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Question: prune oleanders

Hi, I'm looking for advice on how to prune oleanders In a corner of the garden I have two oleanders that have become too tall (about 3.5 meters) I would like to lower them by cutting off all the tall branches The plants in the lower part have woody stems. When is the most suitable period for pruning? If I cut off all the tall branches, won't I have flowering in the summer period? I thank you and greet Antonietta

Oleander-pruning: Answer: prune the oleanders

Dear Antonietta,
in general the oleanders are pruned in autumn, removing the apices of the branches that have bloomed, and therefore the seeds and fruits eventually remaining on the plants; at the end of winter the branches are generally shortened, especially if ruined by cold or with foliage damaged by frost; in your case you can shorten the oleanders, although perhaps it is good to do the work gradually: if you remove the whole part with leaves and leave only the low stems, without foliage, the plants will have to make an incredible effort to quickly produce the new branches and the foliage. Then it begins to shorten the branches by about a quarter, in the autumn you will repeat the operation, so as to lower your shrubs in a sensitive way. Generally the oleanders produce flowers from their branches of the previous year, but not on the branches that bloomed last year, but on the branches that developed during the last vegetative season. So if you want to prune your oleanders, avoid shortening the youngest branches too much, but prune the old ones at will, which have the remains of the last bloom on top.


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