Description of the unique variety of potatoes "Gourmet": characteristics and photos

Description of the unique variety of potatoes

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No matter how tasty or high-quality the variety of potatoes is, they are still unlikely to be able to surprise anyone.

However, there is a group of potato varieties that differ from the rest not only in taste or care characteristics, but also exotic appearance.

It is to this type of potato that our guest today belongs, - "Gourmet".


"Gourmet" refers to the "colored" species medium-early ripening potatoes.

The growing season lasts for 75 - 80 days from the moment the first shoots appear.

It was created relatively recently in Ukraine by breeding several other varieties (detailed information on its breeding has not yet been disseminated), it has not yet been entered into the State Register of the Russian Federation.

However, this does not in the least prevent many gardeners from growing it on their plots in different regions today.

Has a good yield, up to 40 tons of potatoes can be harvested from one hectare of crops... Keeping quality also did not disappoint, you can not be afraid to leave it in the cellar for the winter.

For more information on how to store potatoes in winter, on the balcony or in boxes, in the refrigerator or peeled, read the articles on our website. And also what terms must be observed, what is the optimal temperature and what problems may arise when storing potatoes.

You can compare the yield indicators of the Gourmet with other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Gourmetup to 400 c / ha
Elizabeth80-140 c / ha
Vega90-120 c / ha
Colombo80-130 c / ha
Lugovskoy80-165 c / ha
Irbit108-185 c / ha
Borovichok200-250 c / ha
Bast400-500 c / ha
Sturdy78-105 c / ha
Crimean rose75-120 c / ha
Agatha70-140 c / ha

Potatoes "Gourmet": variety description and photo

Variety nameGourmet
general characteristicsmedium early variety of colored potatoes
Ripening period75-80 days
Starch content13-16%
Mass of marketable tubers90-110 gr
The number of tubers in the bush12-14 pcs
Yield350-400 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesslightly unusual taste, dietary grade, can be used raw in salads, suitable for soups and baked
Keeping quality96%
Peel colorpurple
Pulp colorpurple with white
Preferred growing regionsany terrain suitable for growing potatoes
Disease resistancethe variety is resistant to scab and cancer, moderately resistant to late blight
Growing featureshilling is obligatory
Originatornot included in the State Register

Truly variety of potatoes "Gourmet" from many other varieties, distinguish tubers... As surprising as it may sound, their skin has a dark purple color and a rather dense thickness. Outwardly, the fruits of "Gourmet" are more reminiscent of beets than ordinary potatoes.

Only their elongated oval shape betrays belonging to the latter. The eyes are rare and have a shallow fit. Tubers grow to medium size, the weight of one marketable tuber is usually 90 - 110 g.

The pulp also has an exotic purple-white color (white dominates at the edges and purple in the middle) and unique dining properties. We will talk about them in more detail in the next section, but here we will only note that starch content in the fruits of this potato very little.

You can compare the indicators of tuber mass and starch content with other varieties using the table below:

Variety nameStarch content (%)Tuber mass (gr)

The bushes are semi-erect and grow to a medium height, generally their length does not exceed 70 cm. The leaves are small and light green. During flowering, the plant is covered with flowers with white corollas and characteristic black stamens. Under one bush usually sprouts 12 - 14 root crops.

You can visually familiarize yourself with the Gourmet potatoes in the photo below:

Features of the

The first feature of Gourmet, of course, is its color, but if you thought that this was the end of the differences, then you were very wrong. As mentioned above, the potatoes of this variety are very low in starch.

The reason for this is that instead it contains large amount of antioxidantsthat are so beneficial to our body. Gourmet fruits are an extremely useful product that, in general, has a very positive effect on human health and even rejuvenates it.

IMPORTANT! Another amazing thing about this potato is that it can be eaten raw. It is perfect as an addition to various salads.

Considered a dietary vegetable, which can be included in the menu of people suffering from diabetes or obesity. In addition, it is recommended for use for the prevention of malignant and benign tumors, ischemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, visual impairment, and improper metabolism.

If we talk about the agrotechnical features of the plant, then first of all it is worth noting that it is suitable for growing in temperate or arid climates.

This is due to the fact that he picky about warm weather (temperatures below 10 ° C will have an extremely negative effect on the plant) and sufficient moisture in the soil.

Therefore, if there has been no rain on your site for a long time, then get ready for manual watering. Soils "Gurman" prefers sandy loam, peaty and slightly loamy.

For planting, it is better to select larger tubers and plant them according to the 60 x 30 scheme (the distance between the rows is 60 cm, and between the planting material in the rows is 30 cm). The digging depth should be about 5 - 10 cm.

IMPORTANT! The plant will need moisture after the first shoots appear and during flowering. There is no need to worry about watering right after planting, as the spring soil will still store a lot of moisture.

Best fertilizer superphosphate, ammonium nitrate, nitrophoska and potassium chloride are suitable.

For more information about what to fertilize potatoes, how and when to apply top dressing and how to do it when planting, read the additional materials.

Also, do not forget about loosening the soil, these potatoes very much do not like the formation of a crust on the surface of the soil. Mulching will help control weeds. For the rest, caring for the "Gourmet" is not much different from caring for other mid-early varieties.

Read how to grow early potatoes here.

In addition to the use of various kinds of fertilizers, other substances and preparations for spraying are often used when growing potatoes.

There are many ways to grow potatoes. We have prepared for you detailed articles on how to grow potatoes without weeding and hilling, using Dutch technology, under straw, in bags, in barrels or boxes, from seeds.

Diseases and pests

Has good immunity, which reliably protects it from cancer, late blight, scab and many other diseases.

However, not everything is so smooth, because viral diseases pose a great threat to this variety. The main problem with potato viruses is that if they infect your plants, they will be difficult to get rid of.

Therefore, it is better to apply preventive remedies in advance:

  • remove and burn all weeds and plant debris in time;
  • the main carriers of viral diseases are insects. Therefore, spraying potatoes with insecticides will be the best remedy;
  • Correct crop rotation using varieties immune to viral diseases can eliminate the risk of disease for a long period.

"Gourmet" is a unique potato variety with a huge number of positive properties. However, he never achieved popularity in the CIS countries.

The main problem is that many are suspicious of colored potatoes, considering them the result of GMOs or some other unnatural means of creation.

But this is not so and they are afraid of this sort is not worth it, he obtained by natural selection and will have a very positive effect on your body.

It will be useful for you to watch the video about the unique "colored" varieties of potatoes grown by selection, including the variety "Gourmet":

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Mid lateMedium earlyLate ripening
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