The reasons why the cucumber seedlings are stretched out, what to do and how to fix this situation

The reasons why the cucumber seedlings are stretched out, what to do and how to fix this situation

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To get a good harvest of cucumbers, you will have to work hard when growing seedlings.

Pulling is just one of those problems that lie in wait for gardeners. More on this in our article.

Why do cucumber seedlings stretch out so much?

The main question for novice gardeners with regards to pulling seedlings is whether it is possible to correct the situation or everything has already disappeared. We hasten to reassure: if the matter has not gone very far, then you can still fix it... First you need to find out the reason, and then calmly, without panic, proceed to eliminate it.

This can be a daunting test, especially for those who do it for the first time, but do not give up. And remember: a good harvest begins with proper care of the seedlings.

REFERENCE! The reasons why cucumber seedlings are pulled out are actually not as many as they might seem at first glance. Another thing is that it is not immediately possible to determine them. They belong to one large group: this is the influence of external environmental factors.

Harmful insects do not affect pulling, they can cause other harm, but this is not the topic of our article. Diseases, including fungal diseases, also do not affect stretching.

But the conditions under which it occurs can cause a number of diseases, in particular, root rot and leaf twisting.

Good quality and healthy seedlings of cucumbers are squat and strong in appearance. Since the plant is delicate, it responds instantly to external growing conditions. If the conditions are good, then the seedlings will be healthy, if they are wrong, then they begin to hurt.

Pulling is one of the many challenges faced by budding gardeners. This is not a disease, but such a reaction of cucumber seedlings entails the most unpleasant consequences and you can lose the entire crop.

The first reason the seedlings are pulled out is lack of light and high temperature... This is a completely natural plant reaction to such environmental conditions. Under the influence of heat, it grows and reaches for the light. This is the most common reason, so if this happens, then it is necessary to adjust the light regime for the plants in the greenhouse.

The second reason is wrong watering regime... Most likely, it is too plentiful. It is from overflow that, as a rule, young cucumber seedlings suffer.

Another reason why cucumber seedlings can stretch is tight potsin which it grows. Since the root system grows in breadth, there is little space for it and this affects the seedling itself. To avoid such a problem, it is necessary to select in advance a more spacious container for growing cucumber seedlings, thereby you will avoid many troubles, including this one.

Also among the reasons may be soil quality... It can be too acidic, in which case neutral soils are best suited. This is the most rare cause of seedlings pulling out.

Do not forget that the reason may not be one, but a whole complex and you will have to solve several problems at once. Next, we will describe what to do if the cucumber seedlings are stretched out?

What to do and how to help young plants?

IMPORTANT! In order for young bushes not to stretch out, it is necessary to provide them with comfortable conditions. Cucumber is generally a capricious culture, especially its seedlings. The optimum temperature for it will be + 20-22 degrees, at night 18-20.

But if the seedlings are strongly stretched, the temperature can be lowered to 15-18 degrees and it must be kept around the clock. It is also imperative to observe the lighting regime, it should be moderate, and even better, enhanced.

An excess of light is not so terrible as its lack... With a lack of sunlight, the sprouts naturally reach for it. Therefore, you need to arrange the light yourself. You can install an ultraviolet lamp, but you need to know that it cannot be used for more than 7-9 hours.

You can install a mirror so that sunlight is constantly entering. Such activities will help to stop the excessive growth of shoots, and the problem of lack of light will be solved.

If the seedlings are pulled out due to the fact that they are cramped, then they will have to be transplanted. Despite the fact that cucumbers do not like very much when they are disturbed. But this will save the plant, and in the future, your harvest. During the growth of seedlings, also it is necessary to feed the plant with complex fertilizers, this will serve to strengthen the roots and the correct formation of the future trunk.

If, nevertheless, the cucumber seedlings are stretched out, what to do? It is necessary to fill up the ground, preferably well warmed up and dry. This will help not to retain excess moisture and will serve as an additional thermal insulator.

Thus, the plant is better to root and the stretching can be suspended. Thus, you will save the harvest, and all your efforts and expectations will not be in vain.

Highly pinching will be an effective method, that is, the removal of the growth bud above the second true leaf. Such a simple procedure will stop the pulling. Especially often this method brings the desired effect for short-fruited cucumbers.

As for the quality of the soil, it is recommended to lower its acidity before planting seedlings. It will not be superfluous to clear it from all previous landings.

How to properly grow cucumber seedlings so that they do not stretch out?

In order to prevent many problems when growing cucumber seedlings, including pulling, light, temperature and watering regimes for young shoots must be carefully observed.

Pots for growing seedlings of cucumbers should be selected spacious, this will help the proper development of the root system and the formation of the entire bush as a whole. Do not forget about timely feeding and weeding.

ATTENTION! When planting seedlings in the ground, whether it is an unprotected or greenhouse shelter, special attention should be paid to planting density. Too close position of young bushes can also cause stretching.

This is due to the fact that the plants block the access of light to each other. When plants become adults, this can provoke unnecessary problems, in particular diseases and accelerate the spread of harmful insects.

As follows from the review, in order to enjoy the taste of cucumbers, you first need to properly grow seedlings.

This is not an easy task; the most unexpected obstacles can stand in the way. But, as they say, there would be a desire and any problems can be solved. Good luck and good harvests.

So, we answered the following questions: why did the cucumber seedlings stretch out a lot, how to grow cucumber seedlings at home so that they do not stretch? Described anti-pulling measures.

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