays.

These can be various options: tetrachlorvinphos (vinphos, rabond, apex), fipronil, propocourse, flumethrin, diazion... The composition of the impregnation may additionally include an insect growth regulator, various auxiliary substances.

Collars no safer or more anti-allergenic than drops and sprays... Unlike drops, which have to be used monthly, they work effectively for several months.

Greener models marked on the BIO box... They are impregnated with mixtures of natural vegetable oils, for example, mangoza, they repel rather than destroy parasites, but they do not give side effects and are suitable for the smallest kittens.

Important! Do not use collars in conjunction with other flea insecticides. Drug interactions can adversely affect your cat's health. Possible allergic reaction, hair loss, skin diseases.

Collars ineffective against flea larvae... The larvae attached to the hairline of the animal cannot leave the cat on their own. But, as soon as the larva becomes an adult, it will try to retreat from a dangerous place.

Where to begin

  • Check the expiration date... Read the instructions carefully. For pregnant, lactating cats, kittens, there must be a corresponding permit on the box.
  • Open the sealed packaging... Unroll the plastic tape.
  • Dress on the cat, customize to fit... The collar should not make her feel uncomfortable.
  • Close the latch or tighten the buckle... Cut off the excess. It is necessary to cut it off, otherwise the cat may be poisoned, trying to remove the tape with its teeth.
  • Expensive modelse.g. Bayer Foresto, equipped with reflective clips. They must be attached to the collar..
  • Remember to dispose of the surplus and wash your hands..
  • If there are fresh wounds or abrasions on the hands, then it is worth using rubber gloves..

Most manufacturers recommend a few days before putting on the collar, wash the cat with insecticidal shampoo, treat its litter.

Depending on the impregnation, continuous collar use ranges from two months to seven.

Almost all collars are waterproof, they can not be removed when bathing the pet... However, you should refrain from intense, long-term contact with water. This will shorten the duration of the impregnation.

Be careful! If irritation appears on the skin of the animal, salivation has increased, then there is a possibility that the active substance included in the impregnation is not suitable for your pet. You can try the product with a different active ingredient.

Collars should not be used for sick, pregnant, lactating cats, small kittens (how to remove fleas from kittens?).

Prices and brands

The cost of collars in Russia varies from 70 (Doctor ZOO) to 1700 (Foresto) rubles... It all depends on the manufacturer, the composition of the impregnation, the quality of the packaging. As a rule, inexpensive models, distinguished by good healing properties, have a short term of protection.

Most Popular


As active elements are used tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP) or diazinon... All models are water resistant, equipped with an easy-to-open buckle, effective against fleas for 5-7 months.

The Dutch company also produces BIO collar, in which a vegetable insecticide is used as an impregnation of mangoza oil.

The composition includes citronella natural, dibutyl phthalate... The oil has antibiotic, anti-flu and antiviral effect... These flea collars are also suitable for kittens from 2 months old.


Produced in Germany by the Bayer concern. The main active element is propoxur. Waterproof, protects against fleas for 4 months, from ticks up to 10 weeks... Subject to the recommendations for use, it does not have an irritating, sensitizing effect.

Average price of models Bolfo, Beafar 200-300 rubles.

Fleas are common in cats. Not only street and homeless animals, but also sterile pets are susceptible to the attack of these little bloodsuckers. Read our articles on various methods of fighting this parasite using various means, including tar soap, as well as Frontline, Advocate, Advantage, Stronghold, Inspector, Bars.

Try not to harm your pet. Use only certified models purchased from major stores or veterinary pharmacies. Refuse to use them if there is a baby in the house.

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