Tomato variety "Tarasenko Yubileiny": description and recommendations for growing a fruitful variety of tomatoes

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Tomatoes "Tarasenko Yubileiny" - a variety of amateur selection for growing in the open field with the possibility of shelter at low temperatures. On the plots of many gardeners, he is a frequent visitor.

Tomatoes "Tarasenko Jubilee" are the result of amateur selection. It is not included in the state register of tomato varieties in the Russian Federation. Favorable regions for growing are the southern and central regions, it is possible to grow throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

You will learn more about this variety from our article. In it you will find a complete description, get acquainted with the main characteristics and features of cultivation.

Tomato "Tarasenko Jubilee": variety description

Variety nameAnniversary Tarasenko
general descriptionMid-season indeterminate variety
Ripening period118-120 days
The formRounded with a funny nose, sometimes heart-shaped
Average weight of tomatoes80 gram
ApplicationSalad variety
Variety yield15 kgs sq.m
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceResistant to major diseases

The variety was bred thanks to selection from several varieties, the main one being "San Morzano". The plant is indeterminate, growing more than 2 m, but usually the top is pinched when the plant reaches 170 cm or less. An indeterminate plant does not have points of growth termination; these points must be removed in order for nutrients to enter the fruit.

By the type of bush - not a standard one. The stem is powerful, resistant, but as it grows, independent resistance disappears. The number of leaves on the stem is average. There are many complex type brushes, each brush has from 30 fruits and more. The rhizome is developed violently, for the access to the entire plant of the necessary components, it spreads widely in breadth without deepening.

Leaves are large, dark green in color, potato type, wrinkled without pubescence. The inflorescence is complex, of an intermediate type. The first inflorescence is laid after the 9th leaf, then it is formed with an interval of 2 leaves. There are many flowers, but you should not remove them, all the fruits will reach their size when feeding and loosening according to the schedule.

Peduncle without articulation. By the type of ripening, "Tarasenko Yubileiny" is considered mid-season. The harvest begins to ripen after 118 - 120 days from the moment of seedling germination... These tomatoes ripen unevenly, they should be removed unripe.

With regard to diseases, they have excellent resistance to brown spot and late blight. They have an average resistance to other common diseases. A variety has been developed for growing in open field with an insulated cover in case of frost. Growing in greenhouses is also possible.


The yield due to the number of fruits is excellent, with a good combination of weather conditions and proper care, the Yubileiny Tarasenko tomato promises a yield of up to 15 kg per square meter.

The variety has a lot of advantages:

  • fruiting is excellent;
  • high taste;
  • long storage;
  • transportation is well tolerated;
  • disease resistance.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Tarasenko Jubileeup to 15 kg per square meter
Tanya4.5-5 kg ​​per square meter
Alpatieva 905 A2 kg per bush
Dimensionless6-7.5 kg per bush
Pink honey6 kg per bush
Ultra-ripe5 kg per square meter
Riddle20-22 kg per square meter
Miracle of the earth12-20 kg per square meter
Honey cream4 kgs sq.m
Red dome17 kg per square meter
King of the early10-12 kgs sq.m

Features: long, abundant fruiting.

Fetal characteristics:

  • The shape is rounded with a funny elongation - a nose, sometimes heart-shaped.
  • The sizes are average, about 7 cm in diameter. Fruit weight - from 80 g.
  • The color of unripe fruits is pale green, sometimes almost dull white. Mature - have an orange-red color.
  • The skin is smooth, shiny, thin.
  • Seeds are evenly spaced in 3-4 chambers.
  • Dry matter is abundant.
  • Storage proceeds perfectly, both for ripe fruits and for ripening fruits.
  • Long-term transportation is available, due to its density, the crop does not wrinkle, retains its excellent shape and does not rot.

You can compare the weight of the variety with other varieties in the table:

Variety nameFruit weight
Tarasenko Jubilee80-100 grams
Rio grande100-115 grams
Honey350-500 grams
Orange Russian 117280 gram
Tamara300-600 grams
Wild Rose300-350 grams
Honey King300-450 grams
Apple Spas130-150 grams
Thick cheeks160-210 grams
Honey Drop10-30 grams

Is a salad variety... The fruits are tasty, fragrant, pleasant fresh. Suitable for raw salads, hot dishes. Canning is well tolerated, they do not lose their shape with whole-fruit canning. Due to the increased dense consistency, they are not suitable for the production of juice; the production of tomato paste, sauces and ketchups is relevant.

A photo

Tomato "Jubilee Tarasenko" - description of the variety of tomatoes in the photo:

Growing recommendations

Seeds are planted on seedlings in April - early March in a common container with steamed and disinfected soil. For tomatoes, soil with a low acidity level, well enriched with oxygen, is suitable. Usually, specially designed soil is purchased from agricultural stores. Seeds require disinfection before planting.... A weak solution of potassium permanganate or other substances will do. It is possible to treat seeds with preparations that stimulate plant growth.

Planting is done to a depth of about 2 cm with a distance of 2 cm between plants. After planting, spill the soil with warm water and cover with plastic or glass. The resulting moisture in the container contributes to the rapid and successful germination of seeds. The germination area should be well lit and warm (about 22 degrees). After the emergence of most seedlings, the film is removed.

When 2 leaves appear in plants, a pick is made. Picking - planting plants in separate containers to strengthen the root system and the plants themselves. The containers should be about 300 ml with holes in the bottom. Seedlings can be fertilized several times with mineral fertilizers. Watering the seedlings is carried out infrequently, with warm raw water. 2 weeks before planting in a greenhouse or open ground, the seedlings are hardened by opening the vents in good weather.

At the age of seedlings about 50 - 60 days and with a growth of 25 cm, it can be planted... In the greenhouse, planting is carried out 2 weeks earlier than in open ground. The soil is well disinfected, heated and fed with fertilizers with phosphorus. Seedlings are planted in holes, the distance between them should be more than 70 cm, "Tarasenko Yubileiny" prefers freedom of growth.

After planting, the plants are watered abundantly at the root. Further, if the seedlings take root, it is better to "forget" about the tomatoes for a week. Then there are top dressing, loosening according to the schedule, usually every 2 weeks. Weeding as needed. Stepping is required every 10 days.... Remove shoots only up to 4 cm in size, otherwise you may damage the plant.

Tying is necessary almost immediately after planting due to the height of the plant. They are usually tied to individual supports with synthetic materials, they will not allow the bushes to rot.

Diseases and pests

It is necessary to spray tomatoes with microbiological preparations of a general spectrum of action, regardless of the presence of disease or pests. Most diseases are stopped by disinfecting seeds and soil.


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