Prevention and treatment of constipation in adults and children with beets, as the best natural remedy

Prevention and treatment of constipation in adults and children with beets, as the best natural remedy

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Constipation is an unpleasant phenomenon, accompanied by a deterioration in the general condition and intoxication of the body. Stool regularity depends not only on gut health, but also on the food a person eats.

It is believed that beets are a vegetable that stimulates the intestines and relieves constipation better than any laxative. In our article, we will tell you how to use a vegetable correctly and with what, so that it only brings health benefits. We will share the best recipes with beets to cleanse the intestines. You can also watch a useful video on this topic.

Will a vegetable help?

The activity of intestinal motility depends on the content of valuable indigestible fiber in the food consumed.... If a person eats refined and processed foods, he consumes very little coarse fiber, which leads to intestinal congestion.

Attention: Beets contain more fiber than cabbage and carrots. This red vegetable is considered to be the main weapon in the fight against constipation.

Useful properties of beets:

  • Fiber from beets feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut. A healthy "well-fed" microflora contributes to the better absorption of all nutrients from food and the rapid passage of the masses through the digestive organs.
  • Also, fiber stimulates the active work of the intestinal muscles, restores peristalsis.
  • The vegetable contains 88% water. The intake of a sufficient amount of liquid with food prevents the hardening of feces and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora (in detail about whether it is worth worrying if the feces from beets change color and become red or black, we talked here).

Beets are good for more than just constipation... Regular consumption of the vegetable strengthens the immune system, the cardiovascular system, improves the condition of the liver, and promotes the full absorption of vitamins from food.

When asked which root vegetable is healthier than raw or boiled, one can answer that it is equally useful as a medicine in any form. This is due to the fact that the valuable substances in beets are not destroyed by high temperatures. However, there are some nuances:

  1. Eating the vegetable raw is recommended if liver problems are the cause of constipation. Betaine, which is part of beets, cleans the ducts of the liver and stimulates its work (you can find out how the use of beets affects the functioning of the liver, as well as see effective folk recipes here).
  2. Boiled beets, in turn, have a more delicate effect on the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. During heat treatment, coarse fibers are saturated with moisture and work softly, but no less efficiently. Experts advise to boil the root vegetable before use if the patient has problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

The benefits and harms of such treatment

Red root vegetable as a cure for constipation has undeniable benefits for both health and wallet.:

  • beets are of absolutely natural origin, so the liver will not suffer from such a medicine;
  • the vegetable is cheap and available in stores all year round;
  • beets are gentle, but at the same time very effective;
  • contains vitamins, antioxidants, minerals.

Beets can only be harmful if consumed contrary to contraindications.

We talked in detail about the medicinal properties of beets here, and from this article you will learn about the chemical composition of the red root vegetable, as well as how it is useful and harmful to human health.


Beetroot is a natural medicine, but even it has limitations in its use.... For example, boiled beets should not be used for diabetes and allergies. Contraindications to the treatment with raw beet juice:

  1. stomach ulcer;
  2. duodenal ulcer (we talked about whether it is possible to eat beets for people with stomach and duodenal ulcers in this article);
  3. urolithiasis and cholelithiasis (about how exactly to use beets for cholelithiasis, so as not to harm the body, read here).

Important: With these diseases, you can also not eat raw beets in large quantities, as they contain a lot of juice. The use of a moderate amount of root crops for these diseases is permissible.

We recommend watching a video about the contraindications of beets:

How to take a vegetable as a laxative?

In order for a vegetable to help eliminate congestion in the intestines, it must be consumed correctly.

For adults

There is a simple and effective way to treat beetroot constipation., which will not take a lot of time. It is suitable for everyone who is not contraindicated in the use of this vegetable.

To treat constipation, you need to eat 70-100 grams of boiled beets on an empty stomach 20-30 minutes before breakfast. The course of treatment is 1 to 2 weeks. After getting rid of stagnation in the intestines, you do not need to stop using this root vegetable. It is advisable to add beets to salads and other dishes 2-3 times a week to prevent constipation.

The same property is possessed by the juice of raw beets, drunk on an empty stomach. However, juice is a concentrated substance with high biological activity.... It is necessary to start drinking juice from 1 tbsp. spoons and gradually increasing the portion to 100-150 ml.

We talked in detail about what is the consumption rate of beets and what the risk of exceeding it is, we talked about in our article.

For children

Children usually do not like to eat vegetables such as beets, carrots, and onions. Therefore, juice cocktails made from various vegetables are ideal for treating children from constipation (what are the benefits and harms of beet and carrot juice and how to take it, you can find out here).

  • First, concentrated beet juice is aggressive enough for the weak digestive system of children.
  • Secondly, the beneficial properties of different vegetables complement each other and make the juice even more valuable.

Also, making juice from various vegetables can be turned into an exciting game for a child.

For a medicinal cocktail you will need: juice of cucumber, carrots and beets... To make a medicine from a root vegetable, it is necessary to mix the juices in equal proportions. The final volume is no more than 70 ml, if desired, the finished mixture can be diluted with water.

You need to take the medicine on an empty stomach and 30 minutes before breakfast. The course of treatment continues until constipation is completely eliminated. If constipation in a child is a common problem, it is necessary to use such juices for prevention 4-5 times a week, but not on an empty stomach.

With babies, everything is more complicated. Constipation in a small child can only be diagnosed by a pediatrician... The course of treatment and drugs are also prescribed by a specialist. If the doctor approved such an approach to treatment as drinking beetroot juice, this should be done very carefully.

Recommendations for the treatment of constipation with beets in infants:

  1. drinking juice on an empty stomach is excluded;
  2. the juice should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2;
  3. it is necessary to start using with a few drops, gradually bringing the dose to a tablespoon per day;
  4. the daily dose is divided into several doses;
  5. if you find the slightest signs of allergy, you should stop drinking beetroot juice.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy, the problem of constipation is very acute, since a new state of the body provokes congestion in the intestines. In the last stages of pregnancy, the uterus compresses the intestines, which prevents the free passage of food through it.

For expectant mothers, beetroot salad with prunes is ideal as a natural laxative.


  • 30 grams of prunes;
  • 150 grams of beets.


  1. Rinse prunes under running water, pour boiling water over and leave for 1-2 hours, then grind.
  2. If desired, boil the beets until tender and grate on a coarse grater.
  3. Mix ingredients and salt to taste.

Advice: You need to use such a salad daily until complete recovery, then several times a week for prevention. For a change, prunes in a salad can be replaced with an apple, kiwi, or boiled carrots.

Dish recipes

Garlic and nuts salad

Easy to prepare and at the same time delicious salad.


  • 200 grams of beets;
  • 50 grams of walnuts;
  • 3 cloves of garlic;
  • 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil.


  1. Boil the beets until tender, cool, grate.
  2. Chop the nuts randomly with a knife.
  3. Pass the garlic through a press or chop finely.
  4. Mix everything and season with sunflower oil, salt.

We recommend watching a video about cooking beetroot salad with garlic and walnuts:

Baked beetroot

A very tasty dish that is easy to prepare.


  • 2 medium-sized root vegetables;
  • 3 cloves of garlic;
  • 3 tbsp. tablespoons of olive oil;
  • 2 sprigs of rosemary;
  • 1 tbsp. a spoonful of wine vinegar;
  • salt.


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C and bake the whole beets in foil until tender (at least 40 minutes).
  2. The baked beets must be removed from the foil, peeled and cut into medium pieces.

This method of cooking a vegetable allows you to preserve all its useful properties and taste. If desired, the finished dish can be seasoned with olive oil and a little salt.

We recommend watching a video on cooking baked beets:


Despite the effectiveness, not everyone can treat constipation with beets.... This is due to the high allergenicity of the product. However, in the absence of contraindications, beets can be the best natural remedy for the prevention and treatment of constipation in adults and children.

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