When do you need to wash Chinese cabbage before cooking and how to clean it properly?

When do you need to wash Chinese cabbage before cooking and how to clean it properly?

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Peking cabbage goes well with many foods. Its popularity is due to its high content of nutrients (vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids), which remain fresh for a long time and even with proper heat treatment. The calorie content of cabbage is half that of white cabbage. Due to its main qualities, it often becomes the main ingredient in salads and preparations for the winter, so you need to be able to clean it correctly. We will tell you whether you need to clean and wash Chinese cabbage before cooking, and how you need to carry out the cleaning procedure for the vegetable.

The Importance of Peeling Vegetables

All vegetables are processed before being eaten. It is important to be able to clean cabbage, because a dried-up surface, pieces of dirt can harm the human body. The process will not take long if you choose the right vegetable.

Indicators of good quality are a pleasant smell, a small head of cabbage with light and fresh leaves, characterized by medium density and elasticity.

Avoid product with frozen and dry areas. The color of the head also matters, the darker and greener it is, the less juice the cabbage contains.

What parts of the plant are unsuitable for food?

The top of the vegetable may contain residual soil or moisture. Over time, it turns yellow and dries up, so when cleaning 3-4 sheets are torn off and thrown away immediately. The next step is to cut the stump. It is quite hard and unsuitable for cooking.

The white fleshy side of the cabbage contains the largest amount of trace elements and cabbage juice, so you should not cut off too large a piece of the cabbage.

Do I need to rinse in water before cooking?

Before heat treatment, you do not need to wash the vegetable, it is enough to remove its top layer. Before cutting salad, each leaf must be separated from the stalk, rinsed thoroughly with water and dried. If the cabbage has been in the refrigerator for a long time, looks sluggish, contains mucus or dark spots, it must be rinsed even before cooking.

Before cooking, you need to divide the head of cabbage into sheets and wash each one separately. If you are going to store cabbage in the refrigerator for a while, then you do not need to wash it, just just before cooking.

How to do it?

We wash the whole head of cabbage with cold running water. This way it retains its crunchy properties longer.

Cabbage will last a long time if you wash it just before cooking. The remaining part after use can be wrapped in foil or paper and kept in the refrigerator for an average of up to two weeks. Different varieties of the product have different shelf life. The appetizing appearance and rich taste of the vegetable are preserved due to the citric acid in its composition.

How to clean a product: step by step instructions

The product cleaning procedure takes just a couple of minutes and takes place in a few simple steps:

  1. Put a chopping board, comfortable dishes, a knife with a sharp blade, a paper / terry towel and a head of Chinese cabbage on the kitchen table.
  2. We wash it entirely under running water. At the same time, we carefully wipe the surface of the head of cabbage to remove dirt from it.

    It is necessary to hold the cabbage with the stump upwards and should not be immersed completely in a bowl of clean water, so that a large amount of liquid does not accumulate between the leaves.

  3. Dry it thoroughly with a towel and remove the top layer. We put Chinese cabbage on a cutting board, cut off 4-6 cm from the stump, and send this piece to the bin.

The cleaning procedure ends here. After removing the dirty spots, the product is divided into leaves and sent to slicing or put in a plastic bag or paper and in the refrigerator for storage.

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