Review of the best Jerusalem artichoke remedies. Benefits and harms, as well as instructions for the use of tablets

Review of the best Jerusalem artichoke remedies. Benefits and harms, as well as instructions for the use of tablets

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Jerusalem artichoke or earthen pear is a root vegetable, the usefulness of which is difficult to overestimate. Jerusalem artichoke tubers are not only eaten, but also used as a medicine. Both folk and official medicine recognize the value of the earthen pear for health.

Today it is not necessary to cook and eat Jerusalem artichoke in order to obtain vitamins and minerals, it is enough just to buy a dietary supplement based on this root vegetable.

Let's consider in the article how to take preparations based on Jerusalem artichoke, what each of them is intended for, what effect to expect from them.

Composition of pharmaceutical preparations

The basis of biologically active additives with Jerusalem artichoke is the powder from this root vegetable. To improve digestibility, additional enrichment with microelements and vitamins, as well as to improve taste, auxiliary additives are introduced into the composition of some preparations. Jerusalem artichoke products contain:

  • inulin is a unique biologically active compound that regulates metabolic processes and improves the absorption of valuable components from supplements and food;
  • 16 amino acids, 8 of which the human body is not able to reproduce and can only be obtained from the outside;
  • vitamins: A, B1, B2, E, PP, K, niacin, ascorbic acid;
  • macronutrients: calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium;
  • trace elements: iron, aluminum;
  • dietary fiber, organic acids.

Benefits and harms, medicinal properties

Useful properties of additives:

  1. remove toxic substances, regulate liver function;
  2. increase immunity and body resistance to viruses;
  3. regulates appetite and promotes easy weight loss;
  4. stimulate the restoration of blood flow in all organs and tissues of the body by lowering blood viscosity and improving the elasticity of blood vessels;
  5. reduce the risk of thrombosis;
  6. eliminate the deficiency of vitamins, macro- and microelements;
  7. regulate digestion, promote timely bowel cleansing;
  8. normalize the state of healthy intestinal microflora;
  9. have anti-inflammatory effect;
  10. kill free radicals that lead to the development of cancer;
  11. reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis;
  12. act as a prophylaxis for endocrine diseases and regulate the balance of hormones;
  13. improve vision;
  14. inulin binds and removes glucose from the bloodstream, which lowers blood sugar and promotes its disappearance from urine.

Some doctors believe Jerusalem artichoke supplements are much more effective in treating type I and II diabetes.than specialized pharmaceuticals. Thanks to inulin, blood sugar decreases naturally (for details on how to properly use Jerusalem artichoke in diabetes mellitus, read here).

Reference! Inulin consists primarily of fructose, a sweet carbohydrate that is safe for diabetics. Fructose is absorbed by cells without the participation of insulin and normalizes metabolic processes in the body of a diabetic. Also, inulin promotes the slow release of glucose from food, which eliminates sharp jumps in blood sugar.

Fresh Jerusalem artichoke tubers can cause flatulence and irritation of the intestinal walls. However, Jerusalem artichoke powder, from which the supplements are made, is a processed product with no side effects. Earthen pear does not cause allergies and is considered the most environmentally friendly product in the world. All dependences on the place of growing Jerusalem artichoke do not concentrate nitrates, heavy metals and toxic substances in its composition.

Learn more about the medicinal properties of Jerusalem artichoke here.

The approximate cost of dietary supplements from a plant in pharmacies

In Moscow, the price for a pack of 80 tablets starts at 150 rubles. In St. Petersburg, pharmacies sell from 120 rubles.

How to choose dietary supplements?

Rules for choosing additives:

  • it is necessary to carefully study the label and make sure that there are no components to which there is an allergy;
  • in the composition in the first place should appear "powder from the tubers (roots) of Jerusalem artichoke", preservatives and other chemical compounds should not be;
  • the label must contain information about the size of the daily portion and recommendations for use, the package or insert must also contain the data: name of the manufacturer, address of production, registration number, composition, information on the rules and shelf life;
  • Supplements can only be bought at pharmacies;
  • the employee of the pharmacy is obliged, upon request, to demonstrate a certificate of conformity for the drug, which guarantees the quality and safety of the product.

Reference! Doctors recommend purchasing only those dietary supplements that are marked with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) icon. The international GMP standard guarantees a high degree of safety and quality of food additives.

Review of funds, their trade names and instructions for use

Consider the popular pharmaceutical preparations based on inulin obtained from Jerusalem artichoke tubers, and instructions for their use.


Neovitel is a biologically active food supplement in the form of capsules. A feature of these additives is that in addition to Jerusalem artichoke, the composition includes Tsigapan-S (reindeer antler powder) and stevia powder. Neovitel capsules with Jerusalem artichoke are taken to replenish the lack of phosphorus, calcium, silicon. The advantages of this supplement include a rich vitamin and mineral composition, a pleasant taste and the absence of a bitter aftertaste, a convenient form of release. Consumers have not found any disadvantages.

It is taken orally with food intake, 2 capsules 2 times a day for a course of 3 weeks.


Longevity is a tablet containing 100% Jerusalem artichoke tubers concentrate. The supplement is taken to regulate digestion and carbohydrate metabolism, strengthen immunity, improve the condition of hair and nails, and lose weight., improving the well-being of the elderly, as an adjunct to the comprehensive treatment of diabetes. The advantages of the drug include a clean composition, a convenient form of release, availability in pharmacies, and low cost.

Take 3-6 tablets 1 time per day with meals for a course of 5 weeks. After 2 weeks, the course is repeated.

Dietary fiber

Dietary fiber - capsules with valuable fiber, which are 10% composed of Jerusalem artichoke root extract. The drug is taken to normalize digestion, lose weight, detoxifycleaning the intestines. The advantages of the drug include a decrease in evening appetite, effectiveness in losing weight, and the absence of side effects.

Take 1 to 2 capsules 1 time daily with meals.


Natural inulin concentrate is a powder of Jerusalem artichoke tubers. The drug is called the best natural source of inulin, which helps in the treatment and prevention of diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension, dysbiosis, intestinal disorders. The advantages of the drug include a wide range of actions, naturalness, availability; the disadvantages are an uncomfortable release form and a bitter aftertaste.

Take 1 coffee spoon, dissolved in a glass of water, before meals 2 times a day. The course is 20 days, after 10 days the course is repeated.

Jerusalem artichoke

Tablets consisting of powder of the same name tuber and lactose. Jerusalem artichoke is an indispensable supplement to the diet of diabetics. Contains a large amount of inulin, fructose, pectin, minerals and vitamins. The drug normalizes carbohydrate metabolism, lowers blood sugar levels, and promotes weight loss. The advantages of tablets include high efficiency in the treatment and prevention of diabetes, an affordable price.

Take 2 tablets 2 times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course lasts from 8 to 12 weeks.


Santerella is a tablet made from stevia leaves and crushed earthen pear tubers. The tablets are taken for hormonal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus. The advantages of Santerell tablets include effectiveness in losing weight, lowering sugar levels in blood; to the disadvantages - the prohibition of the use of the supplement during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Take 5 tablets 2 times a day with meals for 1 month.

Possible side effects

The only side effect of pills containing Jerusalem artichoke is allergy in case of individual intolerance this root vegetable. There are no other side effects even in case of overdose.

Jerusalem artichoke is one of the healthiest root vegetables. Dietary supplements based on it are taken for weight loss, regulation of digestion, strengthening the immune system and lowering blood sugar levels. The properties of Jerusalem artichoke have not yet been fully studied, so the earthen pear will very soon surprise humanity with its new unique qualities.

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