The subtleties of harvesting pickled green tomatoes for the winter. Delicious and quick recipes

The subtleties of harvesting pickled green tomatoes for the winter. Delicious and quick recipes

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Fermented vegetables and fruits are good for our body. Most often, green tomatoes are used for pickling, because they are very easy to ferment for the winter and store, they are beautiful, very tasty and smell good.

Prepare sauerkraut green tomatoes for the winter should be in the summer. They will help to strengthen the immune system during the period of various diseases of the body.

In this article, we will look at the most delicious recipes for harvesting sauerkraut for the winter with a photo and learn how to ferment green tomatoes, delicious to such an extent that you lick your fingers!

What is this process?

Pickling is one of the ways to harvest the harvest for the winter., berries and fruits, as a result of which, in the process of physicochemical moments, lactic acid appears, which is a natural preservative. Green tomatoes are fermented in brine (whole or in pieces), or in personal juice (they are crushed, chopped, chopped), table salt is added, under the influence of lactic acid bacteria, a fermentation (fermentation) procedure takes place.

Salt is not considered an essential ingredient, it affects the taste and inhibits the development of pathogenicity. Salt for brine is taken in a volume of 5% of the amount of liquid, and for fermentation in personal juice in a proportion of 1.5-2% of the volume of vegetables.

How do they differ from salted and pickled ones?

Pickling, like pickling, is a way of preparing tomatoes and other vegetables and fruits for the winter. Although these types of preservation perform the same functions, that is, preserve food, they are quite different from each other. With the help of fermentation, products are preserved in brine. This is done in order to release lactic acid, which is very beneficial for the body.

How to choose a vegetable?

Slightly brown and dense tomatoes are best used for pickling. Very green ones are also suitable. Most often in recipes, oblong tomatoes are used for pickling, looking like a plum, since they are hard and will not lose their shape. It is better to use tomatoes of the same type. Do not put multi-colored tomatoes, as well as ripe and unripe tomatoes in one jar.

Important! There should not be a white rod inside the vegetable.

Various containers

So how and in what way is it better to ferment green tomatoes at home: in barrels or cans? The difference between these capacities is that:

  1. The jar must be sterilized, and the barrel must be simply washed.
  2. Much more tomatoes will fit in a barrel than in a jar.
  3. Tomatoes will cook faster in a can than in a barrel.
  4. Stored in a barrel longer than in a jar.

Benefit and harm

Pickled tomatoes contain many minerals and vitamins. The main quality of this vegetable is that they contain lycopene. They help with cancer.

In pickled tomatoes, elements necessary for a person will be preserved, such as:

  1. Iodine.
  2. Zinc.
  3. Iron.
  4. Potassium.

Fermentation will help keep a large amount of vitamins in tomatoes for the winter. Quite a non-high-calorie product. Will fit perfectly into the diet of people who are on a diet.

Note! Tomatoes are high in salt, which can lead to water retention in the body.

Also, this vegetable contains fiber - fiber improves digestion. Kills the effect of alcohol on the body.

People who are on a salt-free diet should not eat tomatoes.

Canning of several types

If there are green tomatoes, then they are good for pickling. Better to use slightly brown tomatoes. Green tomatoes contain:

  1. Microelements.
  2. Macronutrients.
  3. Vitamins.
  4. Organic acids.
  5. Antioxidants
  6. Flavonoids.

Cooking instructions

With garlic in a barrel

So how do you prepare it?
Ingredients for the most delicious recipe for pickled green tomatoes with garlic for the winter:

  • 20 kilograms of tomato.
  • 1 kilogram 800 grams of salt.
  • 10 cloves of garlic.
  • Bitter pepper to taste or one piece.
  • Horseradish - 10 sheets.
  • 10 sprigs of tarragon (tarragon).
  • 30 black currant leaves.
  • 30 cherry leaves.
  • 50 grams of dill seeds.
  • 15 liters of water.

In addition to products, you must have:

  • Barrel with a volume of 30 liters.
  • Running water.
  • A three-liter jar or other container in order to dissolve the salt.
  • Cloth or gauze.
  • Plate.

Ingredients for brine:

  • 15 liters of water.
  • 0.9 kilograms of salt.

How to quickly cook pickled green tomatoes:

  1. First you need to wash the tomatoes, wash and peel the garlic. Wash the spices and dill inflorescences. Wash a 30 liter barrel with cold water.
  2. Lay vegetables in layers:
    • First layer: half of a horseradish leaf, half a clove of garlic, three black currant leaves, three cherry leaves, one tarragon branch, a strip of hot pepper, 50 dill seeds.
    • Second layer: put vegetables very close to each other.
    • Third layer: half of a horseradish leaf, a rug of a garlic clove, two black currant leaves, two cherry leaves, one tarragon branch, a strip of hot pepper.
    • Fourth layer: tomatoes.
    • The next layers are laid out as the third and fourth layers.
  3. Next, fill the tomatoes with brine.
  4. Cover the barrel with a cloth.
  5. Put a plate on the cloth.
  6. Cover the plate with cling film.
  7. Close the barrel with a lid.

On a note. The barrel should be kept in a cool place. If the temperature in this place is like in the refrigerator, then the tomatoes will be ready in 14-21 days.

Watch a video on how to make pickled green tomatoes in a barrel. Recipe from the chef:

In banks

So, let's look at how to ferment green tomatoes in jars.

Below are the ingredients you need to make pickled green tomatoes for the winter in jars that taste like barrel ones:

  • Parsley.
  • Large head of garlic.
  • Three tablespoons of salt.
  • Dill.
  • Horseradish leaves.
  • Water.
  • Tomatoes in a three-liter can.
  • Celery stalks.

Cooking method:

  1. Grind and put greens on the bottom of a sterilized jar.
  2. We clean and divide the garlic into slices and flatten each of the slices with a knife.
  3. Spread the garlic evenly over the bottom of the jar.
  4. We boil a liter of water with salt.
  5. Allow to cool slightly with water and pour over the herbs.
  6. Wash the tomatoes and transfer them to the jar.
  7. Pour chilled boiled water into a jar with tomatoes and close with a nylon lid.
  8. Put the jar in a cold place and after 20 days the tomatoes will be ready.

From the video you will learn the recipe for sourdough green tomatoes in a jar:

Quick recipes

With hot pepper

Consider one of the best pickled green tomatoes for the winter.
Ingredients for a two liter can:

  • 8 tomato.
  • Dill.
  • Parsley.
  • One hot pepper.
  • 30 peppercorns.
  • Three leaves of lavrushka.
  • Four cloves of garlic.

Ingredients for one liter of brine:

  • One liter of boiled water.
  • One tablespoon of salt.
  • Two tablespoons of sugar.

Cooking method:

  1. Divide the tomatoes into two slices and chop the garlic.
  2. On the bottom of the pan, put half: garlic, lavrushka, herbs, pepper, peppercorns.
  3. Put the tomatoes close together in a saucepan.
  4. Prepare the brine, for this mix water, salt and sugar and boil.
  5. Pour hot brine and add remaining herbs.
  6. Put a plate on the tomatoes, and water in a jar on the plate.
  7. Cover everything with gauze and put in a warm room for 48 hours.

With cherry and greens


  • One kilogram of cherry tomato.
  • One liter of water.
  • 33% of a bunch of dill.
  • 33% of a bunch of parsley.
  • 33% of a bunch of cilantro.
  • Four peppercorns.
  • Two carnations.
  • Four cloves of garlic.
  • One leaf of lavrushka.
  • Salt optional.
  • One tablespoon of sugar.
  • Four tablespoons of lemon juice.

Cooking method:

  1. Wash the tomatoes and pierce each with a toothpick.
  2. Prepare the brine. To do this, salt the boiling water, sugar, add lemon juice, lavrushka and pepper. The water should boil for five minutes.
  3. Put the tomatoes with garlic and herbs in a jar. Pour the marinade into the same jar. Close and leave in the room for 24 hours.
  4. Place in the refrigerator overnight and they will be ready by morning. They are not stored for long.

A photo

Check out below a photo of pickled green tomatoes for the winter.

What else to add?

Pickled tomatoes are great with vegetables and fruits such as:

  • Cucumbers.
  • Cabbage.
  • Carrot.
  • Grapes.

How to extend storage time?

The shelf life of tomatoes cannot be extended. But they are best kept in fermentation barrels.

Problems and difficulties

  1. For a greater effect, the tomatoes are cut into pieces and fermented in this form.
  2. There is no need to worry about using a lot of salt when pickling a tomato: thanks to the skin, the tomato will take as much salt as needed.
  3. Green tomatoes can also be stuffed with herbs and spices by cutting them in half.
  4. Store pickled tomatoes at a temperature of 1 to 6 ° C in a refrigerator or cellar.
  5. If these conditions are not available, pickled tomatoes can be preserved. This is done in this way. 3-5 days after the start of fermentation, the brine is drained, and the tomatoes and spices are washed with hot water and placed in clean jars. The brine is brought to a boil. Then the tomatoes are poured with brine, sometimes multiple times (pasteurization process), and rolled.
  6. To prevent the product from turning sour and moldy, the mustard powder must be diluted with vodka and poured into the brine. You can also put a cloth dipped in vodka or a cloth sprinkled with mustard on top of the tomatoes.

Where and how to keep?

You can store these tomatoes for eight months. It is best to store them in a cellar or refrigerators.

What can be done in the future?

  1. Salads.
  2. Stew.
  3. Sauce.
  4. Soup.

How else to save for the winter?

Fresh tomatoes usually don't last long. Brown tomatoes will last longer. It can be stored in the refrigerator, here you can easily keep the required temperature. But here they should be stored for no more than 120 hours.

Pickled tomatoes are one of the most delicious snacks in our country. Such an appetizer will decorate any table and will delight guests and households. It is best to ferment tomatoes in barrels and store them in a cellar. If you do not have a cellar, then you can ferment green tomatoes at home in an ordinary jar of any size. In such barrels, you can ferment not only tomatoes, but also other vegetables and fruits.

Watch the video: Grandmas Pickled Green Tomatoes - for refrigerator (June 2022).


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