A variety for true connoisseurs - a magnificent tomato "Black Baron"

A variety for true connoisseurs - a magnificent tomato

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Connoisseurs of dark-fruited tomatoes should pay attention to the Black Baron variety - one of the most delicious in this category.

Ripe tomatoes are very sweet, juicy, ideal for salads and juices. A sprawling bush will require formation and frequent feeding, but it will thank you for its care with a bountiful harvest.

Tomato Black Baron: variety description

Variety nameBlack baron
general descriptionMid-season indeterminate variety
Ripening period105-110 days
The formFlattened-rounded
ColorBurgundy chocolate
Average weight of tomatoes150-250 grams
ApplicationDining room
Variety yield4-5 kg ​​per bush
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceResistant to major diseases

Tomato Black Baron is a mid-season high-yielding variety. The bush is indeterminate, from 1.5 to 2 m in height, spreading, with abundant formation of green mass. The leaf is dark green, medium in size. Fruits ripen in small clusters of 3-5 pieces.

Medium-sized fruits, weighing from 150 to 250 g... The shape is rounded, slightly flattened, with pronounced ribbing at the peduncle. The color is maroon, with a chocolate sheen.

Tomatoes have a great taste: rich, honey-sweet. The pulp is juicy, fleshy, sugary on the break. Thin glossy skin protects the fruit from cracking.

You can compare the weight of the fruits of this variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Black baron150-250 grams
The president250-300 grams
Summer resident55-110 grams
Broody90-150 grams
Andromeda70-300 grams
Pink Lady230-280 grams
Gulliver200-800 grams
Banana red70 gram
Nastenka150-200 grams
Olya-la150-180 grams
De Barao70-90 grams

Origin and application

A variety of Russian selection, recommended for growing in film greenhouses or in open beds. The harvested fruits are well stored, transportation is possible. Picked green tomatoes ripen successfully at room temperature.

Black Baron tomatoes are delicious fresh, suitable for salads, side dishes, soups, sauces, mashed potatoes. Whole fruit canning is possible. From ripe fruits, a delicious thick juice of an original shade is obtained.

Productivity up to 3 kg per plant.

You can see the yield of other varieties of tomatoes in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Visibly invisible4-5 kg ​​per bush
Russian size7-8 kg per square meter
Long Keeper4-6 kg per bush
Podsinsky miracle5-6 kg per square meter
American ribbed5.5 kg per bush
De Barao the giant20-22 kg per bush
Premier6-9 kg per square meter
Polbig4 kg per bush
Black bunch6 kg per bush
Kostroma4-5 kg ​​per bush
Red bunch10 kg per bush

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages of the variety:

  • high taste of tomatoes;
  • fruits are well stored;
  • it is possible to use fruits in cooking, canning;
  • disease resistance.

The disadvantages include:

  • the need for careful formation of the bush;
  • heavy branches need support;
  • the plant requires abundant feeding.

A photo

The photo shows the variety of tomatoes Black Baron:

Growing features

Seeds are sown for seedlings in the first half of March. Disinfection is not necessary, the seed undergoes mandatory processing before packaging.

Before sowing, the seeds are poured with a growth stimulator for 10-12 hours. A light nutritious soil is needed from a mixture of turf or garden soil with old humus. A little superphosphate or wood ash can be added to the substrate.

Sowing is carried out with a depth of 1 cm, plantings are abundantly sprayed with warm, settled water and covered with a film. For successful germination, a temperature of 23-25 ​​degrees is needed. After sprouting, the temperature is lowered to 15-17 degrees for 5-7 days, and then raised again to 20-22 degrees.

When the first pair of true leaves unfolds, young plants dive into individual pots. The containers are exposed to the sun; in cloudy weather, the seedlings must be supplemented with powerful fluorescent lamps. Plants are moved to the greenhouse closer to mid-May; they are planted in the ground later, by early June.

Young bushes are planted at a distance of 40-50 cm from each other, with row spacing of at least 70 cm. Tomatoes are best grown on trellises, tying not only stems to them, but also branches with heavy fruits. The bush is formed into 1 or 2 stems, stepchildren are removed.

Watering should not be frequent, tomatoes do not like stagnant moisture in the soil. After watering, the greenhouse must be ventilated so that the air is not too humid. During the season, tomatoes are fed with full complex fertilizer 3-4 times.

Diseases and pests

Tomatoes of the Black Baron variety are resistant to the main diseases of the nightshade in greenhouses, but preventive measures will not interfere with them. Before planting, the soil must be shed with a hot solution of potassium permanganate.

Young plants are abundantly sprayed with phytosporin. Complexes containing copper help from late blight; dark spots on the fruits disappear after the application of potassium fertilizers.

Weeding will help prevent the appearance of parasites, followed by mulching the soil with straw or peat.

Aphids can be removed with warm soapy water; spraying with an aqueous solution of ammonia helps to remove slugs. You can get rid of flying insects with the help of insecticides or a decoction of herbs: celandine, chamomile, yarrow.

Black Baron is a variety deservedly loved by gardeners. It is believed that its fruits are the sweetest, moreover, they are rich in nutrients. Growing plants is not easy, but the result is always pleasing.

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In the table below you will find links to tomato varieties with different ripening periods:

Mid lateEarly ripeLate ripening
gold fishYamalPremier
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