No one is insured! Human flea: species and harm

The inference that fleas can live on humans is constantly refuted. They do not live on humans, as in fact, on cats, dogs, other animals and birds.

They use a person as a transport, if suddenly there is no suitable object (a stray dog, cat, rat, etc.) or a "canteen" nearby to get the necessary portion of blood.

These parasites are omnivorous, they are not picky, they can feed on the blood of humans and animals. First, we will find out what their names are, where they live, how they get into our homes.

Flea species that can harm humans

  1. Doggy. Dogs are carriers. If the pet is in contact with stray dogs. There is a high probability that insects of this species will enter the house.
  2. Feline. This species considers cats to be its owners. It feeds on their blood, breeds in bedding, cat rugs.
  3. Rat. Rats, having run through your apartment only once, can share their roommates with you. A flea that has fallen from a rat will certainly leave its offspring in your home.
  4. Chicken. This species and fleas of almost all animals, domestic birds are found in rural areas.
  5. Earthen... The top layer of the earth was chosen as their habitat. When working with the ground (garden, vegetable garden), you can bring the larvae under the nails.
  6. Sandy... Accordingly, they settle in the sand.
  7. Human... These parasites have a human host. This species prefers to feed on human blood.

Outwardly, all types of fleas are almost the same. They differ in size and color. The body is covered with a strong shell, flattened on both sides. There are no wings. Six legs, the hind legs are very well developed. Fleas use them to jump. Despite the fact that the size of the insect is 4 - 5 mm, it jumps far. If there are no people nearby, and the need for food exists, the human flea will not disdain the blood of any animal that comes along.

Next, you will see a photo of human fleas:

Parasites are divided according to their place of residence into two subspecies:

  • basement;
  • bed.

Basement fleas are a collection of all insects that have fallen into the same conditions (basement). Feline, canine, rat. Basement fleas live, breed in heaps of garbage, dirty clothes, rags, which was dragged into the basement by homeless people. The warm, humid air of the basements contributes to the rapid breeding of fleas, settling them in the apartments on the lower floors. And homeless people and animals are carriers of these insects.

Basement fleas, getting into our apartments, get their portion of blood, lay eggs and stay with us. Choosing between a basement and an apartment, they stop at the second option. And the living conditions are better, and food goes nearby. So they become bed, settle in bed linen, upholstered furniture, carpets. They bite mainly at night.

Why are insects of this species dangerous for humans?

To understand the danger from such a neighborhood, you need to know how a flea bites a person. The oral apparatus, unlike other blood-sucking insects (mosquitoes), does not have a proboscis.

Cutting through human skin the flea tries to reach the blood vessels and therefore plunges with the head, raising the back of the body (like a tick).

After she gets drunk, she gets out to the surface, goes to take care of the offspring. If the flea used to live with rats, it can leave infectious microbes in the subcutaneous layer.

Important! Rat fleas are the most dangerous carriers of infectious diseases and parasites.

The place after the bite turns red, itches.

The most eerie sight is children bitten by fleas. Children's skin is delicate, thin it is easier to bite through, so they attack children at night. Bites are very painful for children and cause allergic diseases. They can also infect a child with parasites.

There are no special places for fleas to bite. They choose places where the skin is softer... It is mistakenly believed that fleas, once on the scalp, can remain there.

reference! Human hair is not like animal hair and is not suitable for finding these insects there. But they can bite.

The most vulnerable place to bite - legs... Even if you are asleep. If you are going to work in a basement or other area where there may be insects, smear your feet and other parts of the body with deterrent drugs, wear clothes that protect your body.

Read about how to treat the symptoms of flea bites in the article, and find out how dangerous animal fleas can be for humans here.

In order to never face this problem, remember that prevention is better than cure... Let your home be the standard of cleanliness. Watch out for pets. Do not litter the adjacent areas.

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