Homemade recipes for using garlic for hemorrhoids

The healing properties of garlic have been known to man since ancient times. It has also been successfully used to combat hemorrhoids.

For the effective treatment of this disease, garlic is used in steam baths, in the preparation of candles and ointments, and is used for enemas.

In the article we will tell you whether it is possible to eat garlic for hemorrhoids, about its dangers and benefits, and also to whom such treatment is contraindicated. Consider the most popular recipes for preparing a medicine and what problems may arise when taking them.

Can I eat?

You can eat garlic for hemorrhoids, but it is advisable to follow some recommendations:

  • Only consume raw garlic.
  • Eat no more than four cloves per day.
  • For internal hemorrhoids with bleeding, use it finely grated.
  • Eating garlic significantly improves digestion and destroys disease-causing bacteria in the intestines.

    Also, thanks to the components that make up garlic, blood is thinned, and the walls of blood vessels are strengthened, and damaged tissues are regenerated.

    Eating Garlic in Your Diet Has Its Limitations... It is not recommended to use it with drugs taken for thrombophlebitis and diabetes mellitus.

    Benefit and harm

    The use of garlic-based products for this disease relieves inflammation and congestion, reduces pain, and disinfects hemorrhoids. Garlic contains essential oils, phytoncides and allicin. Thanks to them, it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial effects.

    Garlic baths, ointments, suppositories, due to such actions, effectively help in the treatment of hemorrhoids in the initial stage. It is impossible to harm the body when treating this disease with garlic.... You just need to take into account the individual intolerance to this product and not overdo it with the dosage when preparing suppositories and ointments.

    With a severe form of the disease, you cannot rely only on garlic procedures. In this case, it will be effective in complex therapy.

    Read more about the benefits and dangers of garlic here.


    Garlic has a number of beneficial properties and is often used to prevent and treat various diseases.:

    • The most popular property of garlic is the prevention of acute respiratory and colds. The phytoncides and essential oils it contains help to fight against pathogenic bacteria and viruses, destroy fungi and even worms. How to get rid of parasites with the help of garlic is described in a separate article, and you can find out whether garlic helps from viruses here.
    • The substance thiamine or vitamin B1 contained in it improves the functioning of the nervous system.
    • Sulfur in garlic promotes the synthesis of methionine, an amino acid that ensures the normal functioning of cartilage tissue in the joints and liver. Useful for those with arthritis and hepatosis. How to use garlic to treat joints is described here, and how to clean the liver and gallbladder with this vegetable is written in a separate article.
    • It contains many vitamins and minerals. .This is a real vitamin cocktail that perfectly boosts immunity. Read about how to use garlic for immunity in our material.
    • Useful for high blood pressure.
    • Garlic contains beneficial substances that thin the blood and thus help reduce the possibility of blood clots.

      Garlic is also recommended for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

    For all its useful properties, garlic also has contraindications for certain diseases.:

    • With ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, gastritis with high acidity.
    • With excessive use, it can lead to a violation of cardiac activity, possibly the occurrence or increase of arrhythmias.
    • It is not recommended for epilepsy, pregnancy.
    • Contraindicated in pancreatitis and renal diseases: nephrosis and nephritis.

    Home Treatment Recipes

    The duration of the course of treatment depends on the results of the procedures performed. But these procedures should not last more than a month; a break is required. Garlic therapy is performed as needed.



    A steam bath is quite effective in the fight against external hemorrhoids.... This procedure significantly relieves the condition, relieves inflammation and reduces hemorrhoids. It is recommended to carry it out after the act of defecation and washing. For a steam bath you need:

    1. Pour the chopped head of garlic with one liter of hot water and bring to a boil.
    2. Pour the resulting gruel with five liters of hot water, pour it into a small basin and sit over the basin.
    3. The duration of the steam bath is about twenty minutes. The bath can be carried out daily for a week.


    Recommended for external hemorrhoids, but not desirable for inflammations with noticeable bleeding.

    1. For therapy, take a head of garlic and chop it on a pre-heated brick.
    2. For convenience, the brick is best placed in a metal container with a wooden lid, in which a special hole has been made.
    3. You need to sit down for therapy on this wooden cover for about twenty minutes.


    Milk therapy can be used to treat disease:

    1. For its preparation, about 300 g of grated vegetable cloves are added to two liters of milk.
    2. Bring to a boil over low heat.
    3. After boiling, the dishes must be closed with a wooden lid with a small hole.
    4. Warm up the anus as long as possible over a stream of steam.


    For the preparation of garlic ointment is taken:

    • one teaspoon of honey;
    • 200 grams of finely chopped vegetable;
    • 50 ml of milk.
    1. Chopped garlic must be mixed with the cooked ingredients and put the mixture on low heat.
    2. Stir constantly, bring the liquid to a thick state.
    3. The resulting mass must be thoroughly grind and let it brew for about three hours.

    Healing ointment lubricate the inflamed nodes... Processing is carried out in the morning and in the evening for a month. With internal hemorrhoids, the ointment is applied to a tampon and injected into the anus.

    The procedure is performed at bedtime after a cleansing enema. You can apply the ointment until recovery.


    Freshly prepared garlic candles help to cope well with inflammation of hemorrhoidal cones.

    1. For cooking, grind several peeled cloves on a fine grater.
    2. Mix the resulting mixture with fresh softened unsalted butter.
    3. Then form small candles and send to the refrigerator to solidify completely.
    4. It is recommended to insert the candle into the anus before going to bed.

    The tool is very simple but effective. Relief usually comes after 3-4 procedures.


    An enema is indicated in the case of internal hemorrhoids accompanied by slight bleeding.:

    1. For therapy, you need to twist the head of garlic through a meat grinder and pour a glass of boiling water.
    2. Cool the garlic tincture, then strain through cheesecloth folded several times.
    3. First, you need to make a cleansing enema with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and then introduce 50 ml of garlic medicine with a syringe.
    4. After the procedure, you must lie on your left side.

    This therapy can be carried out for two weeks.

    Special diet

    With varicose anal veins, it plays an essential role in the prevention and treatment of the disease. The correct diet normalizes the stool and the digestive tract.

    Excessive passion for spicy foods can contribute to the appearance of hemorrhoids.... A special diet is important for exacerbated hemorrhoids. In this case, a properly selected diet in combination with therapy allows you to reduce inflammation as quickly as possible and reduce the duration of the acute period of pathology.

    Possible problems

    Problems with garlic treatment can arise when eating raw garlic due to its persistent odor.

    Besides bad breath, burning sensation in the mouth, garlic can cause a burning sensation in the stomach, heartburn, body odor, and diarrhea.

    If you have very sensitive skin, you should be careful, because getting garlic on the skin can cause a burning sensation. It is not always possible to use garlic for therapy.

    Due to the fact that this vegetable produces an active effect on the human body, there are significant restrictions on its use. Neglecting them is dangerous to health, and therefore, before starting therapy, you should make sure that they are not there.

    Despite the fact that it is a very hot vegetable, garlic, when used correctly, does no harm to the delicate skin around the anus and rectal mucosa. It is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids.

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