A reliable assistant on a personal plot - a greenhouse according to Mitlider: the principle of operation, a drawing-diagram, construction with your own hands

Greenhouse by Meathlider since its inception, it has become widely known among summer residents-gardeners.

Greenhouse according to the mitlider - what is it? This is a unique design that has a large capacity and the ability to grow a wide variety of plants inside it under optimal conditions.

Features of the greenhouse according to Mitlider

Meatlider's greenhouse, also known as "American greenhouse", has characteristic features that set it apart from other greenhouse structures.

Here are the main ones.:

  • unusual ventilation system... The upper part of the roof is equipped with transoms that let warm air through. Fresh air flows through open doors or auxiliary windows located below the roof;
  • construction has strong framethanks to the frequently installed beams and struts. Such a structure is not afraid of hail and strong winds;
  • the greenhouse can be disassembled and moved to another place if the installation was carried out using bolts or screws, without using nails;
  • the structure is installed in such a way that it runs from west to east in length. As a result, the ventilation flaps are directed towards the south, which protects the greenhouse from the cold north wind. At the same time, the plants receive good lighting and a sufficient amount of solar heat;
  • "American" does not need additional equipment or dispensers for gas replenishment, since natural ventilation supplies the growing crops with carbon dioxide in the required quantities.

Types and materials for the manufacture of the frame

One of the most commonly used design options is construction with a gable roof and vertical walls.

The north side of the greenhouse is usually equipped with a high slope that protects the plants from cold winds. The low slope faces south.

Arched greenhouse according to Mitlider (photo on the right) is another species that has gained some popularity today. While there are certain problems with ventilation with a standard arched structure, the two-level roof of the "American" perfectly helps to cope with this task.

It is worth noting here that the construction of an arched greenhouse is associated with certain difficulties, namely, with the need to bend pipes. Such a process requires a pipe bender, which is not available from all gardeners.

As for materials, for the construction of a metal frame, the best option would be to use a profile pipe with a cross section of 50x50 mm.

It is also quite possible to get by with the installation timber frame, for which a bar with a section of 75-100x50 mm is used.

Frame made of shaped pipes most often they are made during the construction of a polycarbonate greenhouse, and a structure from a bar - for a film coating.

However, this is not fundamental and is connected only with the method of fastening the coating: for polycarbonate, in this case, self-tapping screws are used for metal, and the film is fastened with a stapler or a wooden strip and nails.

Preparation for construction

Preparatory work should include next steps:

  • development of a drawing according to the dimensions of the future structure. Recommended greenhouse dimensions: length - 6 m, width - 3 m, height - 2.7 m. The distance between the upper and lower slopes is 0.45 m;
  • purchase of material in accordance with the drawn up drawing;
  • choosing a place for construction. The selected area must be free of debris and grass and well leveled.

Further you need to decide on the type of foundation.

For the construction of a polycarbonate greenhouse according to the Meatlider, the most suitable option is shallow strip foundation.

This type is distinguished by a simple and reliable design, as well as an affordable price. For a small mass of a greenhouse structure, such a structure will be quite enough.

Pouring the foundation

Erection of a strip foundation includes the following procedures:

  1. The base is marked with stakes and a rope that is pulled between them.
  2. A trench is dug according to the markings. Its depth is 0.6 m, width is 0.25 m.
  3. One part of sand is mixed with one part of gravel.
  4. The resulting mixture is poured into the trench in a layer of about 10 cm, thereby forming a pillow.
  5. With the help of boards and stakes, formwork is constructed. The stakes must be dug in, while the distance between them should be 0.3-0.4 m.
  6. A frame made of reinforcement can be built using electric welding or by tying rods together with steel wire.
  7. The finished frame is placed in the formwork.
  8. Next, you need to prepare a cement mortar. To do this, mix 5 parts of crushed stone, 3 parts of sand and one part of cement.
  9. The mortar is poured into the formwork.

Foundation sample:

The formwork should be removed no earlier than a week after pouring. You can start building a greenhouse a month after the foundation was erected.


How to build a greenhouse according to Meathlider for polycarbonate with your own hands? Construction process of "American" with polycarbonate coating consists of several stages:

  1. On top of the foundation, it is necessary to lay the foundation of the future structure, for the construction of which beams with a section of 10x10 cm are used. They are laid along the perimeter of the structure and are connected to each other using self-tapping screws.
  2. After laying the beams, it is worth checking if the rectangle is correct. To do this, you need to measure the distance between the corners diagonally - if the dimensions are the same, then everything is in order. Further, stakes are driven in along the perimeter of the base, which are connected with beams using self-tapping screws.

  3. The assembly of the side walls is carried out in accordance with the predetermined dimensions. Wall parts are also connected to each other by means of self-tapping screws.
  4. The next step is the construction of end walls, the distance between the posts of which should be 0.7 m. For the installation of the walls, a bar with a section of 75x50 cm is used.
  5. The door frame is being assembled.
  6. Hinges are installed on the door frame.
  7. Next, the installation of windows is carried out. In a greenhouse according to Mitlider, the window frame has an angle of inclination identical to that of the roof slope, which is 30 degrees. The presence of two windows is a perfectly suitable option for such a design.

Photo of the greenhouse according to Mitlider: schematic drawing, calculations.

The final stage of installation of the frame - roof construction... To do this, you will need the following materials:

  • 5 beams 1.9 meters long;
  • 5 bars to be used as supports, 32.7 cm long. The corners of the bars must be cut;
  • 5 triangular wedges with equal sides, 0.5 m each. For their manufacture, plywood with a thickness of 0.7 cm should be used.

With the help of these materials, five truss structures are assembled. The distance from one extreme point to the other should be 240 cm. Then the wedges are fastened with nails.

Finished structures are mounted on top of the walls. First, the side elements, and then the rest, while the distance between them should be the same. Installed structures are fastened with self-tapping screws.

Further, at the very top under the roof, it is necessary to install a bar with a section of 75x50 mm - window sashes will be attached to it. An auxiliary board is mounted on top. Several short bars should be fastened between the rafters under the windows.

Wooden parts of the structure that will come into contact with damp ground, should be covered with linseed oil, which will make the material more resistant to destruction.

After the frame is ready, you can start coating. When installing polycarbonate some rules should be followed:

  • holes for self-tapping screws are best drilled in advance. In this case, the thickness of the drill should exceed the diameter of the holes by 2-3 mm;
  • polycarbonate sheets should not be too pressed against the frame;
  • the material must be laid on the frame with the side equipped with UV protection. As a rule, it has a bluish tint due to the presence of a protective membrane.

Greenhouse according to Meathlider - great option for a personal plot.

The design features have a positive effect on the vital activity of plants, providing them with healthy growth, which allows you to count on the collection of a bountiful harvest at the end of the summer season.

Here is a video about the Mitlider method in the greenhouse (principle, structures, frame):

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