Step-by-step instructions for growing eggplant seedlings at home with a photo of each stage

Step-by-step instructions for growing eggplant seedlings at home with a photo of each stage

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Eggplant is a very tasty and healthy vegetable, however, in order to get an acceptable end product, you have to make a lot of effort, since this culture is very capricious.

The only way to get a good harvest of eggplant is to grow seedlings.

You can buy it in a specialized gardening store, or you can resort to growing eggplant seedlings at home.

Today we'll talk about how to grow eggplant seedlings at home? Next, we present step-by-step instructions for growing seedlings with a photo of each stage.


How to grow eggplants from seeds at home for seedlings? Before you start landing, you first need to choose a seed variety... The most famous are the following varieties:

  • Joker... Has an interesting fruiting type - carpal, in which there are up to 5-7 fruits on one hand. At the same time, it is best to remove vegetables from the garden in a timely manner in order to prevent their overgrowth. Variety early maturing and high-yielding.
  • Vakula... Perfect for open ground, has a high yield... There are practically no thorns on the bushes, which makes it easier to care for the plantings.
  • Sancho Panza... Is different large in weight and size fruits, each of which can reach up to a kilogram. Medium early variety.
  • Negus... Highly early variety eggplant with high yields. The fruits weigh about 300 grams, however, ripen in large quantities.
  • Simferopol 12/105... Bred in the Crimea, has a very high yield. Ideal for preparing caviar.

After purchasing the seeds, it is best to check their quality. To do this, you need to lower them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The liquid should be warm, as cold seeds can rot. Those that float to the top are best thrown awaybecause the yield is very low. Those that remain at the bottom can be planted in the ground.

REFERENCE! Instead of potassium permanganate, you can also soak the seeds in a solution of 5% sodium chloride. The principle of operation is the same - to discard those that have surfaced, those remaining at the bottom are suitable for landing.

Learn more about preparing seeds before sowing.


Sowing soil can be purchased in stores, or you can prepare it yourself. This requires mix 2 thirds of humus and one third of peat or you can choose another option.

For sowing, you can choose small cups, pots or other containers. Landing is done in the following order:

  1. Fill containers with soil by ¾;
  2. Place the seeds in the center of the cups;
  3. Sprinkle them with earth;
  4. Drizzle.

TIP! Seedlings are best covered with plastic wrap and placed in a warm place with a temperature of at least 25 degrees.

Seedling care

How to properly grow eggplant seedlings at home? After the emergence of seedlings, the seedlings must be placed in a place with a high degree of illumination and the temperature must be reduced to 16-18 degrees.

IMPORTANT! If this is not done, then the seedlings will stretch up and develop much worse. The first three days, seedlings must be illuminated 24 hours a day.

After a week, it will be possible to raise the temperature, but not more than 25 degrees.

It is recommended to water the seedlings with warm water, preferably in the morning.... At the same time, try to avoid over-watering, because the roots can rot.

The seedlings need to be rotated a couple of times a week so that they do not stretch too much.

Top dressing

Thanks to feeding, plants grow and develop much better. You can feed with the following types of fertilizers:

  • Mullein... Dilute in water in proportions of 1 to 10, feed 2 weeks after the pick;
  • Chicken droppings... Diluted 1 in 15 and fed in the same way as a cowshed;
  • Dilute 12.5 g of superphosphate, 5 g of nitrate and 3 g of salt with potassium in 1 liter of water;
  • Tea brewing... A glass of tea leaves must be poured with 5 liters of water and insisted for a week, then water the seedlings;
  • In the same way as for tea brewing, insist chopped chicken eggs;
  • Wood ashto be scattered over the surface of the soil.


After the appearance of two real leaves you can start diving seedlings. This is done because the initially sown seeds become very cramped, which impairs their growth and development. Too dense plantings can also cause various diseases.

For diving, you need to pick up separate containers with holes at the bottom. It is best to use the same soil as when planting seeds.... The pick is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. 3 hours before the start of the procedure, the plants must be watered so that the earth does not crumble from their roots;
  2. Prepared containers must be filled with soil;
  3. Using a spoon or a small spatula, carefully remove the sprout from the glass, being careful not to damage or touch the roots;
  4. Immerse the plant in a new container and carefully cover with soil.

Water the dived eggplants once a week, with care so as not to overflow the plants.

After transplant eggplant seedlings are very sensitive to light, therefore the lighting should not be too bright... Plants can even be covered with paper.

It is necessary to monitor the dived seedlings - whether the leaves have withered. If this happens, you need to immediately feed.

Open a window or vent for several days before planting in a greenhouse or open ground to gradually accustom the plants to fresh air. After that, you can proceed to disembark.

Growing eggplant seedlings without picking

Eggplant seedlings do not have to be dived at all, moreover, sometimes it is not even desirable, since some varieties have very weak and thin roots, and they may simply not survive the dives.

The essence of the dive is that each seed is planted in a separate container and grows there until transplanted into a greenhouse or into open ground.

You can purchase special peat containers, or you can use ordinary plastic cups.

The container is covered with earth by ¾, the seed is placed, which is sprinkled with soil. The glass must be closed with a film before germination, and then opened and put in a lighted place. You can plant several seeds in one container, but later, after germination, choose the strongest plant, and remove the rest.

Growing eggplant in crates

Seedlings can also be grown in boxes. It is necessary to place the soil prepared in advance in the boxes. The soil must be compacted and grooves made in it with a distance of no more than 4-6 cm from each otherthat need to be poured with cold water. The seeds are placed in the grooves at a distance of 2-3 cm and sprinkled with the remaining soil.

After planting, the boxes are placed in a warm place with a temperature of at least 25 degrees and after 2-3 days they are lightly sprinkled with water. After the seedlings emerge, the boxes are usually placed in a bright place with good access to sunlight.

The boxes need to be unrolled a couple of times a week so that the light comes in evenly, and water once a weekavoiding overflow. After the first true leaves appear, the seedlings can be dived into separate cups or other containers.

Planting in a greenhouse takes place around mid-to-late April, and in open ground - in mid-late May, when the soil warms up enough.

Whichever method you choose, with the help of good care, you can get great fruits from which you can prepare a large number of both gourmet and everyday dishes.

So, we talked about eggplant seedlings, how to grow it correctly and get a good harvest? How to grow good eggplant seedlings at home?

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Growing eggplant seedlings from A to Z:

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