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Dutch potatoes

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Dutch breeders are one of the most active in Europe, they often spoil us with new high-quality varieties of potatoes.

So this time they did not disappoint, having prepared a universal variety of potatoes "Courage", which has an excellent taste and appearance.

On our website you will find the most up-to-date information about the "Courage" potato variety: a description with a photo and a description of the root crop.


The "Courage" potato variety was created in Holland, and entered into the State Register of Russian Varieties since 2007 in the Central and Central Black Earth regions. It has a good yield, it will delight you with 16 - 27 tons of potatoes per hectare. And with proper care, this figure can increase up to 40 tons.

As for the yield, you can compare this indicator with other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Courage160-270 c / ha
Innovator320-330 c / ha
Riviera450 c / ha
Gala400 c / ha
Picasso195-320 c / ha
Margarita300-400 c / ha
Grenada600 c / ha
Mozart200-330 c / ha
Sifra180-400 c / ha
Elmundo250-350 c / ha

Keeping quality also did not disappoint, it is kept at 91%... And the marketability of the outgoing fruits fluctuates between 83 and 99%. Courage refers to mid-late varieties of potatoes, the harvest can be harvested as early as 80 - 90 days after the first shoots. Potatoes have good storage performance.

Potatoes "Courage": variety description, photo

Variety nameCourage
general characteristicsdrought-resistant table variety of Dutch selection, characterized by beautiful, even tubers and a high starch content
Ripening period80-90 days
Starch content13-20%
Mass of marketable tubers100-140 gr
The number of tubers in the bush6-9
Yield160-270 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgood and excellent taste, well boiled
Keeping quality91%
Peel colorred
Pulp colorlight yellow
Preferred growing regionsCentral
Disease resistanceresistant to potato cancer and golden potato cyst nematode
Growing featuresstandard agricultural technique, drought tolerant
OriginatorHZPC Sadokas (Netherlands)

The fruits grow large, the average weight is not less than 100 g, and often grow up to 140 g. Tubers have an elongated oval shape, a pink-red skin and medium-sized eyes with a shallow depth of occurrence. The pulp is yellowish and has a very pleasant taste.

The starch content in fruits is 20%. Potatoes of this variety tolerate transportation well and do not have the property of darkening with physical damage, therefore they are excellent for sale and transportation over long distances.

You can compare the starch content and the mass of tubers of the Kurazh variety with other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameAverage mass of tubers (gr)Starch content (%)
Aladdin105-185up to 21
Queen anne80-15012-16
Cast iron100-13010-17

Bushes can be erect or semi-erect and grow quite tall. Leaves are dark green and medium-large in size. During flowering, beautiful large flowers with purple corollas appear. One bush usually forms 10 - 12 root crops.

You can visually familiarize yourself with the Courage potatoes in the photo below:

Growing features

"Courage" is a table type potato, but the characteristics of the root crop show that it can also be used for industrial purposes for processing into starch. Potatoes have excellent taste, which have been repeatedly noted by gardeners throughout the country.

Fruits do not darken when cooked or fried, have good friability. They also work well for making chips. As for landing, it is important to accurately guess the time of landing in the ground. The fact is that in the regions prescribed for this variety by the State Register of the Russian Federation, frosts can continue until May. Young plants do not tolerate cold snaps, therefore, they may die or develop poorly.

So, it is very important to germinate your planting material in advance (the optimal sprout length on tubers is at least 2 cm) and plant it in a soil warmed up to 10 ° C (approximately in the first ten days of May).

If you want to further secure your crop, you can immediately before planting, treat the tubers with growth regulators, for example, by means of Epin. This preparation will stimulate the formation of tubers, strengthen the immune system and accelerate the emergence of seedlings.

From soils, potatoes "Courage" develop best on moderately acidic soil, that is, with an average hydrogen index. It is best to plant the material according to the scheme 70 x 35 (distance between rows 70 cm, and between tubers in rows 35 cm). Planting depth depends on the type of soil: on light sandy soils, it is 10 cm, and on light loamy soils up to 8 cm.

If you plan to apply fertilizers to the ground before planting, then it is best to use those which do not contain chlorine and are highly soluble in water (carbamide, potassium sulfate and others).

When growing potatoes, it is often necessary to use additional chemical treatments.

And also learn more about how to feed potatoes, what are the best fertilizing, when and how to fertilize, how to do it correctly when planting.

IMPORTANT! The plant grows fastest in those areas where perennial grasses, legumes, flax and lupine were previously grown.

In the future, your potatoes will not need any specific growing techniques, it is important to remember only the most important thing:

  • keep the soil clean and loose. If the soil on your site is light in nature, then you can not dig it up beforehand;
  • to backfill rows with planting material, it is better to use soil from neighboring beds, in which case you will avoid the occurrence of a dried and solid layer of earth;
  • the number of hilling operations carried out should be at least 3 per season, the very first should be carried out after your plant reaches a height of 12 - 15 cm;
  • if the tops of the bushes develop poorly, then you can carry out several foliar dressings with minerals at intervals of 7 to 10 days.

Diseases and pests

Late blight

Variety "Courage" is characterized by good resistance to cancer, golden nematode and scab.

However, experiencing weakness for the causative agent of late blight, which can be very bad for your harvest.

Phytophthora is capable of destroying more than half of the total potato crop, therefore, against it it is imperative to take protective measures:

  • germination of planting tubers and the use of growth stimulants, which accelerate the process of plant development and do not give phytophthora time for formation, help well;
  • it is possible to treat fields with fungicides even before the onset of the disease for preventive purposes. Unomil, Ridomil MC and Aviksil have proven themselves well;
  • phytophthora spores are stored in dead tops and weeds, so get rid of them in a timely manner.

If we talk about insect pests, then the main threat is the Colorado potato beetle, bears, wireworms, potato moths, and aphids.

On our website you can read a lot of useful information about ways to control these insects:

  1. How to get rid of a wireworm in your garden.
  2. A dangerous pest - a bear: we remove it using chemistry and folk methods.
  3. Potato moth: poison - part 1 and part 2.
  4. Colorado potato beetle and its larvae: the fight with folk remedies and industrial drugs:
    • Regent.
    • Aktara.
    • Prestige.
    • Corado.

"Courage" is a versatile potato variety that is suitable both for personal cultivation and for sales and industrial use. Perhaps it does not have some unique qualities, but it is a very tasty and reliable potato variety that does not require constant care and large cash costs.

There are many ways to grow potatoes today. We invite you to get acquainted with some of them. Read all about modern Dutch technologies, about growing early varieties, about getting a harvest without weeding and hilling. Find out what is the difference in growing potatoes in Russia and other countries. Check out these growing methods: under straw, in bags, in barrels, in boxes, from seeds.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with other varieties of potatoes with different ripening periods:

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