Drive them away! Fleas on a person's head: how to get rid of and preventive measures

It turns out that fleas are not only found in animals. There is also a human flea. Previously, she lived only on the South American continent, and now lives wherever a person lives.

The bites of these insects bring people a lot of trouble. They do not live on the human body permanently, because in comparison with the body of animals, it is devoid of dense vegetation.

But, in any case, if a layman found flea bites in himself, he will have to look for ways to combat these parasites.

Flea control in humans

The insect acts as a carrier of many diseases, among which are the following:

  • salmonellosis;
  • plague;
  • anthrax;
  • helminthiasis;
  • encephalitis;
  • brucellosis;
  • tularemia.

But people rarely become infected with these serious ailments through fleas. Much more often, pests cause such a consequence as pulicosis. This is a whole set of symptoms that cause an allergic reaction. Among them:

  • headache, insomnia, and irritability;
  • profuse rashes in the area of ​​the bite;
  • high body temperature;
  • inflammation and suppuration of the lesion site on the skin;
  • the appearance of sores in the throat and in the mouth;
  • swollen lymph nodes.

The fight against blood-sucking parasites in humans is divided into two categories. This is the elimination of the consequences of the bite and the destruction of the insects themselves. Mostly the legs are affected: feet, ankles and lower leg. But often fleas also bite the scalp. They usually hide in the hair of a person and in the folds of clothing.

When a bite is detected

If the bite has already taken place, you can act on your own without involving professional doctors. To do this, it is best to follow this algorithm:

  1. The wound is treated with an antiseptic, which is hydrogen peroxide, alcohol lotion: iodine, brilliant green, in addition, antiseptic soap, any special antimicrobial agent, etc.
  2. To avoid inflammation after treating the wound you should apply ice to it or make a cold compress.
  3. The result is fixed with the help of itching relievers... These are calamine or soda solutions. Special ointments used against the effects of blood-sucking insects will also help.

Attention! With pulicosis and an allergic reaction manifested, it is recommended to immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe drugs for the treatment of flea bites. Among them, as a rule, antihistamines and sedatives are listed.

After the stage of dealing with the resulting wounds has ended, the second stage begins: the removal of blood-sucking pests from the room. This must be done, otherwise they will not disappear, and wounds from their effects on the body will appear regularly. This means that it is necessary to create appropriate conditions for a comfortable stay.

  1. To prevent fleas from infecting the scalp, simple washing will help... You can strengthen prevention measures by applying tar soap, which has a deterrent effect.
  2. Houses you need to constantly keep clean... When walking, it is best to protect yourself with repellent sprays.
  3. It is necessary treat pets with insecticides... This must be done without fail, since they most often act as sources of infection. You will find out more about the means by which you can get rid of parasites here, and read about which manufacturers are the most popular here.
  4. When processing an apartment from fleas pay special attention to the habitats of pets... In particular, their bedding and the places where they like to be most of all. If your cat or dog travels frequently with you, the car seats are also treated with insecticides. You will find an overview of the most effective home remedies for fleas in another article.
  5. Pile carpet coverings Is a great place to find insects. They require even more careful processing.
  6. Clean and disinfect the vacuum cleaner... For obvious reasons, it can make an excellent pest incubator.
  7. General cleaning involves cleaning and disinfection places that are considered in the house a favorable environment for the development of representatives of the flea family.

reference! There are no anti-flea shampoos for humans. Insecticidal shampoos for animals, on the other hand, are available in an assortment, since parasites can remain in their fur even after washing.

Precautions will also help protect a person from bites:

  1. Do not pet stray animals: they are often carriers of the infection.
  2. Going to nature it is best to wear a jacket or sweater with long sleeves.
  3. In the forest and in the meadows from parasites protects spray with sufficient DEET content - a pretty powerful repellent.
  4. Visit less often places that do not meet sanitary standards.

Folk remedies are very effective in combating fleas. The main advantage of such methods is their safety. We talked about this in detail on our website. You will also find additional information on such topics: Bars preparations, drops and flea collars.

Even if a person has found only one flea bite, he in any case requires treatment with the above methods. A good prevention of the appearance of fleas in the house or in the apartment will help to avoid painful sensations from exposure to insects for a long period.

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