Protect your baby! Fleas in hamsters, how to get rid of parasites

Protect your baby! Fleas in hamsters, how to get rid of parasites

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Many have a hamster in the house. Although he is clean, he can have fleas too.

They live not only on it, but also pass to other animalsliving in the same room.

It is problematic to recognize parasites in a little mischief, because he always cleans himself. Nevertheless, you can notice something amiss by the frequent scratches and wounds under the coat.

Appearance and ways of their appearance

Insects living in hamster hair practically no different from those that live on cats, dogs... They can jump from place to place and live not only on the hamster, but also on other animals. Read about fleas in cats and dogs.

their body is flattened, only about 3 mm. Almost the entire body is brown.

They breed due to the presence of a dog or cat nearby, because a flea can jump up to 30 cm... Also, unexpected guests can be brought by a person on his shoes or clothes. We wrote in detail about how fleas can appear in an apartment in a separate article, and you will learn how they reproduce here.

Recognizing fleas in a hamster by features

Since rodents tend to constantly scratch and wash themselves, it is quite problematic to determine the presence of fleas in their fur. If the owner thinks that they still settled with his pet, you should take a closer look at the behavior of the rodent.

As soon as the hamster becomes restless while brushing his fur, he is observed:

  • bald patches on some areas of the skin;
  • dandruff, which has never been;
  • crusts in the skin area.

With these signs, the rodent should be shown to the veterinarian..

To make sure there are fleas, you need to part the pet's fur and see if small, dark insects are crawling there.

What danger are

It is necessary to rid the rodent of annoying "guests" as soon as possible, since they:

  • bothering the hamster with bites;
  • make the rodent itch constantly;
  • can cause infection (typhoid, plague).

The hamster becomes nervous due to intense itching. When a flea injects its substance, the body reacts with intense irritation.

Dermatitis appears, which provokes hair loss, inflammation of the skin.

Flea saliva the hamster may have a toxic reaction... In the absence of the necessary measures, dermatophilisis may develop.

Together with fleas they begin appear helminths (worms)... It turns out that they are quite dangerous for both animals and people. They do not disdain human blood, but they practically do not leave marks on the body. You will learn about how dangerous fleas are for humans from this article, and you can see what bites look like on the skin here.

Important! Fleas reproduce in a mobile manner. If you don't process the room (and not just the cage) in time, very soon there will be a lot of them in the apartment.

How to get rid of fleas from a hamster

You can remove fleas on the home, you just need to buy insecticidal productssold in specialized departments. They are specially designed for this purpose and will not harm the rodent. More often use insecticidal powder, sprays, drops on the withers.

Flea shampoos cannot be used.since hamsters cannot be wetted. Now there are treats, the active ingredient in which scares away small jumpers on a hamster.

As soon as the procedures for removing fleas begin, it should be borne in mind that their larvae with eggs are not on the hamster, therefore, processing should be carried out not only in the area of ​​the cage.

In order for the treatment to be successful, and in the future there was no chance for fleas to get into the territory of the apartment, you need to find out who could bring the insects on them.

The culprit and its living area should be treated.

Also recommended clean the hamster and its housing with special products... At the same time, wash floors, carpet, furniture, bed linen with a certain solution. Read about flea control methods in this article.


It is important to regularly carry out preventionthat will protect the house and its inhabitants from unpleasant and intrusive bloodsuckers. You should buy an insect repellent collar for your dog. She should walk in it as long as it should be according to the annotation.

Also you can use wormwood, the twigs of which should be spread around the perimeter of your pet's housing. She is good at scaring away intruders.

Cats need to be bathed more often with a special solution or shampoo, drip drops on the withers, created specifically to remove insects.

In any case, the pet has fleas, you should consult with a specialist, at least remotely. Timely measures taken will help to avoid unpleasant consequences and preserve the health of not only pets, but also your own.

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