Tomato variety for the northern regions "Domes of Siberia"

Tomato variety for the northern regions

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And for the inhabitants of the northern regions there are varieties of tomatoes. And they are no worse than the southern ones. But, as a rule, they are distinguished by frost resistance and good immunity. Usually these are large-fruited species. Today we present you an interesting and fairly new hybrid - "Domes of Siberia".

Further in the article you will find a detailed description of the variety, its characteristics, you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of cultivation and learn about resistance to the most common diseases of the nightshade.

Tomatoes of the Dome of Siberia: variety description

This hybrid species was bred in Russia by scientists from Siberia specifically for harsh conditions. Received state registration in 2012. Since then, it has been popular with gardeners who live in far from the warmest regions of Russia and grow tomatoes in greenhouses.

The plant is undersized, about 60-80 cm. By the type of bush, it belongs to the standard, deterministic types. Recommended for growing in greenhouses and film shelters. Resistant to harmful insects and most diseases.

From the moment the seedlings are planted to the first fruits, it takes 90-95 days, that is, this is an early type of tomato. It has a very high yield, this is one of its many positive properties. With proper care and planting scheme 4-5 bushes per sq. m you can collect up to 15-17 kg of excellent fruits.

Among the main features, it is worth highlighting its resistance to temperature extremes and especially to low temperatures. It is also worth noting the taste of tomatoes.


Ripe fruits are red and round in shape. By weight, they are rather small in comparison with other representatives of Siberian varieties, only 200-250 grams. The number of chambers is 4-5, the dry matter content is about 5-6%. The fruits tolerate storage well and do not lose their commercial properties during long-term transportation.

The fruits of this species are delicious fresh. They also make a wonderful juice due to the optimal combination of sugars and acids. The smaller fruits are ideal for making homemade preparations for the winter.

The main positive qualities of the "Domes of Siberia" include:

  • early maturity of the harvest;
  • resistance to low temperatures;
  • low susceptibility to lack of lighting;
  • high productivity;
  • disease resistance.

Among the main disadvantages, it is noted that this variety is not very suitable for growing in other regions.

Growing features

These tomatoes do not tolerate heat very well, as they were created for conditions in Siberia. Therefore, their cultivation in the southern regions will be very problematic and will bring a lot of trouble, and the result will not please. The most suitable conditions for it will be the regions of Southern Siberia or the middle belt, but not the hot south.

Despite the fact that this is a stunted bush, its branches need a garter due to the fact that the fruits are still quite heavy.

This hybrid responds very well to complex fertilizers.... In the growth stage, the branches are cut, forming 2-3 stems with a garter and pinching to the first brush.

Diseases and pests

Since the plant is greenhouse, pests and diseases are basically all those that are characteristic of greenhouses.

Among the most malicious pests, it is worth noting the greenhouse whitefly, which is fought with the help of the drug "Confidor". This type of tomato can also be infested with cotton aphids. You can get rid of it with the help of the "Bison" tool.

From diseases it can be exposed to brown or dry spot. To prevent this disease, you should not transfuse the bushes and try to observe the temperature regime up to 25-28 degrees. If the disease has affected your plantings, then preparations containing copper should be used.


Subject to very simple rules of care, the tomato "Domes of Siberia" will not bring much trouble. It is resistant to diseases and weather changes, and this is very important, especially if a beginner has taken up the matter. Big harvests for everyone!


You can learn about other varieties of Siberian selection from the video clip:

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