Algae notori

Algae notori

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The Algae notori

The algae are not the ones we commonly see used in the preparation of sushi, a typical Japanese dish; the thin dark veils are produced using various algae of the genus Porphyra, very common in all the oceans; in Japan and China the production of notorious algae is so high that the porphyra, once simply collected from the sea, is now cultivated on large nets left floating under the surface of the water.
They are widespread algae, even in Europe, not only in the sea, but also on our tables, and also in dishes not strictly of Japanese origin.
Algae for sushi are sold in sheets, these sheets are produced as if they were paper, or porphyra of various species is collected, washed, chopped in large containers with water, and then placed on large and thin sieves, on which then it is made to melt, in the sun or in heated rooms, just like for the sheets of paper prepared by hand.
These algae are now available in Italy not only in traditional sheets, but also in flakes, dried; the sheets are used to prepare rolls and other types of appetizers, moistening with the foods they come into contact with, they become soft and almost gelatinous. The algae in flakes are eaten dried, or even after being soaked in water, to prepare soups or aromatic salads.

The properties of the algae notori

Surely the first reason why we should include these algae in our diet lies in the fact that they are tasty and delicate, in short, they are good; in addition to this they are a great source of iodine, but also of a thousand other beneficial substances.
These algae are very rich in mineral salts and vitamins, in addition to this they also contain essential amino acids, fatty acids, fibers.
They seem to be an excellent remineralizer and a rich source of vitamin C and beta-carotene, as well as containing substances that allow a better metabolism of fats, with a consequent decrease in bad cholesterol in the blood.