What is the reason if wood lice got in the bath and how to get rid of them?

The most common habitats for various insects in the house, especially woodlice, are the toilet and the bathroom. This is due to the fact that in the premises presented there is an increased level of humidity, which provides a favorable environment for their reproduction and habitation. Next, we'll tell you if you can get rid of them without outside help or if you need to call the appropriate service. And also how to prevent a re-invasion of arthropods.

Appearance and description

Despite the fact that almost all people call woodlice insects, they are not. Woodlice belong to arthropods and are included in the class of higher crayfish, for which they can easily be called crustaceans.

Woodlice are characterized by a rather specific appearance: they have an oval body shape, the upper part of which is slightly convex. There are two pairs of whiskers, the first pair is not completely developed, as a result of which the antennae are very small, the second pair is well developed. The eyes of woodlice are located on the left and right of the head. Also presented crustaceans are characterized by the presence of 6 pairs of abdominal legs.

What is the reason for their appearance?

The main reason for the appearance of wood lice in the bathroom or toilet is an increased level of humidity. indoors, which can occur in the following cases:

  • there is a pipe or mixer leakage;
  • pipe joints have not been repaired for a long time;
  • after taking a bath, puddles are left on the floor;
  • the bathroom or toilet has not been cleaned for a long time, as a result of which a large amount of garbage has accumulated;
  • after taking a bath, it is left wet.

If you do not allow the cases presented above, then the likelihood of wood lice appearing in the house will significantly decrease.

Reference. Woodlice can enter the bathroom through cracks in the walls. Therefore, if the bathroom was flooded by the neighbors from above and the water was not removed in time, then the room will become humid and damp, which will certainly attract wood lice.

What do they eat and how do they live?

Woodlice prefer to be nocturnal and in the daytime it is almost impossible to see them in the bathroom or toilet. The presented crustaceans live in the darkest corners, can hide under tiles or wet towels, and are placed under wet rubber mats. Therefore, if you need to determine whether wood lice are present in the room, it is first of all recommended to examine the listed places.

As for the food of the presented crustaceans, it consists of particles of accumulated dirt, small pieces of soggy paper and soggy soap residues. If the garbage is not removed in the kitchen for a long time, then wood lice will move from the bathroom to the kitchen and feed on the remains of a person's food.

A photo

Check out further photos of domestic crustaceans that have wound up and crawl in the toilet:

How to fight: pest control or on your own?

Insofar as wood lice do not have a direct negative impact on humansthen there is no need to call a pest control officer. It is quite possible to get by on your own, which will be much cheaper.

On a note. But the independent destruction of woodlice is possible only if there is an insignificant number of them, with a large accumulation of the described crustaceans, it is simply impossible to do without the help of a specialist.

Also, the need to call an insect control specialist arises if the home owners have already tried to get rid of wood lice on their own, but after a short time, they reappeared.

As a result, the following positive aspects of calling a pest control can be identified:

  • getting rid of wood lice as soon as possible;
  • a guarantee that wood lice will no longer appear in the near future.

Among the disadvantages, only the high cost of the procedure for getting rid of insects is noted.

With regard to self-disposal of crustaceans, here you can highlight significant savings and the possibility of using components that are absolutely harmless to humans. Among the shortcomings, there is a high probability of the reappearance of wood lice.

Funds from them

If, when asked how to destroy all the crustaceans from the toilet, it was decided to independently get rid of the described ones in the apartment, then in this case, when asked how to get them out, you can use both chemical and folk remedies.


Among the popular chemicals, a drug called Tetrix is ​​distinguished., it combines intestinal and contact action, is quite toxic.

To use it, the following actions are carried out:

  1. It is necessary to wear rubber gloves, a change of clothing (preferably one that can then be thrown away or washed thoroughly), a mask or respirator, and goggles.
  2. The product is sprayed around the room according to the instructions.
  3. After processing the bathroom, you should leave the home for several hours, and after the specified period, ventilate it well and thoroughly wash the floors.

Important! When spraying the drug, it is necessary to check that children and animals leave the home.

The drug Tarax is used a little differently, but the effect of this does not decrease:

  • the product is diluted in water, and then, using a brush or syringe, it is applied to the alleged habitats of wood lice;
  • over time, the water evaporates, and a thin film of the substance remains and can persist for 4 weeks.

Also, for the destruction of wood lice, you can use drugs such as Varan and GET, they are used in the same way as Tetrix.


It is noted that folk remedies in the fight against wood lice are less effective than chemical, but if a small number of the described crustaceans are present in the bathroom or toilet, then you can use these methods.

A fairly popular method for destroying wood lice is a mixture of tobacco, red pepper powder and soda; to use this tool, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Each of the described components is taken in the amount of 3 grams, and then the resulting mixture is diluted in a liter of water.
  2. The prepared solution is used to treat all cracks in the walls and other supposed habitats of wood lice.
  3. The room is closed and not used for 8 hours.
  4. After the specified period, it is required to thoroughly rinse the bath with a weak solution of bleach.

You can also use birch brooms:

  1. In the evening, birch brooms should be placed in the corners of the bathroom (they have a rather attractive smell and taste for wood lice, so they will not be able to resist such a delicacy).
  2. In the morning (even before sunrise) the brooms are collected and burned.

In addition, many housewives, in an attempt to get rid of woodlice, sprinkle salt in the corners, which is not very effective, but they can destroy several individuals.

From the video you will learn how to get rid of them in the toilet and bathroom:


If the owners of the home managed to get rid of wood lice, then in order to prevent their reappearance, you need to adhere to some rules:

  1. You need to carefully monitor the level of importance in the bathroom or toilet. It is necessary to observe how well the ventilation works, whether the pipes are intact. It is recommended to give up the habit of drying laundry in the bathroom.
  2. It is required to maintain cleanliness. Under no circumstances should wet rags be folded in the corners of the bathroom. General cleaning should be done occasionally.
  3. Monitor the condition of the walls and corners. If the slightest cracks appear, they must be removed immediately.

On a note. The main thing to remember is that wood lice will never live in a bathroom where it is dry and clean.

What if they reappeared from dampness?

In the event that wood lice reappear in your home, you need to check whether all preventive measures have been followed. If all the measures have been followed, then you should contact professional exterminators, they will definitely destroy wood lice forever. If the measures were not followed, then it is necessary to eliminate the cause that provoked the reappearance of wood lice and destroy them by any effective method.

If you carefully monitor the cleanliness of the bathroom and toilet, and do not allow an increase in the level of humidity, then wood lice will definitely not settle in your home.

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