From animal to you or animal fleas to humans! Why are fleas in cats dangerous to humans?

From animal to you or animal fleas to humans! Why are fleas in cats dangerous to humans?

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You can get vaccinated against almost all diseases. Astronauts have been living in an orbital station for years. Humanity is not today - tomorrow it will cope with cancer and AIDS. And we are afraid of fleas!

And this is not surprising. She lived 55 million years ago... The natural conditions that killed the mammoths did not bring the slightest harm to this parasite.

And how much can she be dangerous to humans?

General description

A blood-sucking, parasitic insect. Very hardy... At low temperatures, it hibernates for a long time.

Under favorable conditions, one generation has time to grow up and enter puberty very quickly, within 10-14 days.

reference! Due to the structure of your body (flatness), the ability to jump at lightning speed and be very unpretentious, are practically invulnerable.

And so let's get acquainted

Cat flea... A very small insect. Sizes from 0.5 mm to 3 mm. She cannot fly, since she has no wings.

But there are very strong hind legswith which she can jump from one object to another. Each individual has its own owner, in this case a cat, never changes its owner and lives with it throughout its life.

However, this does not prevent her from “feasting on” others. Cat fleas are brown... The little body is flattened as if it was squeezed on both sides. The carapace is very hard.

Dog flea... Has dimensions slightly larger, up to 5 mm. The oral apparatus is piercing and sucking. Has 6 legs. Body shell inferior in strength to feline... But in order to crush it, you will have to make a lot of efforts.

Otherwise, they are similar to each other.

Why fleas are dangerous for pets

Very unpleasant insects. They disturb the peace of our pets. Their bites irritate the skin and can cause allergic reactions in dogs and cats. With a large accumulation, hair loss begins, the general state of health worsens, and immunity weakens. They can also become carriers of infectious parasites and animal diseases.

On our site you will also find articles about what herbal and linen fleas are.

How fleas enter our home

If you keep pets, the question is no longer a question. As the name suggests they come to our homes with cats or dogs.

If you have no pets, you or your guests you can bring maggots or eggs on shoes... If your friends keep animals, a flea can jump from this animal and arrive safely at your home. There are many ways.

We talked in more detail about where fleas come from in houses in this material, and read how they can appear in a house and apartment here.

Why are these insects dangerous to people?

The eternal question that worries so many - are fleas dangerous for people or not? Can they settle outside the human body? They cannot settle! Neither feline nor canine. But to bite - Yes! And those and others.

Let's figure it out:

  • the human body differs very significantly from the body of an animal... We do not have that coat of hair that is necessary for the existence of fleas. They have nowhere to hide;
  • social conditions of modern man, regular shampooing, daily shower does not at all contribute to the residence of these parasites (they are afraid of water) on the human body.

But even though fleas cannot settle on our body, they can bite. The flea bite is painful, the skin itches after the bite (we talked about how to cure flea bites on a person and relieve itching). If there are many of them, the bites can cause an allergic reaction. If your dog's fleas managed to bite another animal, sick dog or rat, and then bit you, they can carry disease or parasites.

You can find out how dangerous fleas can be to humans from this article.

This is a very famous person. Thanks to her, more than one empire fell from the plague, and Lefty glorified her by being able to shoe. but do not give this insect special importance... Fighting fleas at home is not so difficult, but it is better to keep them out of your life.

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