All about whether it is possible to give garlic to dogs and chickens: the benefits and harms of vegetables, as well as indications for use

Garlic is a popular antiseptic, antiparasitic, anthelmintic and antiscorbutic agent. Throughout his life, a person eats garlic, adding it not only as a seasoning to food, but also using its aromatic properties to improve well-being and even as a fight against viruses. We remember how, as a child, parents hung chunks of garlic around their necks and added cloves to various dishes.

Undoubtedly, garlic is an indispensable component of the human diet. But is it equally beneficial for humans and animals? Namely for chickens and dogs. Is it possible to give your pets such a product that is useful for the human body and, if possible, in what quantities?

Indications and contraindications

Indications for the use of garlic:

  1. Breathing and heart problems.
  2. Reduced immunity.
  3. Worms, Escherichia coli and other bacteria.
  4. Parasites (fleas, ticks).

Why garlic is good for you:

  1. Contains allicin. It blocks the production of enzymes that help viruses enter the body.
  2. Protein stimulates the production of antibodies.
  3. Phytocides neutralize and destroy dangerous microorganisms.
  4. Germanium strengthens the walls of blood vessels.
  5. Selenium actively affects the liver and in small amounts cleanses it.
  6. Iodine helps in the metabolism.
  7. Allicin and adonisite thin the blood.
  8. Sulfur (or rather its compounds) destroys the most dangerous bacteria in a few hours.

Garlic contraindications:

  • Allergy.
  • Anemia.
  • Garlic should not be consumed before / after surgery.
  • Puppies are up to 8 weeks old.

Why garlic is harmful:

  1. Contains tesulfate. This substance destroys red blood cells in the blood, and because of this, hemolytic anemia can begin.
  2. It contains several pure and several hundred mixed elements of the periodic table.

    Attention! In case of an overdose of these components, serious consequences for the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, etc. are possible.

For details on who can and who is contraindicated to eat garlic, read here, and from this article you will learn about the treatment of which diseases it is recommended to take.

Can you eat it and why?


Laying hens:

  1. Getting better quality eggs.
  2. Improving immunity and overall health.
  3. Garlic powder helps to quickly get rid of parasites and respiratory tract infections.


  1. Maintaining health.
  2. Development and strengthening of the heart, lungs and gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Additional protection against parasites and bacteria in chickens.


It is not recommended to give garlic to absolutely all dogs:

  1. It is forbidden to give any form of garlic to puppies under 8 weeks old.
  2. Small dog breeds are also more susceptible to dangerous influences. They should not be fed to them, or given in very small quantities.
  3. Larger breeds are less susceptible to negative properties. But for animals with anemia or after / before surgery, it is also prohibited.

What is useful and harmful?

Benefits of Garlic for Dogs:

  • Able to kill bacteria (salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, E.coli, etc.).
  • Eliminates worms from the body.
  • Scares off parasites (fleas, ticks).
  • Strengthening general immunity.
  • Normalization of the work of the heart and blood vessels.

Harm of garlic for dogs:

  • An allergic reaction is possible.
  • The development of gastritis.
  • Intoxication with excessive use.
  • Decreased brain activity (slower reaction, lethargy, etc.).
  • Due to the strong smell, the sense of smell is dulled.
  • The strong smell is not pleasant not only to ticks, but also to dogs.

Important! Garlic is highly irritating to mucous membranes.

Garlic improves appetite.

Benefits of garlic for birds:

  1. It also kills bacteria, worms. Scares off parasites. Normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, heart.
  2. In young animals, it helps in the development of the respiratory system.
  3. The quality of the eggs is improved in hens.
  4. It can be given to chickens from 1 month old (greens).
  5. Eliminates unpleasant odors in the chicken coop.
  6. Scares away chicken ticks.

Harm to birds: allergies, intoxication, etc. There are no confirmed data on the harm of garlic to the body of chickens and chickens.

Application for dogs

Garlic for worms:

  1. 1 to 3 cloves per day, depending on the size and breed of the dog.
  2. Crush into gruel and, without mixing with bark, force the dog to eat.
  3. It is recommended to give dogs (especially small breeds) no more than 1/2 cloves per day every 3-4 days.
  4. It is best to use special foods and medicines with a low spice content.

From ticks: rub the dog's hair with a cut clove. If this method is used carelessly, dogs develop irritation and even burns.

Application for birds


  1. Garlic greens can be fed to chickens from 1 month of age. In their diet, the norm of greens should be about 25 g, of which garlic greens 1-2 g.
  2. At the age of 30-60 days, the proportion of garlic can be no more than 20%, that is, 3-5 g; 60-90 days - 5 g.
  3. Garlic water. For 5 liters of water, 4 crushed cloves of garlic, leave for about 12 hours.

Adult chickens:

  1. In the diet of adult chickens of meat and egg breeds, garlic greens can be 6–8 g with a green norm of about 38–42 g.
  2. Garlic water can be given to chickens and adult chickens, but in varying amounts.
  3. Garlic powder or dried garlic.
  4. The powder can be mixed with grain or given neat.

Garlic is extremely beneficial for chickens in moderation. But for dogs, it is very harmful, and veterinarians advise to completely abandon it in the diet, and use special means to protect against ticks.

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