What varieties of tomatoes are there that are resistant to late blight in the greenhouse?

Phytophthora is a parasitic fungus that infects tomatoes, potatoes and other crops. An important point in preventing the development of late blight is the selection of disease-resistant varieties.

The disease spreads with spores, and affects the space between the cells, as a result of which the fruits rot, and the leaves and shoots dry out. In greenhouses, the risk of tomato infestation increases.

High humidity, high temperature, stale air are ideal conditions for the growth and development of the parasitic fungus. If the disease lasts longer, then it will destroy the entire crop.

Danger of illness

Late blight is a terrible disease, since at the initial stage it is impossible to recognize it.... Spores are not only tenacious but can adapt to chemicals. Spores tolerate colds while drowsy. They live on structures, inventory.

In the ground, on tomato garters, on seeds. Phytophthora at an early stage of development is manifested by gray-brown spots on fruits, stems and foliage. If you do not carry out treatment, the leaves begin to dry, and the fruits are severely deformed, and rot with an unpleasant odor appears.

Phytophthora can destroy up to 70% of the tomato crop... In some cases, even seemingly healthy fruits removed for ripening begin to rot in storage areas.

Late blight quickly spreads along potato tops, so it is strictly forbidden to plant tomatoes near potato plantations.

Disease-immune tomatoes: truth or myth?

Breeders are working to create new varieties of tomatoes that are resistant to late blight, and they have succeeded. But there are no varieties that are 100% protected from this disease. Early ripening varieties were sectioned, which yield the harvest before late blight begins to develop.

Besides tomato hybrids have good immunity, which helps the plant not to become infected with late blight. Consider the most common tomatoes that are loved by the gardeners of our country.

Large-fruited varieties

If there are large, large-sized structures on the site, then indeterminate varieties of tomatoes with large fruits can be planted in them. These varieties of a narrow focus, since the fruits are consumed fresh and for the preparation of juices, tomato pastes and sauces, they are not suitable for canning.

Tea rose

A tall, productive variety that will decorate any site. The bush looks like a liana, on which branches with fruits are located like bunches of grapes. The tomato skin is dense, smooth, glossy, which prevents cracking.

This is a large-fruited variety, the weight of one tomato reaches 400 grams. one bush gives 6 kg of fruit. This is a very tasty and healthy product that many gardeners love.


This variety is intended for indoor use. The stem is liana-shaped and can grow indefinitely, but breeders are advised to pinch the top at a level of 1.5 meters, and form a bush with no more than three layers.

If more stems are formed, the fruits will be they will lack nutrients. An early ripe tomato with rounded fruits with pronounced ribbed stripes. The variety is large-fruited, with good agricultural technology, the weight is 300 grams.


A large-fruited variety of pink tomatoes that can give a large harvest, provided that a bush is formed into 1 trunk. Positive sides of tomato:

  • fruit - 300 g;
  • color - pink;
  • ovaries are formed even under unfavorable conditions of detention;
  • good keeping quality and transportation;
  • resistant to all types of diseases.

Some gardeners form 2 layers, but the yield does not increase from this, and it takes longer to wait for ripe tomatoes.

Anniversary Tarasenko

A high-yielding greenhouse variety that many gardeners like, since one bush can get up to 15 kg of ripe, tasty fruits. Tomato requires a garter and bush formation... If the area of ​​the greenhouse allows, then you can form up to three stems.


Magnificent large-fruited record-holder variety. With proper care, the weight of one tomato can reach 1 kg. no more than two plants are planted per square of greenhouse area. Tall variety - up to 2 meters. When pinching, only 1 main stem is left, which requires good supports and a garter, since the fruits are very heavy.

Medium-fruited universal use

The shape of the fruit in these varieties is small, which makes it possible to use not only fresh, but also for canning. These are versatile tomatoes.


Beautiful fruits of red color with a rich brown tintmay surprise neighbors and guests. The determinant crop is intended for growing in greenhouses. The plant is mid-season, the harvest begins to give already on the 95th day.


An excellent, mid-season, versatile tomato variety. Fruits are small with a pointed tip, dense skin and excellent taste.

Greenhouse tomato, requires the formation of a bush and a garter... The yield is high, which makes the tomato attractive for planting in a summer cottage. Breeders bred this hybrid with high resistance to late blight, powdery mildew and other diseases.


An excellent hybrid that requires 14 hours of daylight hours. The variety is intended for cultivation in greenhouses. if the culture is planted in the middle lane, then it is worth taking care of additional lighting, but these are not all the nuances of growing. It should be noted separately:

  1. 50 days before planting in the greenhouse, the seeds are sown;
  2. planting density - 3 bushes per square meter;
  3. feeding every two weeks;
  4. for a quick and good harvest, they form a bush in 2 stems.

Moscow delicacy

A sweet, high-yielding tomato that has become popular with gardeners for its great taste. The variety is intended for greenhouses only. The bush grows up to 1.8 meters in height. A very whimsical plant and requires a special approach to agricultural technology.

The fruits of the plant are not large, weighing only 180 g, which makes it possible to use the tomato in winter harvesting. The color of the tomato is very attractive with subtle stripes. Requires a garter and bush formation. Experienced growers are advised to remove all the lower leaves to prevent disease.

Silver spruce

The variety is very decorative, since its carved, thin leaves have a silvery bloom. Fruits from bright red to orange, round-flat shape... The taste of the fruit is sweet, full-bodied, which allows it to be consumed as a separate dish, and makes juices.

An early ripe variety for cultivation in greenhouses. The bush is very beautiful, but it requires standard care - garter, pinching. Resistant to late blight.

Tall and short

Small tomatoes have a richer flavor and are much higher in vitamins and nutrients. Consider the main varieties of tomato with small fruits.


Early maturing, undersized variety, small bush only 0.5 m tall. Only 85 days pass from planting to first fruits.... The shape of the fruit is elongated with a sharp tip, looks very good when canned. The weight of one tomato does not exceed 60 grams. thanks to the dense skin, the tomato is well stored and transported.

A high-yielding variety, capable of yielding before frost, which makes it vulnerable to fungal diseases.

If the greenhouse is on a plot with heating, then there is an opportunity to grow two crops per season.

Does not require the formation of a bush, but props are needed so that the stems do not break off from the weight of the fruit.


Medium bushes of the variety, grow a little more than half a meter. The compactness of the tomato allows you to plant it quite often, while one bush gives 7 kg of harvest per season. Small fruits literally stick around the branches. It is a hybrid plant that is resistant to all types of diseases. the variety has been recognized for the following qualities:

  • high productivity;
  • good immunity;
  • not afraid of temperature changes;
  • grows well on balconies and window sills;
  • has a sweet taste.

The downside is that the tomatoes practically do not lie, they quickly begin to deteriorate. But even children like the preparations and juices made from it.

Shchelkovsky early

An extra early variety of tomato, with red, small fruits. It takes only 80 days from planting to the first harvest. The variety is grown only in greenhouse conditions and it has certain advantages:

  1. short growing season;
  2. resistance to late blight;
  3. versatile in application;
  4. the yield is high, even when grown in a flowerpot on the balcony.

Late blight resistance is so high that the variety is grown even under a film coating.


Extra early tomato with a small bush - 70 cm. Fruits are small, even, red, weighing 60 g each. The yield of the variety is quite high, up to 6 kg of fruit can be obtained from the bush.

Tomatoes are collected in a brush, 8-10 pieces... Farmers love this variety for its presentation, the stability of the fruit for transportation and long storage. Tomatoes are suitable for growing indoors, and the greenhouse cover can even be film-coated. High resistance to fungal diseases.

Late blight is a dangerous and unpleasant disease of tomatoes. On our site you will find an overview of the most popular remedies for tomato protection against this disease.


Late blight increases the risk of a complete loss of tomato crop, but with the right choice of planting material, a competent approach to agricultural technology, you can avoid this scourge on your site. When growing tomatoes in greenhouses, the following rules must be followed:

  • frequent airing;
  • prophylactic treatment;
  • proper care of tomatoes;
  • watering only at the root.

It is also worth remembering that only strong, pre-hardened plants are planted in the greenhouse.

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