Beauty without flaws - tomato variety "Tatiana"

A variety of tomatoes makes it possible to choose an option for any conditions. Gardeners who do not have greenhouses will like Tatyana, an interesting and productive variety.

Strong bushes take root well in the open field, they are undemanding to care, and the fruits invariably delight in taste.

In our article you will find a detailed description of the variety, get acquainted with its characteristics and cultivation features, learn all about the propensity to disease and damage by pests.

Tomato "Tatiana": variety description

Variety nameTatyana
general descriptionAn early ripe high-yielding variety of tomatoes for growing in open ground and greenhouses
Ripening period85-100 days
The formFruits are flat-rounded with noticeable ribbing at the peduncle.
ColorRipe fruit color is red
Average weight of tomatoes120-250 grams
ApplicationSuitable for canning and processing
Variety yield5 kg per square meter
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceDisease resistant

Tatiana tomatoes are an early ripe high-yielding variety. Determinate bush, branched, standard type, up to 60 cm high. A strong stem and abundant green mass make the miniature plant very elegant. Leaves are simple, dark green, medium in size. Fruits ripen in clusters of 3-5 pieces. The yield is good, with 1 sq. m plantings you can get up to 5 kg of selected tomatoes.

The tomato variety Tatyana was bred by Russian breeders and is recommended for growing in open ground or film shelters. It is possible to plant compact bushes in flowerpots and pots for placement on balconies or verandas. The harvested fruits are well stored, transportation is possible.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Tatyana5 kg per square meter
Peter the First3.5-4.5 kg per bush
Pink flamingo2.3-3.5 kg per square meter
Tsar Peter2.5 kg per bush
Alpatieva 905A2 kg per bush
Favorite F119-20 kg per square meter
La la fa20 kg per square meter
Right size12-13 kg per square meter
Dimensionless6-7.5 kg per bush
Nikola8 kg per square meter
Demidov1.5-4.7 kg per bush

Among the main advantages of the variety:

  • fast and friendly ripening of fruits;
  • excellent taste of ripe tomatoes;
  • high productivity;
  • disease resistance;
  • compact bushes save space in the garden.

There were no drawbacks in the variety.


Tomatoes are medium in size, weighing 120-200 g. Some specimens reach 250 g. The shape is flat-rounded, with a noticeable ribbing at the stalk. The pulp is juicy, fleshy, low-seeded, the skin is thin, glossy. The high content of solids and sugars gives the ripe fruit a pleasant, rich, fruity-sweet taste.

Variety nameFruit weight
Tatyana120-250 grams
Japanese Truffle Black120-200 grams
Domes of Siberia200-250 grams
Balcony miracle60 grams
Octopus f1150 grams
Marina Grove145-200 grams
Large cream70-90 grams
Pink fleshy350 grams
King of the early150-250 grams
Union 880-110 grams
Honey cream60-70

Juicy and fleshy fruits are great for processing... They make delicious juices, soups, pastas and purees. Vitamin salads are prepared from tomatoes, they are tasty and fresh. Whole fruit canning is possible, the dense skin prevents the tomatoes from cracking.

Growing features

Tatiana tomatoes are grown in seedlings. Before sowing, the seeds are treated with a growth stimulant. The soil for seedlings is left from the garden soil with humus, you can add a little washed river sand.

Sowing is best done in early March. The seeds are buried 2 cm, sprinkled with peat, sprayed with water, and then placed in a warm place. For rapid germination, a temperature of at least 25 degrees is needed. When shoots appear, the plants are placed on the south window sill or under the lamps. Watering is moderate, from a watering can or a spray bottle. After the appearance of the first true leaves, the seedlings dive.

Transplanting into soil begins in the second half of May, when the soil warms up well. Tomatoes can be moved under the foil earlier. The soil is fertilized with humus and thoroughly loosened. The distance between plants is 30-40 cm.

It is not necessary to tie or pinch the bushes; to improve air exchange, it is recommended to remove the lower leaves.

Tomatoes are fed 3-4 times per season, alternating complex mineral fertilizers with organic ones. Foliar dressing is possible.

A photo

A few photos of a tomato variety "Tatiana":

Diseases and pests

Tomatoes of the Tatiana variety are resistant to major diseases: fusarium, verticillium, mosaics. Early ripening of the fruit avoids the phytophthora epidemic. For the prevention of planting, it can be treated with medicinal preparations.

Mulching the soil with peat or humus, as well as proper watering, helps against fungal diseases. It is useful to spray young plants with a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate or phytosporin. Pre-treatment of the soil for seedlings helps to protect yourself from viral diseases.: roasting in the oven or spilling with a solution of copper sulfate.

In the open field, plants can damage slugs, Colorado beetles or a bear. Large larvae are harvested by hand, tomatoes are treated with an aqueous solution of ammonia. Warm soapy water helps from aphids, thrips and whitefly are destroyed with celandine infusion.

Small, neat, rounded tomatoes with a pleasant sweetish taste are a real classic of garden art. Tatiana tomatoes are popular with everyone who has tasted them; miniature bushes are worthy of being registered in the garden for a long time.

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