Are they already in your bed? Bed and linen fleas: control methods, as well as photos of bloodsuckers and their bites

Are they already in your bed? Bed and linen fleas: control methods, as well as photos of bloodsuckers and their bites

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Science term "bed fleas"Unknown. It is rather a collective image that includes several species of the flea family that live in residential premises. it doggy, feline, rat, earthen and others.

Bed fleas owe their name to humans. It is unlikely that each of us will be engaged in an accurate determination of the genus and type of flea using a microscope, having found it in our home. They look almost all the same, their behavior and lifestyle are similar.

Therefore, in order not to bother too much with scientific definitions, a person classifies flea parasites according to their habitat. They live in carpets - carpet, in linen - linen, climbed into bed - bed, fell from the cat's fur - cat.

Whatever the name of the flea, the appearance of its nondescript little body in various corners of the apartment is always an unpleasant surprise for the one who found it. Indeed, in addition to painful bites that cause severe skin reactions, these small insects can carry dangerous infectious diseases - hepatitis, tularemia, typhus, plague (about the danger of fleas to human health, we talked in more detail here).

Do not forget that fleas are very tenacious and reproduce at a tremendous speed. Therefore, at the first detection of an adult, measures should be taken immediately to destroy the parasites until they have filled the whole house.

And so let's figure out who is called bed and linen fleas.

Bed flea portrait

The bed (household) flea has a very small body size. It is very difficult to examine individual parts of the insect's body with the naked eye, unless it can be done under a microscope. The body of the parasite is rounded, slightly compressed at the sides. The cover of the body is hard chitinous, performs a protective function; it is not easy to crush this shell with your fingers. The flea is only 2-4 mm long.

The color in juveniles is black, in adults it varies from yellow to dark brown. The wings are missing. There are three pairs of paws. The hind ones are more powerful - with their help, the flea pushes off, making a jump. A flea is jumping high (about half a meter) and far (meter, one and a half). This method of movement is very convenient for finding a victim, which the bloodsucker can easily jump onto. Bristles, densely covering their small body, help fleas to stay on any surface during a meal.

The insect orientates itself in space with the help of antennae-antennas, capturing all kinds of sounds and smells. The flea's oral apparatus belongs to the piercing-sucking type and is a proboscis. There is no anesthetic enzyme in flea saliva, which is why their bites are very painful compared to mosquitoes or bedbugs.

How to understand that fleas are in your apartment and not confuse them with other harmful insects?

  • the appearance of bites on your household... Unlike bedbugs, which attack a person only at night, fleas attack around the clock;
  • characteristic bites... Flea parasites bite very painfully, often on the legs, while the linen louse affects the scalp and groin (you can see in the photo what a flea bite looks like on a human body here);
  • flea excrement on bedding... Black sand on the sheets will indicate that a flea family has settled in your house;
  • adults... At the first suspicion of the appearance of parasites in the house, you should put a piece of white paper on the bed. Periodically appearing and immediately disappearing dark dots (fleas) will confirm your guesses;
  • high insect activity... Fleas are very difficult to catch and destroy, they very quickly (by jumping) move from place to place, not getting into your hands.

Next, you will see a photo of bed (linen) fleas, as well as a photo of bites:

What are the reasons fleas get in bed?

This phenomenon is temporary. Usually, these harmful insects prefer fluffy carpets, animal bedding, crevices in the floor and behind baseboards. It is in these places that fleas rest after a delicious meal, lay eggs and simply hide. Fleas can be attracted to the bed by long-term laundry that has not been washed or by a poorly ventilated bed with accumulated dust in all cracks, since moist heat and dirt are ideally comfortable conditions for small bloodsuckers.

Why are bed fleas dangerous? What do their bites look like?

The symptoms of a flea bite are quite specific, it is difficult to confuse them with any skin damage:

  • painful red bumps with a dark puncture point in the middle;
  • allergic rash reaction for bites, itching (you will learn how to deal with such itching here);
  • multiplicity of damage... On a sleeping person, a flea can safely saturate for a long time and leave several bites close to each other (but not in the form of a path, as, for example, in bedbugs).

Danger of bed fleas

In addition to severe allergic reactions (most often children with their thin and delicate skin are susceptible to them), fleas can cause disorders of the nervous system in a person. In addition, fleas are carriers of serious infectious diseases (more than 200 species, many are fatal) and worm eggs (constant contact with animals).

We talk in more detail about the danger that fleas pose to humans in this material, and you will learn about the danger of a flea bite for a child here.

Methods for dealing with bed fleas

Before you worry about finding the most effective way to get rid of the brown plague, there are a few important things to do:

  • wash all bed linen in boiling water (even one in which fleas have not been seen) or freeze it on the street (if fleas decide to stay in your house in winter);
  • carry your pet (if there is a pet in the apartment) to the vet... The specialist will advise you anti-flea remedies (powder, shampoos, drops) that are effective in destroying parasites and are least harmful to the health of the pet;
  • carry out general cleaning of the premises (it is advisable to add a solution of laundry soap to the water for washing), clean and scrub all corners, knock out carpets (even better, take them to a dry cleaner), treat upholstered furniture and toys with special means;
  • close all ventilation openings with a fine mesh.

After you have successfully completed all the above activities, you can proceed to the main stage of the destruction of the flea army. The fight must be complex. It is advisable to use grandmother's methods and modern chemical insecticides at the same time:

  • insecticidal preparations: "Cucaracha», «Ziper», «Delta Zone», «Tsifox", other.

These products are diluted with water in a spray bottle, they are used to spray all surfaces where insects can be (upholstered furniture, floors, plinths, toys, animal bedding).

IMPORTANT! Disinsection products are toxic! Therefore, before proceeding with the treatment of an apartment from insects, all residents and pets should be removed from it.

Work in protective gloves and a mask. After disinsection, it is undesirable to enter the room for several hours. After a certain time, ventilate all rooms well and carry out wet cleaning.

  • flea aerosols: "Combat», «Raid».

Suitable for processing specific items (bed, sofa). These products are low-toxic, with a pleasant smell and harmless to humans.

  • «grannies»Methods.

After insecticidal treatment, it is necessary to spread out bouquets of dry grass (sagebrush, lavender, tansy). The essential oils contained in these plants scare away intruders and discourage them from any hunt for settlement. Pouches filled with pine sawdust (this scent is also not to the taste of fleas) will help to forever ward off bloodsuckers.

There is one more simple way to defeat the flea plague quickly and without any problems. One has only to contact a professional pest control service. After this, insects will definitely have no chance of survival.

In conclusion, we bring to your attention a video on how to deal with fleas in an apartment:

Watch the video: How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs - Ace Hardware (May 2022).