Why do eggplant seedlings wither and fall? What to do if the leaves dry and turn yellow? Step by step instructions for treatment

Why do eggplant seedlings wither and fall? What to do if the leaves dry and turn yellow? Step by step instructions for treatment

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If the eggplants turn yellow or wither for no reason, do not rush to make hasty conclusions and destroy the plants with shock doses of fertilizers.

First, inspect the seedlings: their appearance may indicate the reason why the seedlings die.

Today we will find out why eggplant seedlings wither and fall? What to do if the leaves of eggplant seedlings dry?

Why do the leaves of eggplant seedlings turn yellow?

The main reasons why eggplant seedlings turn yellow:

  • nitrogen-poor soil;
  • excess moisture;
  • fungal infection root system - fusarium, verticillosis;
  • direct sunlight.

Lack of nitrogen

Soil is not the only, but an important source of nitrogen for growing eggplants. If the plant does not receive a sufficient amount of macronutrient through the root system, then it draws the necessary material for building new cells from itself.

The oldest ones are threatened - the lower cotyledonous leaves, which are less priority for the plant than the upper growing ones.

Important! The more the lack of a macronutrient is decompensated, the higher the yellowness "rises" up the seedling.

Carefully dig out the plant and free its underground part of the soil... If the root system is intact, and the cotyledon leaves turn yellow and wither - the seedling emergency feeding with nitrogen-containing fertilizer is required.

Remember that it is necessary to use the purchased funds strictly according to the instructions, so as not to overdo the dosage and not harm the seedlings.

Unsuitable soil moisture

Excess soil moisture has the opposite effect on the seedling: yellowing starts at the top... Examination of the root system reveals wet earth particles between the intertwined roots.

Remember! In sour water, bacteria and fungi proliferate intensively, shifting the pH of the soil to the acidic side with their metabolites. In severe cases, only a complete replacement of the earth will help to save the seedlings.

At the bottom and walls of the seedling containers, there is stagnant water and a moist green coating - a sign of the growth of fungal flora.

The measures of assistance are as follows: if possible replace the soil in the seedling box.

If water stagnates at the bottom, make some large drainage holes and be sure to place the box on a pallet.


Fusaria - a fungus that lives in the soil and infects weakened plants... Often, spores are brought into the ground with untreated seeds. Under favorable conditions, destructive fungi are formed from spores, penetrating into plants through injured roots or wounds on the stem.

The appearance of an eggplant affected by Fusaria has:

  • stunting;
  • brown stem and its cut;
  • pink bloom on the rootsspreading to the ground part of the seedling;
  • yellowed leaves with light streaks;
  • yellow cotyledon leaves twisted into tubes.

You can help plants in the following way:

  1. remove dying plants from the box, placing in a separate container those that can still be saved;
  2. replace the soil, seedling box;
  3. use a fungicidal preparation (Benazol, Fundazol, Strekar, Trichodermin) according to the instructions.

Important! Before planting seeds, do not forget about the prevention of fusarium disease: disinfection of seed, soil, containers for seedlings.


Another enemy of eggplant is the fungus Verticillium. The result of the introduction of this parasite into the plant is yellowing and rapid leaf fall... The defeated seedling dies.

The following signs will help to recognize a diseased plant:

  • amazed the leaves look motley, fading, their yellowing begins with veins;
  • following their color change wilting of the vegetative parts of the eggplant: they twist into a spiral and fall off, giving the impression that the leaves have been burned with boiling water;
  • on the cut the stem is brown.

Fighting tactics:

  1. remove diseased seedlings immediately (it would be better to burn them so that the fungus does not settle in the compost pit;
  2. plant healthy eggplants in a new soil box;
  3. carry out treatment and prevention with fungicides: Previkur, Rovral, Topsin.

Important! The fight against verticillium rarely ends with success, so try to save seedlings that do not have symptoms of the disease.

UV rays

Direct long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation is fraught with the breakdown of chlorophyll, a green respiratory cytochrome that is necessary for a plant for photosynthesis.

Leavesburned may have yellow specks or turn yellow completely.

Please note that only the upper surfaces of the leaves are affected, facing the sunny side of the window or greenhouse. If so, then be sure - the cause is sunburn.

If your seedlings are exposed to prolonged exposure to the open sun, cover them with paper or cloth between 12:00 and 15:00.

Watch a short video on how to deal with yellowness:

Why do eggplant seedlings wither?

If young plants dry out, make sure if one of the factors affects the seedlings:

  • hypothermia low soil temperature;
  • insufficient watering;
  • recent picking or transplanting;
  • fungal infection.

Cold soil

Through the conducting system of the plant, the liquid heated by the soil flows from the roots to the vegetative organs of the eggplants.

If the soil temperature is not high enough, moisture transport processes are disrupted.

The plant becomes dehydrated despite sufficient watering.

Important! Eggplant is a heat-loving plant. The comfortable temperature for its development is not lower than 13 ° at night and 22-26 ° during the day.

Find out if the soil is being cooled by a draft or cold air currents from outside. Measure the ambient temperature - if it is not high enough then use artificial heating of the soil and irrigation of seedlings with warm water 25-28°.


With insufficient watering the leaves look sluggish, thinned and sink down under the force of its own gravity. A change in the color of the vegetative parts of the seedling is not characteristic of the lack of moisture in the plant. Dry lumpy soil will indicate the need to change the seedling irrigation regime.

You can read about how to properly organize watering of eggplant seedlings here.


The wilting of cotyledon leaves in eggplant after a pick or transplant is considered acceptable.

Due to the forces lost by the plant during adaptation to the new environment and damage to a part of the root system, the old lower leaves of the eggplant may die. If you notice that the top of the plant dries up - the reason is not a change in soil.


Early manifestations of fungal ailments may look like an unreasonable wilting of eggplants.

The most dangerous is verticillary wilting - late diagnosed and practically incurable disease... A green cut of the root part of the stem of the seedling will help to exclude the defeat of seedlings by fungi.

On the way to harvest

Finding the cause of the change in the state of the seedlings, making the correct diagnosis and providing emergency assistance to the withering plant is a big step towards a rich harvest. Daily observation of young plants and fulfillment of their simple, but necessary requirements will help you in this important matter.

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