Instructions for creating a collapsible greenhouse made of polycarbonate or under a film with your own hands

Instructions for creating a collapsible greenhouse made of polycarbonate or under a film with your own hands

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Nowadays, on almost every private land plot, you can see such a very familiar and widespread device as a greenhouse, which is intended for growing various plant crops.

They are mainly used for growing vegetables, but they are often planted with berries and flowers. There are several types of greenhouses that differ from each other in size, shape and performance.

One of the varieties is collapsible greenhouse.


Today, collapsible greenhouses became quite popular due to its mobility and practicality in operation. They are convenient in that they can be easily moved from one place to another.

The simplest collapsible greenhouse can be made do it yourself... Such a task will not be difficult, because it does not require special skills, as well as the presence of any additional tools. In addition, the construction of such a device requires only a small investment of money.

You just need to have patience and make an effort. Collapsible greenhouses are considered more convenient. Despite the rather complex design, they are built relatively quickly and easily.

the main task - take care of creating a special microclimate inside the greenhouse, which will allow the plants to feel good and will contribute to an increase in yield.

Features of installing a collapsible greenhouse

Collapsible greenhouses have a number of different advantages, which include the following:

  1. Complete absence of wind, as well as drafts dangerous for plants.
  2. The presence of favorable lighting.
  3. The soil, like the air, heats up more, which ensures that there are no temperature fluctuations inside the greenhouse.
  4. Reliable protection against a wide variety of plant pests.

In order to build a collapsible greenhouse with your own hands, you need to find the most important detail of this design - it is special plastic knot, which has four ends and the same number of holes with a diameter of 10 mm.

These holes must be securely fastened pipestaken from a split folding bed - they can easily penetrate the nodes. This installation technique allows not only to give the greenhouse structure lightness, but also to significantly increase its operational life.

After the racks are built from the nodes and clamshells, the work of the second stage should be started.

The main task is in the correct manufacture of all the necessary veins... To obtain these parts, you need to take slats with a height of 1 m and a length of about 3-4 cm, and their width should be about 4-5 cm.

Just like the pipes that were taken from the clamshell, they are carefully drilled to make holes with a small diameter.

Loan, which will be made of copper pipe, should be cut into small pieces, and then these cuts are tightly inserted into the rail with a sufficiently strong interference. This operation is the final and final step in building a complete structure for a collapsible greenhouse.

In cases where as a cover a plastic film was chosen, this material must be reliably pressed to the structure from two opposite sides using ordinary plastic bottles filled with water, which can press the film.

Such an event will help to ensure that the future harvest of vegetables is constantly protected from strong gusts of wind.

However, experts recommend using plastic wrap only in extreme cases and, if possible, replace it with another coating material.

Collapsible greenhouses for film on a private land plot in appearance practically does not look like a well-known greenhouse. They look more like a standard shelter, which is characterized by a simple shape, especially if you use plastic wrap for covering.

To date, dachas on the sites of which there is such a structure are not considered modern. This is due to the fact that the uncomplicated design looks quite outdated, because in our time there is a huge variety of significantly improved devices specifically for summer cottages.

This technology has been around for about thirty-five years, but many people still like it today.

Collapsible and prefabricated greenhouse very convenient to use, because if the need arises, it can be moved to any more suitable place. In addition, such greenhouses are very mobile - if desired, the structure can be completely disassembled, and then hidden in the corner of the garage or shed.

What are the benefits of polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is considered one of the newest and highest quality technologies.

This material is unique. It is lightweight, durable and has a long service life. He has the following properties:

  1. Excellent sound insulation.
  2. The material transmits light in large quantities.
  3. Reliable thermal insulation.
  4. Does not react with various chemically active substances.
  5. Fire safety.
  6. Elasticity is maintained over a long period of time.
  7. Does not lend itself to the destructive effects of external factors.

He succeeded in displacing glass and film on the building materials market. Glass is a more hazardous material to use. Structures made of polycarbonate are very difficult to break into pieces, and glass is quite possible, after which one should not exclude getting injuries or injuries to the hands and even legs during the cleaning of the fragments.

In addition, glass is a heavier material, which, of course, cannot be stated about the construction of polycarbonate.

Products made with polycarbonate characterized by an excellent insulating effect.

That is why a greenhouse with this coating can maintain a constant and most optimal air temperature inside the greenhouse for a long time.

Due to the whole features characteristic of polycarbonate, very favorable conditions are created for the rapid growth of plants, a significant improvement in their condition and increase in size.

Thanks to the dense walls, which are made of durable polycarbonate, it is ensured permanent mitigation of forward direct sunlight, as a result of which the absence of the need for additional shading is guaranteed.

At the final stage installation of a collapsible polycarbonate greenhouse, namely the coating of its main structure, polycarbonate sheets are securely fixed to the pipes from the clamshell.

The latter have some properties that allow the material to take almost any shape, because they are quite flexible, which is a huge advantage in their use.

Metal carcass

There are also prefabricated greenhouses on a metal frame... They have a more modern look, therefore, they are considered a more suitable option for arranging a summer cottage.

Such structures are already a stationary structure, however, with the correct creation of a sketch, it can also be turned into a collapsible structure.

This solid building will be perfect for operation over a long period of time.

Basic principles for installing the frame, as well as the stages of installation of a collapsible greenhouse:

  1. You need to choose the right area for the site
  2. The dimensions of the greenhouse structure are determined in advance.
  3. Sketches of the future greenhouse are being made.
  4. A metal greenhouse is being built.
  5. The long side of the greenhouse must necessarily be located in the direction from east to west.
  6. The steel structure should be located in a clean and well-lit area.
  7. The structure is mounted according to the scheme prepared in advance.

Collapsible greenhouses are designed to perform a single task - to ensure constant protection of the plant from the harmful effects of external factors, as well as the environment.

That is why more experienced users recommend choosing exclusively high-quality materials for their construction so that plants receive the largest amount of necessary nutrients for growth and development.

And here is a video with two options for collapsible greenhouses.

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