Consider what bedbugs eat: what kind of mouth apparatus they have, what and how they eat, can they survive without food for a long time

Consider what bedbugs eat: what kind of mouth apparatus they have, what and how they eat, can they survive without food for a long time

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There are more than 100 thousand different types of bed bugs in the world. They live practically all over the globe.

The most famous are bed bugs - parasites that feed on human blood. However, this is only a small part in the huge family of these insects.

There are also tree bugs that feed on plant sap, and predatory bugs that eat other insects or fish.

Let's talk about the nutrition of these insects: what do they eat, how long do bugs live without food, what do they eat besides blood?

How and what do they eat?

What is the mouth apparatus for bedbugs? Piercing-sucking, this type of apparatus is used to consume liquid food.

REFERENCE! In addition to them, other insects that feed on the sap of plants and animals - aphids, scale insects and others - have the same, as well as parasites that consume blood - mosquitoes, lice, fleas.

The device has changed lower lip, which took the form of a long, sharp tube. It is quite suitable for piercing the top layer of the skin or stem. In a calm state, this trunk is pressed against the lower part of the head or chest. For example, bed bugs have a special notch on the lower part of their body where they hide.

To start feeding, the pest chooses a puncture site, puts the tip of the proboscis on it and begins to rotate its head. The tube bends slightly, giving access to a special needle that punctures the lining. The proboscis itself is instantly inserted into it.

Power organ consists of two parallel channels... One by one, a special enzyme is removed, which partially digests food. In the case of blood-sucking parasites, there is still contains pain relievers, so that the victim does not feel anything... The food is then sucked in by the insects through the second channel.

At a time, about 1-1.5 μl of a nutrient (juice, blood) is absorbed. After that, he steps aside a little and repeats the operation.

For example, it is precisely because of this mechanism that a kind of "path" of six to seven bites remains on the human body. Bites are especially noticeable in children.

What do bed bugs eat? They can be roughly divided into three large groups - parasites, predators and herbivores.

They eat about once every 5-10 days.

REFERENCE! How long do bedbugs live without food? These insects are well adapted to periods of hunger, and can fall into anabiotic state for a long time. For example, water bugs can spend 5-6 months in this form.

The well-known bed (linen), triatomaceous bugs and many others belong to parasites. What do they eat? They usually live in an apartment or house, attack sleeping people and animals at night and feed on their blood. The bites are small but very itchy.

Besides, The triatomaceous bug is a carrier of the deadly Chagas diseasefor which there is currently no vaccine. In general, any bugs are harmful and dangerous to humans. Burning is similar to homemade, however, during the bite, blisters appear, up to 5 cm in size with severe itching and allergies.

Therefore, it is very important at the first signs of the appearance of these insects in your home, immediately start getting rid of them. Check out our section on the means to combat them. You can also read a review of the best bed bug remedies.

What do bedbugs eat other than blood? Predators feed on other insects, invertebrates... For example, the water strider and the smoothie eat algae, insects that have fallen into the pond and their larvae, tadpoles and fry. Large belostomatids can attack frogs and newts. Predators living in trees eat insects harmful to agriculture - aphids, flies, caterpillars.

Herbivorous types of bedbugs feed on plant sap... With their long proboscis, they can pierce the thin bark of young trees or get to the capillaries in the leaves and stems. Insects of the cruciferous family are most fond of plants with a similar name.

They are a real disaster for the crops of radish, cabbage, rapeseed and many other crops. Fragile seedlings die after the attack.

There are also bedbugs, combining the intake of plant and animal food... For example, the familiar red "soldier beetle" feeds on plant sap, seeds that have fallen to the ground, as well as the remains of dead invertebrates. Often they can be seen on the bodies of their own dead brothers.

A huge number of species of bedbugs live in the world, which can be divided into 3 large groups. What do bed bugs eat? Bed - with human or animal blood, predators - with insects, invertebrates, fry, and herbivores - with plant sap. All of them use for these purposes a special piercing-sucking mouth apparatus, with the help of which they pierce the shell of food. We also answered a common question: how long can bedbugs live without blood?

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