Cooking cauliflower pancakes: simple and delicious!

Cooking cauliflower pancakes: simple and delicious!

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Vegetables are the basis of our diet for most of the year, so today I will offer you another unusual recipe for vegetable pancakes. We will prepare the dough for such pancakes from cauliflower with the addition of garlic, cheese and herbs.

Cauliflower pancakes are juicy, aromatic and very tender. There are many ways to cook cauliflower, and one of them is to make light pancakes. Cooking this treat will be within the power of even beginners in the kitchen, and various variations of the recipe will allow you to find something for the most picky gourmets.

Benefit and harm

Cauliflower has many beneficial properties for the body due to the high content of vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect on human health.

Vitamin C contained in this vegetable is known as the main strengthener of the immune system, and B vitamins help to improve the general condition of the body.

The list of trace elements that can be found in the biochemical composition of cauliflower can be continued for a long time:

  • Calcium participates in strengthening muscles, bones and teeth.
  • Potassium regulates the water balance in the body and normalizes the work of the heart, and also participates in the activity of the nervous system.
  • Sodium maintains water-salt balance in the human body and ensures normal kidney function.
  • Iron primarily affects the circulatory system: its lack can provoke anemia, followed by rapid fatigue and general loss of strength.
  • Phosphorus necessary for active mental activity and normal muscle function.

Thus, cauliflower pancakes are a quick and tasty way to replenish the supply of various nutrients necessary for the well-coordinated functioning of all parts of the body. In addition, this dish contains only 125 kcal per 100 grams with a protein content of less than 10 grams and carbohydrates less than 20 grams, which allows it to be consumed by those who want to lose a few pounds at will or must adhere to a low-calorie diet for medical reasons.

However, this dish has a number of properties, due to which its use may be contraindicated in people with certain diseases.

Cauliflower is not recommended for use:

  • Cauliflower fritters can be painful for those with stomach acid or peptic ulcer disease.
  • Patients with gout should give up this dish and from the consumption of cauliflower in general, since this vegetable promotes the formation of uric acid, which in turn can provoke a relapse of the disease.
  • Allergy sufferers should also be wary of cauliflower pancakes.

We suggest watching a video about the benefits of cauliflower and the precautions for using it:

Recipes with photos

Below are recipes for a simple and delicious dish with a photo.


  • Cauliflower: One medium head.
  • Eggs: three.
  • Flour: three tbsp. spoons.
  • Vegetable oil.
  • Salt.


  1. Disassemble the head of cabbage into inflorescences, rinse. Put in salted water, boil for about five minutes (you can learn more about boiling a vegetable here). Thoroughly drain the water, chop the softened inflorescences into a puree mass with a blender or using a food processor.
  2. Break eggs into the mixture, beat.
  3. Add flour and salt, beat again.
  4. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan, spread the resulting mass with a tablespoon in not very large heaps for better frying (you can learn more about how a vegetable is fried in a frying pan here).
  5. Fry on both sides until golden brown.
  6. Serve hot.

We suggest watching a video on how cauliflower pancakes are prepared:

Various options

No flour

This is a more dietary version of the dish.

You can eliminate flour from the recipe and follow all the other steps from the main method.

Alternatively, heat the cabbage heads in the microwave for a few minutes to make it drier. This will make the dough thicker and prevent it from spreading in the pan.

With cheese

For this version of the dish, grate the cheese on a fine grater and add to the cabbage mass along with flour, then mix everything thoroughly. Fry the resulting dough in a pan as in the main version of the recipe.

We suggest watching a video on how to make cauliflower pancakes with cheese:

On kefir

For this recipe, kefir of any fat content is suitable. It must be added along with eggs and flour to chopped cauliflower, then thoroughly mix all the ingredients into one mass and fry according to the instructions from the standard recipe.

We suggest watching a video on how to make cauliflower pancakes with the addition of kefir:

With broccoli

In parallel with cauliflower, disassemble into inflorescences and boil broccoli, chop both types of cabbage in a blender or food processor, combine into one mass. Then cook like a regular cauliflower pancake.

With sour cream

Sour cream is added when the pancakes themselves are ready... It will add new flavors and extra softness to the vegetable dish. It is also especially delicious to add cool sour cream to hot pancakes, just removed from the fire - moreover, this way you can eat the treat completely fresh and not get burned.

With carrots

While the cauliflower is boiled, grate the carrots. Add it to the vegetable mass along with eggs and flour, mix everything thoroughly into a homogeneous mass. Form the resulting dough into a pancake and fry according to the standard recipe.

There are a lot of variations of cauliflower dishes, check out the most interesting recipes: soups, side dishes, lean dishes, salads, in Korean, preparations for the winter, with chicken, with minced meat, with mushrooms, in batter.

Feeding options

The pancakes are best served "hot and hot" - hot and freshly cooked. Using paper towels, you can drain excess oil after frying, put on a wide dish.

Sour cream will be a good addition to the treat, and you can sprinkle the pancakes with fresh herbs on top.

Cauliflower pancakes - an easy dish in a hurry, while retaining all the beneficial properties of vegetables in the composition and delighting with its pleasant mild taste. This flavor will allow you to experiment with recipe options, adding or removing ingredients so that everyone can make their own special pancakes.

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