Unique Jerusalem artichoke syrup - its benefits and harms, a recipe for cooking at home

Jerusalem artichoke syrup is not the most famous and popular product in the world. Meanwhile, it can be a useful substitute for sweets because the syrup is incredibly tasty.

Even knowing about the dangers of refined sugar, not everyone is ready to completely give up sweets. Jerusalem artichoke syrup will come to the rescue of those who are on a diet or who monitor health, as it is very useful.

The article will tell you what benefits and harms the use of this product can bring, what it is used for.

What it is?

Jerusalem artichoke syrup, as its name implies, is made from the roots of an earthen pear. This plant is a flower that looks like a sunflower (read about Jerusalem artichoke flowers here). The tubers of the "Jerusalem artichoke", which look like ginger, are edible. Jerusalem artichoke tastes like potatoes, only sweeter.

The sweetness of Jerusalem artichoke is given by the so-called fructans - rare substances that behave differently in the human body than glucose and fructose. They are found in very few plants. Most of these substances are found in the tubers of the earthen pear.

Jerusalem artichoke syrup looks like flower honey: it is a liquid of the same rich amber color.

Agave versus earthen pear liquid comparison - which is better?

Comparison of agave syrup and Jerusalem artichoke

AgaveJerusalem artichoke
ManufacturingFrom agave juice by filtration, hydrolysis and thickening. No artificial additives.From tubers of earthen pear by boiling at low temperatures. No artificial additives.
TasteIt resembles flower honey, sweeter than sugar.Reminiscent of honey with a slight potato flavor.
CompositionContains vitamins, minerals, saponins, fructans, inulin.Rich in minerals, vitamins, fructans. Source of inulin.
MinusesHigh fructose content (90%).Not.
Calorie content310 kcal260 kcal

In general, the characteristics of the syrups are similar. They both taste like honey, although many people note that the agave syrup is sugary. A significant difference lies in the content of fructose, which, with increased use, negatively affects human health. Also agave syrup has a higher calorie contentso it is better to choose Jerusalem artichoke syrup.

Chemical composition

Tuber syrup contains many nutrients that the body needs:

  • organic acids (citric, malic, succinic, fumaric, malonic);
  • minerals (potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, silicon, manganese and zinc);
  • amino acids (lysine, methionine, threonine and others);
  • inulin - an organic substance from the group of polysaccharides;
  • B vitamins;
  • vitamins A, C, E, PP;
  • pectins.

100 g of syrup contains 65 g of carbohydrates and 260 kcal, almost no proteins and fats. The glycemic index (GI) is 15 units.

You can find out about the chemical composition of Jerusalem artichoke itself here.

What are the useful and harmful properties, are there any contraindications?

The product has several properties that are very valuable for the human body. He:

  • lowers blood sugar;
  • saturates the body with energy and nutrients;
  • removes toxins and normalizes the intestinal microflora.

What else is Jerusalem artichoke useful for? The earthen pear's ability to lower blood sugar levels is especially important for type 2 diabetics. Due to the inulin content in Jerusalem artichoke, taking the syrup helps to stabilize the sugar level and reduces the body's need for insulin, which is significant in type 1 diabetes. There are no contraindications to the use of Jerusalem artichoke in any form in type 2 diabetes mellitus.

The longer the tubers are in the ground, the more sugar they contain. Doctors do not recommend using overripe product and syrup from it.

Due to its rich chemical composition, Jerusalem artichoke syrup, when taken regularly, has a beneficial effect on the body and can replace the intake of some pharmacy vitamins. The product is also a good alternative to refined sugar for those looking to gain weight.

Reception of syrup increases efficiency and endurance under heavy loads for people, both mental and physical labor.

Earthen pear syrup contains prebioticsthat help the nutrition and vital functions of intestinal cultures. By using the product, a person helps to normalize the intestinal microflora and complex treatment of dysbiosis.

The use of syrup has a beneficial effect on the viscosity in the blood, preventing the formation of blood clots in the vessels. The sweet liquid has antiviral, choleretic, regenerating, adsorbing and analgesic properties.

For the syrup to really benefit, not harm, - this is especially important in type 2 diabetes mellitus - it must be of high quality. Natural product is 50 - 70% vegetable fiber with the addition of water and a few drops of lemon juice as a harmless preservative.

Earthen pear syrup cannot bring serious harm if the product is of high quality and there is no individual intolerance to the body. Although in many countries Jerusalem artichoke is considered one of the key dietary products that are beneficial for weight loss, abuse of syrup from it will not have a positive effect on the process of losing weight.

The best time to take the syrup for slimming people is right after training, then it will help to restore strength and not interfere with fat burning.

In rare cases, increased gas formation is possible when fresh Jerusalem artichoke is consumed in large quantities. In this case, it is recommended to use syrup - it does not have this property.

We offer you to watch a video about the benefits of Jerusalem artichoke syrup:

Step-by-step recipe on how to make a product at home

Earthen pear syrup can be made with your own hands at home without sugar and boiling, how is it done? This will require:

  • Jerusalem artichoke tubers (1 kg);
  • juice of one lemon.

Cooking process:

  1. The tubers are washed thoroughly. The skin is optionally peeled off with a knife or left.
  2. The tubers are crushed in a blender, meat grinder or grater, the resulting mass is squeezed through cheesecloth.
  3. The squeezed juice is placed in an enamel bowl on the fire. The liquid is heated to 50-60 ° C and simmered at this temperature for 7-8 minutes.
  4. The juice cools naturally, after which the procedure is repeated 5-6 times (until thickened).
  5. On the last heat, lemon juice is added.
  6. The resulting product is cooled, poured into sterile containers and tightly sealed. Homemade Jerusalem artichoke syrup is stored only in the refrigerator.

During the cooking process, boil the syrup and add no sugar.

A photo

You will see what the cooked product looks like in the photo:

How to take - dose

Let's take a look at how you can use the product. Jerusalem artichoke syrup is often used in baked goods, added to tea instead of sugar or honey. It can be poured into any dish as a sweetener. When dieting, it is necessary to completely eliminate sugar-containing foods, replacing them with Jerusalem artichoke syrup. For medicinal and prophylactic purposes, the syrup is taken 1 tablespoon half an hour before meals.

Jerusalem artichoke syrup is a valuable product that is recommended for everyone to improve metabolic processes in the body and as a source of nutrients. It helps those with a sweet tooth to stay on a diet and for diabetics to stabilize their blood sugar levels. The main thing is to carefully consider the choice of the product.

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